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This article is about the cartoon episode. For the item of the title, see Quintesson Journal.
Look, I just found a big golden ham! Don't worry, I'm sure it's not a bomb.

A Quintesson device may just be the key to peace between two worlds.

Japanese title: "Quintesson the Merchant of Death"



On Cybertron, the Autobots are hosting a peace conference for two neighboring planets, Xetaxxis and Lanarq, which have been at war for centuries and will wipe each other out within a generation, as explained by Melkorr. Spike Witwicky asks the leaders of the two delegations to shake hands. They take the opportunity to grapple with each other. Rodimus Prime remarks that it's going well so far.

Elsewhere, Predaking detects a strange signal of Quintesson origin. He contacts Cyclonus, who intends to meet him at the coordinates. However, Perceptor has also detected the signal, and he sends Sky Lynx, who is carrying Blaster and Outback, to investigate. The foliage is too thick for Sky Lynx to land, so Blaster and Outback head out on foot. Blaster ejects Steeljaw and Ramhorn to help in the search. Meanwhile, Predaking separates into the Predacons to cover more ground. The Autobots are suddenly attacked by vines, but are able to free themselves and find the source of the signal, a strange golden cylinder. Just then, a tree nearly falls on the device, and Outback blasts it, causing the device to activate. The Autobots learn that the cylinder is a Quintesson journal, a record of their commercial activities on various planets. The Predacons then arrive and attack. Sky Lynx arrives to rescue the Autobots, and the Predacons unite. The Autobots are able to board Sky Lynx and escape, only to be attacked by Cyclonus and the Sweeps. Suddenly, an energy field grabs Sky Lynx through an unseen warp gate, which closes.

On the other side of the warp gate, a Quintesson ship captures Sky Lynx, disabling his ability to transform. The Quintessons reclaim the journal and take Outback, Blaster, and the cassettes prisoner. Outback is able to trick a Sharkticon into opening the cell for some energon, and Blaster then...uh, blasts the Sharkticon. Outback grabs the journal, and the Autobots escape aboard Sky Lynx, only to discover that Galvatron, Cyclonus, the Sweeps, and Predaking have located them. The Decepticons manage to steal the journal and flee. At the peace conference, the two delegations leave, intending to purchase doomsday weapons from their suppliers...the Quintessons.

On an unnamed planet, the Decepticons begin to examine the journal. Upon discovering it is economic in nature, Galvatron is angry—well, angrier than usual. However, the Autobots have tracked the Decepticons down, and they learn that the war between Xettaxis and Lanarq is among the journal's archives. Knowing that this could end the war, the Autobots attempt to steal the journal back, only for the Quintessons to steal it back again. On Cybertron, the delegations begin fighting each other. Rodimus is so frustrated that the Autobot leader fires his weapon and orders the two delegations to sit down. Furious, the Xettaxin and Lanarqen leaders request the Quintessons to bring their omega bombs. The Quintessons decide that they will deliver both bombs once they have been paid. However, the Autobots manage to break into their ship and steal back the journal.

Arriving on Cybertron, Blaster and Outback show the recordings to the delegations, who are horrified to discover that their worlds have suffered to finance the Quintessons. Having been found out, the Quintessons contact the peace conference, announcing that they will deliver the omega bombs—right into Xettaxis and Lanarq. This is a big mistake on the Quintessons' part, for they're passing right by Cybertron at that moment. Rodimus and Ultra Magnus jump aboard Sky Lynx and follow the Quintessons, destroying their ship before the bombs can be launched. On Cybertron, a peace is negotiated between Xettaxis and Lanarq. However, Rodimus notes that the only real winners of the conflict were the Quintessons.


Original airdate: November 11, 1986

Production number: 700-103

Written by: Richard Merwin


Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others

Notable quotes

Galvatron about the lay the SmackDown on Predaking's candy ass.

Galvatron: No Mercy and no mistakes!

(Sky Lynx is blasted open)

Blaster: Sky Lynx!
Sky Lynx: Time to stand and fight fellows!
Predaking: No. Time to destruct!
Cyclonus: Predaking, enough! Prepare to depart.
Predaking: Not until Sky Lynx dies!!!
Galvatron: I say who dies and when!
(Cyclonus yammers about the Quints' proximity)
Predaking: But you said no mercy, Galvatron.
Galvatron: (grabs Predaking's head) Very true! So I will show none. (punches Predaking) NRUGH!


Animation and/or technical glitches

  • At the beginning of the episode, the Quintesson capsule falls from space, bumps into a tree and lands on the ground. It should have made a huge meteor impact.
  • Predaking fires at Sky Lynx from within a planet's atmosphere, while Sky Lynx is still in deep space.
  • Sky Lynx grows his Lynx part when escaping from Predaking. Later, the Lynx part grows the bird part when transforming.
  • Because of a layer error, a Sharkticon's arm is sticking into a prison cell.
  • When one of the Quintessons picks up the container with his ray gun, the "beam" does not appear until the door is closing.
  • When Galvatron fires at the Quintesson ship, he fires with his blaster off-screen, but the ray appears below him.
  • This episode features an intelligent Allicon! He is on the bridge of a Quintesson ship talking strategy with a judge-type Quintesson. This is either an error, or the Allicon has a rather unusual backstory.
  • Quintessons are traditionally smaller than most Transformers, but the ones that capture Skylynx and company after they travel through the warp gate are huge.
  • When Cyclonus grabs the Quintesson capsule and says "They are close by", his feet are missing from the animation cell.

Continuity errors

  • References

Transformers references

  • References

Real-world references

  • Rodimus Prime says that the fight between the Xetaxxis and Lanarqs reminds him of pro-wrestling, but Spike corrects him by telling him that those are at least faked.
  • The Quintessons are depicted as war profiteers.


  • Now why would the Quintessons let the capsule float just outside the prison cells?
  • Blaster is introduced riding inside Sky Lynx in boombox mode. He doesn't seem to have size-changed, as he is very large compared to Outback. Ramhorn and Steeljaw are both in mini-cassette mode resting against Blaster. The three of them sort of bounce towards Sky Lynx's exit and freefall to a planet surface before finally transforming. Later on, Blaster rides in Sky Lynx in robot mode with no problem.


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External links

  • Dossier at the Cybertron Chronicle
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