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"You are not an amphibian!"
The Space Museum
Series: Doctor Who -
TV Stories
Season Number: Season 2
Story Number: 15
Doctor: First Doctor
Companions: Barbara Wright
Ian Chesterton
Enemy: Moroks
Setting: Xeros
Writer: Glyn Jones
Director: Mervyn Pinfield
Broadcast: 24th April -
15th May 1964
Format: 4 25-minute Episodes
Previous Story: The Crusade
Following Story: The Chase

The Space Museum was the seventh story of Season 2 of Doctor Who. It was the first story to deal with the dimensions of time as well as space.



The TARDIS jumps a time track and the travellers arrive on the planet Xeros. There they discover their own future selves displayed as exhibits in a museum established as a monument to the galactic conquests of the warlike Morok invaders who now rule the planet. When time shifts back to normal, they realise that they must do everything they can to try to avert this potential future.

Vicki helps the native Xerons to obtain arms and thereby to revolt against the Moroks. The revolution succeeds and the travellers go on their way, confident that the future has been changed.


Episode 1 - The Space Museum

The TARDIS arrives near a vast Space Museum on the planet Xeros, but has jumped a time-track. The First Doctor, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright and Vicki have a series of bizarre experiences for the time travellers as the venture outside and into the Museum – not least that they see but cannot be seen by the militaristic Moroks who run the museum, or the servile indigenous Xerons who work for them. The museum contains fascinating exhibits, including a Dalek shell, but the most worrying is the four travellers themselves encased and on display. Quite soon afterward the time track slips back and, though the exhibits of the TARDIS and the four travellers vanish, they still find themselves inside the Museum.

Episode 2 - The Dimensions Of Time

The head of the Moroks, Lobos, is a bored and desperate museum administrator and colony governor, who reflects sourly that the glories of the Morok empire are past. Like Rome, the Empire became decadent and declined. The Moroks have found the TARDIS and now start tracking down the occupants who have, as usual, become separated. The Doctor is the first to be found, but evades their interrogation tactics.

Episode 3 - The Search

Vicki has meanwhile made contact with the Xerons and, hearing of their enslavement, aids them in their plans to stage a revolution. The Moroks step up their resistance, but it seems luck and cunning are on the side of the Xerons. They attack the Morok armoury and Vicki outwits its controlling computer. With their new weapons the Xerons are able to begin a revolution which slowly takes hold. The Moroks try to use deadly zaphra gas to poison the rebels and seize control of the situation, but this too is a failure.

Episode 4 - The Final Phase

Ian has meanwhile freed the Doctor from Lobos, who had begun the process of freezing him and turning him into an exhibit. They find Barbara and Vicki in the Museum’s endless corridors, but are soon all captured together. It looks like the time track prediction of their future as museum exhibits will soon be realised after all.

Help comes from the Xeron revolutionaries, who kill Lobos and the other Morok captors. The Xerons then go about destroying the hated Museum as the TARDIS crew slips away. They take with them a time/space visualiser as a souvenir. On the planet Skaro, their departure is noted by the Daleks.




  • The Doctor claims he was with James Watt when he discovered steam power.
  • The Moroks used a paralytic called Zaphra gas during the creation of their Empire.
  • The museum has a Dalek in it. The sign claims it comes from Skaro, which would mean the Moroks had successfully landed there and taken trophies.
  • In the museum, the Doctor finds (and is given) the Time-Space Visualiser.
  • "Time, like space, although a dimension of itself, also has dimensions of its own." says Vicki.

Story Notes

  • All episodes exist in 16mm telerecordings
  • Episode 3 was held in the BBC Film & TV Library when it was audited in 1978
  • Negative Film Prints of all 4 episodes have been found
  • A clearer print of episode 1 was returned to the BBC in 1981
  • The episodes of this story went by different titles during the production stage. Episode 1 was originally known as The Four Dimensions of Time and Episode 4 was originally known as Zone Seven.
  • William Hartnell does not appear in Episode 3.
  • Of all the William Hartnell stories with individual episode titles, this is the only one for which only one overall story title has ever been used. See also Disputed story titles.
  • Episode 1 begins with a brief reprise of The Crusade episode 4, which is currently the only surviving film footage of that episode
  • Features a guest appearance by Jeremy Bulloch who is better known for his appearance as Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi
  • Richard Shaw, who spoke with a Cockney accent, was cast as Governor Lobos, but was asked to deliver his lines with a BBC accent. His accent slips only once, when he bellows at an underling use "maximum securi'ee!" He later appeared as Cross in Frontier in Space with his own accent
  • The incidental music was all from stock recordings rather than being specially composed for the story
  • In a nice piece of internal continuity, William Russell starts gently banging his fists together as he leaves the TARDIS interior set and carries this through to the next scene, following a recording break, as he emerges from the police box onto the Xeros surface set; this gives the effect of a continuous piece of action, and helps maintain the illusion that the TARDIS interior really is inside the police box shell.


  • The Space Museum - 10.5 million viewers
  • The Dimensions of Time - 9.2 million viewers
  • The Search - 8.5 million viewers
  • The Final Phase - 8.5 million viewers


  • This was a low budget due to the high cost of some of the other stories this season (The story had a similar budget and cost about the same to make as the other 4 part stories at the time)

Filming Locations

Discontinuity, Plot Holes, Errors

  • When they exit the TARDIS, the main characters cast shadows across the mountains in the distance.
  • If during their initial 'arrival' at the Museum, the time travelers are actually walking around in the near future, why are the two Morok guards they pass unseen on their way in, still outside at the end of the episode? If the travelers have now snapped back onto the correct time track again, they shouldn't have gone outside yet. They make the same patrol regularly. It's just coincidence the two guards who discover the TARDIS and the tracks in the sand at the end of the episode are the same two the travelers pass whilst interloping into the near future.
  • Why exactly does jumping a time track cause the time travelers clothes to change from their crusading outfits into their usual clothes? If they are not only inhabiting a future world but also future versions of themselves (i.e. versions which have gotten around to changing their clothes and hanging up their old ones in the closet) then why do they not revert back to their crusading gear at the end of episode one?  Not everything in fifth dimensional space-time physics is easy to explain or understand.
  • How does Lobos know that Ian, Barbara, and Vicki are humans, especially if he just asked the Doctor where he came from a moment ago while interrogating him? He couldn't have known from the screen because he repeats the question again afterward. Authority figures often ask questions they know the answer to, to gauge a person based on their response. Anyone who's ever been arrested no doubt knows this.



DVD, Video and Other Releases

  • The Space Museum was released on VHS together with the surviving episodes of The Crusade.
UK Release: July 1999 / US Release: January 2000
PAL - BBC Video BBCV6805
NTSC - CBS/FOX Video 2000020
NTSC - Warner Video E1399


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