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Punch of Kill Everything is a weapon from the Animated continuity family
This is how you start it.

The Punch of Kill Everything is Lugnut's trump card. By retracting his "hand" and replacing it with a pressure-sensitive pad, Lugnut can devastate any opponent near him by slamming it into the ground. As long as the move is completed, the shock wave doesn't affect Lugnut or those near him, although it can rattle their circuits a bit. Unfortunately, if the trigger is activated prematurely, the move has a tendency to backfire, the force hitting Lugnut instead. Ouch.

If I've told you once, I've told you a souzand times: GIVE ME SOME WARNING BEFORE YOU USE ZE PUNCH!

Hothead Blitzwing, sick of being buried in the rubble, "Lost and Found"



Transformers Animated cartoon continuity

Note: Events from IDW Publishing comics are in italics
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Blitzwing asked the upgrade-collecting bounty hunter Lockdown to hunt down the Transformer that destroyed Megatron. Lockdown's price for the job was Lugnut's Punch of Kill Everything. Blitzwing was outraged, insulted, scandalized that Lockdown would even imply he could betray his fellow Decepticon—steal from him—like that! He then agreed to the price, provided that the job was successful. A Few Loose Strands

During his first encounter with the Autobots, the suggestion that Megatron had been killed infuriated Lugnut, and he used the Punch of Kill Everything to level the Autobots, shaking Blitzwing up in the process. Lost and Found.

This is when you shouldn't do it.

The Punch of Kill Everything was again seen during a brief battle with Ratchet, in which it was used to knock Ratchet through a wall after he refused to hand over Sari's key. Megatron Rising - Part 1. Later, during an open assault on the Autobots' ship, Lugnut engaged in one-on-one combat with Bulkhead. He prepared to use his Punch to finish off the weaker Autobot, but he was so busy talking, Bulkhead triggered it early, and the force of it sent Lugnut flying. Megatron Rising - Part 2

This is what you get.

While attempting to recover a fragment of the AllSpark, Lugnut ended up "converting" Wreck-Gar to the Decepticons. When Ratchet and Bumblebee tracked Wreck-Gar down, Lugnut prepared to use the Punch...which Wreck-Gar took to be a high-five, so he set the Punch off. Lugnut actually came out of this one without being blown away. Garbage In, Garbage Out

After duping a couple of eager and rather dense bots into doing some heavy lifting for him and Blitzwing, Lugnut attempted to take out the poor saps with his mighty Punch. Unfortunately, Megatron interrupted it, surprising Lugnut and causing him to stumble into a mine shaft, where his punch backfired upon him. Again. Ever the trooper, he made sure everyone knew he was OK. Rise of the Constructicons

Lugnut later showcased the ability to fire his fists in a manner akin to missiles, using the Punch from long range. It didn't do him much good, as Omega Supreme demolished him with ease. Along with the rest of the Decepticons. A Bridge Too Close, Part II


  • In his Cybertronian body, Lugnut's elbow transformed, revealing a rocket nozzle to slam the arm into the ground. This hasn't been seen since he took his Earth body, although since then, he's rarely succeeded in using the thing at all.
  • The model sheet name for The Punch is "Explosive Punch".
  • In spite of its evocative name, we have not yet in fact witnessed the "Punch of Kill Everything" actually kill anything.
  • The Punch of Kill Everything is spoofed from the Falcon Punch, which is used by the famed Captain Falcon, whom is in possession of Nintendo.
  • Oddly enough, the acronym for "Punch of Kill Everything" spells P.O.K.E. (Punch Of Kill Everything).

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