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The Shi need plans for a vertibird from Navarro
location: San Francisco, Steel City
given by: Ken Lee
reward: 5000exp
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This Quest can be started by talking to the Emperor's Advisor. After telling him you are looking for fuel to fill up the Tanker, he will propose that you speak to the emporer, but first you would have to travel to Navarro to recieve the Vertibird plans.

See this quest for a more detailed description of how to acquire the plans, and other things to do in Navarro. In short:

Travel to Navarro and enter the base. Find and talk to Quincy the engineer. He will ask for some paperwork off the 'Sarge'. There are a number of ways how to do this:

  • Sneak and steal the Blueprints from the (Right) Locker behind him.
  • Persuade Quincy to give you the Plans.
  • Kill everybody in the base and steal them (Not recommended)
  • Persuade 'Sarge' to give you the authority to retrieve the plans off Quincy.

If you have a high Charisma and Speech skill, this quest will be a breeze. Having a high sneak and lockpick skill could be handy here as well.

Now, Return to San Franscisco and give the Emperor's Assistant the plans. Congratulations, you have now completed the quest, and can now visit the Emperor.
Wiping out Navarro is worth a lot of experience, but it's a long fight and probably best reserved until after the plans are obtained and all the other Navarro quests are done.
The player recieves 3,500 EXP when they leave the building while holding the plans, however they were obtained
It is advisable to get the quest from the Brotherhood of Steel for the plans at the same time, and give them to Matt first. The Brotherhood will reward the player and give them a copy of the plans, allowing the player to recieve both rewards.

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