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For the DLC pack, see The Pitt (add-on).
The Pitt

Road sign welcoming visitors to The Pitt
sections: Bridge
Downtown (Midea's Quarters)
Steelyard (Supply Plant, Wernher's Hideout)
The Mill (Abandoned Area, The Hole)
Uptown (Abandoned Apartments, Haven)
leaders: Ishmael Ashur
doctors: Nola
merchants: Friday
Harris (food)
factions: Pitt Raiders
Pitt Slaves
quests: Into the Pitt
Unsafe Working Conditions
Free Labor
Mill Worker achievement

The Pitt is an industrial Raider town located in the remains of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, about 500 kilometers to the northwest of the Capital Wasteland. It is a place where three irradiated rivers come together and many of the town's inhabitants are mutated as a result of the Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion.



The Pitt was originally a place of pure chaos, full of rape and torture squads in the decades following the Great War. As part of the early reconnaissance done when the Brotherhood of Steel's expeditionary force from the Core Region first arrived in the East Coast area sometime in 2255, Owyn Lyons led his Paladins in an attack against the Pitt from over Mount Wash, later called "The Scourge". Even though they were completely outnumbered, they still razed much of the city to the ground. During this operation the Brotherhood lost only one member of the strike force, Ishmael Ashur (his comrades thought that he had died in a steel mill explosion), who would later go on to unify the raiders and take control of the city.

As they swept through the Pitt, the Brotherhood rounded up every non-mutated child they could find, of which there were around twenty. Lyons brought the children back to the Citadel in the Capital Wasteland and enlisted them in the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel. One of these children grew up to be Paladin Kodiak.

While not as much of a threat to the people of the East Coast's wastelands as before the Scourge, the Pitt is still a center of raider and Slaver activity.




Main article: The Pitt Bridge

The Pitt bridge connects the trainyard with the actual town itself, the Downtown area specifically, and is littered with car wrecks and frag mines. Although possible to jump from the bridge; the water, highly irradiated, prevents the player from swimming far.


Main article: The Pitt Downtown

The Pitt's Downtown area is where the slaves are forced to live and work. Midea's Quarters are located here and the district has entrances to Uptown and the Mill as well as an exit to the bridge.


Main article: Steelyard

The Steelyard is infested with Trogs and Wildmen. Containing an old supply plant as well as Wernher's Hideout, it can be reached from the Mill through the abandoned area and through the Underground. Dead slaves can be found throughout the area, unfortunate souls who died on their involuntary quest to acquire steel ingots.

The Mill

Main article: The Mill

The Mill is the heart of the Pitt's slave-based industry. Besides the ammo press and a lot of machines and slaves, it contains an arena called the Hole, where slaves may fight for their freedom. It has an exit to the abandoned area from where the Steelyard can be accessed.


Main article: The Pitt Trainyard

The Trainyard is the place where visitors from the Capital Wasteland arrive in the Pitt's general area. Once here, they only need to cross the bridge to reach Downtown.


Main article: The Pitt Underground

The Underground connects the Steelyard with Uptown. It cannot be accessed without a key and is basically the power plant for the town, powering the flood lights which protect Uptown from the light-sensitive Trogs.


Main article: The Pitt Uptown

Uptown is the main living area for the town's Raiders and contains Haven, Ashur's headquarters, as well as the abandoned apartments.


The Pitt was only mentioned in Fallout 3 and appears in the Fallout 3 add-on pack also titled The Pitt. A holotape found in Rockopolis reveals that Slavers have taken the entire population of Rockopolis to the Pitt to be sold as slaves.

Behind the scenes

  • In the "Welcome to the Pitt" screenshot [1], the bridge pictured in the screenshot is known as the South Tenth Street Bridge.[1]
  • Several buildings in the background including the Mellon Bank building, PPG Place, and the U.S. Steel Tower are real buildings in downtown Pittsburgh.
  • The character Lulu, if prompted, gives the player noodles. Lulu's Noodles is a popular Pittsburgh restaurant.
  • The Pitt could be a reference to Land of the Dead, a George A. Romero film. Both are set in Pittsburgh, which is split into a poor part and a rich part where the leader lives in a tower. Outside Pittsburgh in both the film and The Pitt are animalistic creatures (zombies in the film, Trogs in the DLC) Also, if you choose Wehrner's way of finishing the Pitt, the Trogs invade the rich part of Pittsburgh, just as the zombies did in Land of the Dead.
  • Haven is the Fallout universe's version of the Cathedral of Learning, a central building on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh.
  • O-Dog's name may be a nod to a popular eatery in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh called "The Original Hot Dog" which is commonly referred to as "The O".
  • Reddup's name is a reference to an idiom common to Western Pennsylvania, "redd up", which means to tidy up. In 2006, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl launched a "Redd Up" Pittsburgh campaign.
  • Phantom's name may be a reference to the Steel Phantom rollercoaster and Phantom's Revenge at Pittsburgh's Kennywood Amusement Park.
  • The Pitt, as well as its leader, Ashur, are likely references to Hell, mostly the title given to Ashur as "The Lord of the Pitt", most likely comparing him to the Devil.
  • When the player has given Everett 80 Steel Ingots, he will reward the player with The Mauler, saying, "This thing's mauled Trogs and Ghouls from here to Monroeville". This is an allusion to George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead, as the movie and filming took place in Monroeville.
  • When the player gives Everett 100 Steel Ingots he will call you "You're one hell of a steeler, kid" which is a reference to Pittsburgh's Major League Football team.
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