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The Second Kessel Run

Archie Goodwin (as Russ Helm)


Russ Manning

Publication information

Los Angeles Times Syndicate

Publication date

January 1 - February 25, 1980

Reprinted in

Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures 6

General information

Rebellion era



Preceded by

Princess Leia, Imperial Servant

Followed by

Bring Me the Children

The Second Kessel Run is a comic strip that was distributed by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate and published in U.S. and Canadian newspapers. This story was written by Archie Goodwin (as Russ Helm) and drawn by Russ Manning. It was collected in Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures 6, and is also available in the Webstrips section of Hyperspace.



Above the planet Zerm, professor Renn Volz tests his Ionic Ring. The test proves successful, as the weather on Zerm changes and killer storms stop. Volz is going to use Ionic Ring on Kessel. However, before he can do this, captain Bzorn arrives, boards Volz's ship and takes professor's daughter Mira Volz as hostage. Bzorn plans to use the Ionic Ring to devastate Rebel planets. He threatens professor that if Volz won't obey him, Bzorn will kill his daughter.

On a distant spaceport, Mira manages to escape from the stormtroopers who were guarding her and sneak into the Millennium Falcon, which has been loading with spice. Han Solo is going to make another Kessel Run for Jabba the Hutt, but first he is going to check Luke Skywalker. On the secret Rebel base on the planet Randa, Han picks up Luke, Artoo and Threepio and finds his unexpected guest. Mira tells Luke and Han about Bzorn's plan and asks Han to deliver her to the professor, knowing that he will stop the destruction after he learns that Mira is safe.

Meanwhile, the Ionic Ring turns the rebel planet Rion from a tropical paradise to a snowy desert. After arriving on Rion, Han gives some of his spice to the refugees who are starving. One refugee turns Mira over to the stormtroopers for food, but with the help of the other rebels, she manages to escape. Also she learns that Bzorn's next target is going to be Kessel, her home planet. The Millennium Falcon manages to arrive on Kessel before the Ionic Ring, also setting the new record for Kessel Run.

Mira uses the subspace image transmitter to project her image on the Ionic ring, that has already arrived in the system and has started an earthquake. Han suggests to try something else and they board the ship under the disguise of surrendered Rebels. Mira's image creates enough destruction for the stormtroopers to allow Han and Luke to get to the Command center. After Volz sees the image of his daughter, Bzorn orders the stormtroopers to kill everyone, but he is soon hit by friendly fire. Professor Volz, fearing that the Empire won't stop until it obtains his creation again, orders a self-destruction and barely escapes with Luke, Han and Chewbacca on the Millennium Falcon.


Behind the scenes

Han Solo states that he is making the Kessel Run for Jabba the Hutt. This means that the events depicted in the comic happened between Marvel Star Wars 28: What Ever Happened to Jabba the Hut? and Star Wars 37: In Mortal Combat, in a period when Jabba forgave Solo's debt.

Collected in

  • Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures 6

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