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This quest is one of the Fate of the Galaxy pre-quests.

Recommended combat levels: 75 and higher


Begin this quest by talking to Ikt at (/way mustafar 365 -1155 Serpent Shard Start) in the Cantina of the Mensix Mining Facility. He will tell a tale of how a shard belonging to him was stolen by a mysterious thief. He does not provide a waypoint but instructs you to head to the ruins, west of the volcano in the center of the continent, just across the lava river.

  • Head to ( /way mustafar -1433 189 Serpent Shard #1 ) for a quest update.
  • Then proceed to the altar ruins at ( /way mustafar -1656 216 Serpent Shard #2 ) just past the initial camp.
  • Use the radial menu to closely inspect the altar. You are then instructed to wait for the thief to return.
  • Shortly thereafter (maybe 15-30 seconds) Illiv Orfa will spawn.
    • Illiv Orfa has been reported as bugged a number of times. She may initially appear as a stiff-arm model attempting to attack you; she does not, however, appear to deal damage in this state. After a while, she will revert to a stage in which you can converse with her.
  • You must converse with her regarding the stolen shard. Eventually she will attack you. Be cautious, she is CL 84 and wields a lightsaber.
  • After defeating Illiv Orfa you will be told that you have found the stolen shard. Return to the altar and use the radial menu to insert this shard.
  • Return to Ikt in the Mensix Cantina for your reward.

Waypoint Reference:

/way mustafar 365 -1155 Ikt
/way mustafar -1433 189 Serpent Shard #1
/way mustafar -1656 216 Serpent Shard #2

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