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The Preacher

The Preacher
location: Seward Square
given by: approaching the preacher
reward: 5 Mini Nukes
5 Frag Mines

The Preacher refers to an unmarked quest in Fallout 3.

There is a Wastelander (commonly known as "The Preacher") standing on the second floor of a building in an alleyway west of the Reilly's Rangers headquarters entrance on Seward Square. The alley has been rigged with Mines and Mini Nukes that he detonates if you try to get close to him. There is a hostage (another Wastelander) on one end of the alley, who you can talk to. If you are looking at the Preacher when he detonates, he waves at you. He also dies in the blast.


Resolving the situation

There are a few different routes that can be taken to achieve a resolution. You can talk to the hostage, and through a charisma check, convince him to confront the preacher. Doing so will result in the detonation of the mines and mini-nukes. This will result in the preacher's death as well as the hostage, thus resolving the situation. Alternatively, the PC can kill the preacher using a ranged weapon of choice. Or by using a Stealth Boy and picking up all explosives in the alley, the PC can survive detonation by hopping out of the alley immediately; this will also kill the preacher.


  • When the Preacher yells "Trees! Trees! To the north! But they're deadly, and they will be consumed by the GREAT FAT WORM!", he is referring to Oasis.
  • Neither NPC carries items beyond their clothing. (If you have the Contract Killer perk he leaves an ear behind, if you can find a piece of him.)
  • The PC can climb up to the "pedestal" the Preacher is standing by piling barrels or other junk. Though, there's nothing of value to loot, except for the Brahmin-Skin Outfit the Preacher wore.
  • When in conversation with the preacher, he opens with the generic wastelander character response and has no dialogue options other than end dialogue.
  • If the hostage is still alive after the Preacher is killed he will not leave, and remains at the end of the alley.
  • The Preacher is not registered as hostile until fired upon.
  • If you use Stealth Boys, equip the Chinese Stealth Armor, or just have a very high Sneak level, you can move all the mines and nukes out of the alleyway manually (picking them up, but not putting them in your inventory). If you put them a safe distance away from you and the hostage, the Preacher will blow those and himself up, but not the whole alleyway. If you send the hostage in, he will survive and run back toward you.
  • Killing the hostage wastelander results in a negative karma change. Killing the preacher results in no karma change.
  • The super mutants in the area usually ignore the Preacher and his hostage and vice versa.
  • Even if you remove all the mines and mininukes, approaching him will still cause a massive explosion.
  • You can kill the preacher with no karma change.


  • The Preacher may blow himself up even if you are blocks away and you have not seen him. You can tell when you see a massive explosion a few blocks down. (PC)
  • The player may find the preacher dead and the hostage missing but all of the explosives still in place. (Confirmed Xbox 360)



Frag Mine Locations

  • 3 clustered in the center
  • 1 underneath children's slide
  • 1 on broken piece of teeter-totter

Mini Nuke Locations

  • 1 behind three metal barrels
  • 1 in between those barrels
  • 1 on a pile of rocks to the immediate right of the boarded up Preacher's door
  • 1 on the far side of the alley, on a merry-go-round
  • 1 immediately next to or in the shopping cart (opposite the door)



  • "And the sun will rise in the north! No! the northwest! For forty-four days and sixty-seven nights! And we'll never notice!"
  • "You don't know, you can't know. Little fools. You wish you knew! You wish! But only I know! Only me... only me... only me..."
  • "The sky will fall! The Earth will rise! The stars will shine open their toothy grins and caress the sun with their love!"
  • "THE SUN! IT BURNS! Why does it burn? Why have we put the sun into a jar? And what did we do with that jar? We broke it all over our little world..."
  • "Fire, fire, burning bright... burning... fire... pain, misery, peace, love, murder, death, death, death,"
  • "Trees! So many trees! To the north! But be careful... the trees... are deadly, and the trees too will be consumed in the belly of the great fat worm!"
  • "A great crack shall open in the Earth and swallow the non-believers! And they shall weep! Weep! Weep! Tears and salt and earth and dirt!"
  • "Try new BLAMMO! Soap! Blasts stains out! Blasts the whole world out! We've all been BLAMMO'd!"
  • "In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, your mother and my mother were hanging up clothes around the mulberry bush..."
  • "Oh... God... it hurts. My head... why doesn't it ever stop hurting... why? Please... please I can hear it! Moving! Pulsing! Just leave me alone!
  • "Not one step further! Not one! Come no closer! I'll do it! I'll blow us ALL to hell! All of us! Me, you... and the worm..."
  • "Beware, worm! I shall destroy you! With the fire of this small sun before me! BEWARE WORM! Not one step further!"
  • "Hungry... hungry... so hungry. What? No. I'm not hungry. The worm is hungry. Hungry for me, for you, and for fire"

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