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The Rani
Also known as: Ushas
Race: Gallifreyan (Time Lady)
Home Planet: Gallifrey
Home Era: Rassilon Era
Appearances: DW: The Mark of the Rani
DW: Time and the Rani
DW: Dimensions in Time
DWA: Rescue
MA: State of Change
PDA: Divided Loyalties (flashback; cameo)
BBV: The Rani Reaps the Whirlwind
Find Your Fate: Crisis in Space
Actor: Kate O'Mara

Ushas, later known as The Rani, was a renegade Time Lady. Knowing both of them in youth, she grew into a rival to the Master and opponent to the Doctor.





Youth and Exile

The Rani was the same age as the Doctor. (DW: Time and the Rani) On the planet Gallifrey, at the Academy, she belonged to a clique of ten young people who called themselves the Deca. Apart from the Doctor, her other future enemy Koschei (later the Master) belonged to this group. Her name is given as Ushas. (PDA: Divided Loyalties)

A past relationship between the Rani and the Doctor was hinted at, but never elaborated upon.

Unlike the other members of The Deca, she did not choose to leave Gallifrey but was exiled from the planet after some of her lab mice, as a result of an experiment, grew to enormous size and ate the President's pet cat. (DW: The Mark of the Rani)

Life as Renegade

Presence in Earth history

While the Rani certainly did not share the Doctor's fondness for Earth (she referred to it as a "miserable planet") it has been the focus of several of her research projects.

When the test subjects on Miasimia Goria, a planet she had enslaved, became violently restless and uncontrollable as a side effect of her experiments on them, the Rani visited Earth at various points in its history to extract chemicals from the brains of select Human specimens. Because the chemicals in question enabled the human brain to sleep, and because the absence of these chemicals made her victims as violent and uncontrollable as those from her previous experiments, the Rani deliberately chose periods of social unrest to visit, using the violence to conceal her presence and its consequences. She visited the Trojan War, the Dark Ages, the American War of Independence, and finally the Luddite riots in the village of Killingworth during the early 19th century.

Prior to this arrival she had visited Earth in the late Cretaceous and acquired several Tyrannosaur embryos. (DW: The Mark of the Rani)

The Rani's comments concerning the unrealised full potential of the dinosaurs are curious given the existence of the Silurian civilisation on the planet at around the same time. She may have been obliquely alluding to averting the fall of the Silurians. Then again, as a biochemist she may simply not have been that familiar with social sciences such as history and just wasn't aware of the Silurians' existence. This seems unlikely, however, given her apparent visits to the Cretaceous to gather specimens.

The Master and, shortly after, the Doctor interrupted her work. The Doctor sabotaged the navigational system of the Rani's TARDIS, trapping the Master and the Rani inside as time spillage caused the Tyrannosaur embryos to grow at a dangerous rate. (DW: The Mark of the Rani).

On Terra Nova

Shortly afterwards, from the Doctor's subjective point of view, the Rani was also trapped along with the Doctor on Terra Nova, which the entity known as Iam had created. She had in the meantime tried and failed to manipulate the political situation existing between the three children of that reality's version of Cleopatra (MA: State of Change)

On Tetrapyriarbus and Lakertya

On the planet Tetrapyriarbus, made the acquaintance of, and decided to employ the Tetraps, led by Urak. With them, she invaded the peaceful planet Lakertya and put into motion a complex plan. The Rani abducted eleven scientific geniuses from across time and space, including Albert Einstein of Earth. Finally, she decided to "collect" the Doctor and attacked his TARDIS, causing the ship to go through turbulence and hit his head, triggering a regeneration into his Seventh Incarnation. (DW: Time and the Rani)

Conflicting account suggest the Doctor did not actually regenerate strictly because of the Rani's attack on The Doctor's TARDIS.

The Rani channeled the intellects of the geniuses into a giant artificial brain which she believed could find the secret to manipulating strange matter, the key to making the planet of Lakertya into a Time Manipulator in order to correct what she considered to be errors in the universal timeline. Her first target was to be Earth, where she would prevent the extinction of the dinosaurs, creatures whose full potential she felt had never been truly realised. She considered the death of the native Lakertyans a small price to pay. The Doctor, though, defeated her and Urak betrayed her, leading the Tertraps against her, placing her under house arrest (in her TARDIS) on Tetrapyriarbus. (DW: Time and the Rani).

After these events occurred, the Tertraps faced a food shortage crisis, while Urak managed to have the Rani put on trial, with the death sentence. She would have to solve the food shortage other wise her sentence would commence. Two human and two alien prisoners were to be test subjects for the Rani's experiments in an attempt at solving the crisis. The Rani however teamed up with the four 'guinea pigs' and managed to escape the planet. Each then went their separate ways, the Rani departing in her TARDIS to an unknown fate. (BBV: The Rani Reaps the Whirlwind)

Surviving the Time War

Possibly apocryphal adventures

One account claims that she saved a young man named Cyrian from Cybermen on the planet DV Acrol 8. (DWA: Rescue) With Cyrian, she later captured the Doctor's first and second incarnations. Despite his fourth incarnation attempting to warn them of danger, the Rani managed to lure the Doctor's other selves (as well as his companions) into a temporal trap in order to include them in her menagerie of creatures. She hoped to shortly complete her collection of genetic samples and brain prints of every creature in the universe.

According to another account, with the help of the Doctor's time brain, she hoped to gain access to and control of every individual mind in the cosmos. (DW: Dimensions in Time)


An evil (or, more likely, amoral) scientific genius whose villainy comes not from the usual variety of lust for power and suchlike, but from a mindset that treats everything (including morality) as secondary to her research; she has been known to enslave entire worlds in order to have a ready supply of experimental subjects and a place to carry out her experiments uninterrupted. Her major interest is in tinkering with the biochemistry of other species. The Doctor claimed that the Rani hates children and Christmas; it is not known if this was meant literally or if it was just a figure of speech. (DW: Dimensions in Time)

While she did appear evil, she found the Master to be truly evil and therefore stupid. She simply does evil things because she feels it is necessary to her work. When the Doctor tried to convince her not to experiment on humans, she called them carnivores and asked if they ever thought of the lesser species when they sunk their teeth into pork chops. This shows that the Rani may have a conscience of some kind, also shown when she was willing to destroy her test subjects because they would've killed the Doctor.(DW: The Mark of the Rani)

Behind the Scenes

Kate O'Mara has, to date, portrayed the Rani in all of her television appearances as well as her single (to date) audio appearance.

Most fans do not consider the events of Dimensions in Time to have actually occurred in canon.

In April of 2009, Gillian Anderson has been cast to play an enemy of the Eleventh Doctor - one that is described to be opposite to the Doctor. Many speculate that Anderson might play The Rani, which will throw into question on how The Rani survived the Time War [1]

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