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This article is about the web enhancement. You may be looking for the sabacc card.

The Queen of Air and Darkness is the third adventure in the Dawn of Defiance campaign. It is written by Rodney Thompson.


Plot summary

After dropping Master Denia off with their Alderaanian allies, the heroes learn that Darga the Hutt has fled to the famous world of Bespin—more specifically, to Cloud City. Still needing the information the Hutt possesses, the heroes travel to Cloud City only to discover that their quarry has vanished. However, in their search for the crime lord, they discover that another Imperial officer who dealt with the Hutt will be visiting Cloud City to take part in its annual Cloud City Sabacc Tournament tournament. The majority of the adventure centers around the tournament. The heroes can choose to enter the tournament, work for the tournament’s administrator as hired help, or simply observe the tournament in order to get close to the dirty officer. After a series of event-based encounters, the tournament ends and the heroes convince the Imperial officer to reveal the Hutt’s location. When they go to confront the crime lord, they discover that he’s attempting to make his getaway. The heroes face Darga in the hangar bay of his personal luxury yacht and learn the awful truth—the Hutt was using his contacts in the Tibanna gas industry to funnel large amounts of the gas to the Empire in exchange for slaves. In fact, one such transaction was supposed to take place under the cover of the tournament, but the heroes’ involvement spoiled those plans. Now, the Empire is determined to erase any trace of the transaction by crashing a slave ship into the Tibanna gas hauler in orbit, destroying them both. The heroes, commandeering Z-95 headhunters, race against time under fire from Imperial starfighters to stop the crash and save the slaves’ lives.


Behind the scenes

In Arthurian legend, the Queen of Air and Darkness refers to Morgause. It is also the title of the second book in The Once and Future King by T.H. White. Its also the name of a sabacc card.

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