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The Sky Below
Series: Doctor Who -
Tenth Doctor comic strip stories
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Setting: An unknown living planet
Author: Steve Cook
Editor: Ben Robinson
Artist: Lee Sullivan
Colourist: Alan Craddock
Lettering: not stated
Published In: Doctor Who: Battles in Time (magazine)
Publication: 7th March 2006
Publisher: GE Fabbri Ltd
Format: Comic - Part 2 of 4 (4 pages)
Previous Story: Beneath the Skin
Next Story: Beyond the Sea


Opening Tag

When the strange planet swallowed the TARDIS the Doctor had no choice but to follow …


Now realizing the planet is alive, the Doctor, using an anti-gravity pack taken from one of the many wrecked spacecraft on the surface, the Doctor descends down a blowhole in the planet’s skin-like crust in his quest to relocate the TARDIS. At the end of his drop is an ocean of plasma (the planets bloodstream), where he finds an island constructed from debris (including the TARDIS), and the surviving descendents of a race fleeing from stellar catastrophe in a Gamma Class VII Life Ark, scavenging for survival. The Doctor avoids attack from the planet’s green, sharp teethed, giant, snake-like defences by using spare fuel cells from his anti-gravity pack, and lodging the anti-gravity pack in one of the defence creature’s mouth sends it up to the planets surface. The survivors are encouraged to climb the ridges of the creatures body and adapt to a new life on the surface by the Doctor who slides back down the tail-end to retrieve the TARDIS only to find it taken even deeper into the planet…

Artist Lee Sullivan


  • Tenth Doctor
  • Life Ark (Gamma Class VII) survivors – brown humanoid, hairless creatures with large mouths and blue eyes. They were drawn down into the living planet where they survived by scavaging and living on an island of debris also drawn down beneath the surface. The Doctor helped these nice, bright, adaptable creatures find a route to the surface for settlement.

Original Print Details

Installment, publication title with page count and closing caption.

  • 2/4 Doctor Who: Battles in Time Issue 13 (4 pages) TO BE CONTINUED!!!
  • No reprints to date.


  • Supporting the series of collectable Doctor Who trading cards, the magazine title, carried a regular 4 page, individually titled comic strip series of the Tenth Doctor’s adventures.
  • Style wise, the artwork and colours were bold and bright reflecting the tone of the magazine and, as with Doctor Who Adventures, it reflected the appeal to younger readers than that catered for by Doctor Who Magazine.


  • The Battles in Time comic strip often sought to reinforce the Doctor character with that as seen on screen by utilising various ‘props’ used in the TV series. Namely; blue/brown suit, intelligent-looking glasses, sonic screwdriver and psychic paper.


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External Links

  • Doctor Who: Battles in Time official website, with magazine and trading cards details

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