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The Pit
Series: Doctor Who -
Virgin New Adventures
Release Number: 12
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Companions: Benny
Enemy: Yssgaroth
Setting: Althosian system, 2400
Author: Neil Penswick
Publisher: Virgin Books
Publication: March 1993
Format: Paperback Book, 276 Pages
ISBN: ISBN 042620378X
Previous Story: The Highest Science
Following Story: Deceit


Publisher's Summary

For two weeks now it has been the same message again and again, and it’s getting stronger; death and destruction, the end of all things, ARMAGEDDON.

In an attempt to lift the Doctor out of his irritable and erratic mood, Bernice suggests he investigates the mystery of the Seven Planets - an entire planetary system that disappeared without trace several decades before Bernice was born.

One of the Seven Planets is a nameless giant, quarantined against all intruders. But when the TARDIS materializes, it becomes clear that the plane has other visitors: a hit-squad of killer androids; a trespassing scientist and his wife; and two shape-changing criminals with their team of slaves.

As riot and anarchy spread on the system’s colonised worlds, the Doctor is flung into another universe while Bernice closes in on the horror that is about to be unleashed - a horror that comes from a terrible secret in the Time Lords’ past.


  • The Doctor
    • The Doctor kneels to Kopyion Liall a Mahajetsu.
  • Butler
  • Swarf
  • Chopra
  • The Archon
  • Spike
  • Major John Carlson
  • Bulbir Singh Mann
  • Acamedian Brown
  • Jarak
  • Ell
  • Melanie Carlson
  • The Fellowship
  • Colonel Philips





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Encompassed by vegetation and mountains is an area (analogous to a desert) referred to by the Xenexians as the Pit where the Search for Allways was preformed. The Pit is a desolate and inhospitable land approximately 30 miles wide. Xenexians, particularly those from the city of Calhoun, avoided the Pit not only because it is physically challenging, but also because some claimed that a sort of nexus with multiple realities drifted in and out of the Pit. Those who did not believe that a nexus could be found in the Pit nevertheless believed it was simply haunted. Either way, modern Xenexians avoided the Pit.

Historically, the Pit was once the place of a ritual called the Search for Allways where its youth would wander in the Pit as a sort of ceremonial initiation from adolescence to adulthood. The premise of this ritual was that if they remained long enough in the Pit they would receive visions of their future – through the nexus – that as a result would steer them toward their purpose in life. Modern Xenexians do not observe the Search for Allways tradition because it was the cause of a significant death toll on their youth. Instead, the Search for Allways has become a sort of a dare, or a test of bravery.

Mackenzie Calhoun, who had preformed the Search for Always, lied, claiming that he received a vision where his people would be free from Danterian rule, and in telling this vision with such conviction, he became a leader in the uprising that eventually did free them from Danterian rule. His deceptive vision that he told came true, and ironically it was a stepping stone that led him to a true vision where he saw a captain of the Starship, Jean-Luc Picard. His meeting with Captain Picard soon after would propel him toward his purpose in life, a life in the Federation as a Captain himself. [citation needed]

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The Pit was an area of stray asteroids scattered throughout the arm of a nebula and located at the end of the Kessel Run. Despite being easier to navigate than the Kessel Run, pilots who had made it by the Maw would often be so relieved at having passed through the most dangerous part of the run that they would lose focus entering the Pit and collide with an asteroid, destroying their spacecraft.



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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

Burn, Maximals!
  • The Pit — A location within Unicron where unfortunate Transformers have their bodies burned away and painfully re-built so they may serve his purposes. Universe#1 The Pit broadly resembles an early script concept of Galvatron's recreation in The Transformers: The Movie (1986), which later actually appeared in Marvel UK. The Planet Eater!
  • The Pit — Roughly analogous to Hell in both Maximal and Predacon belief systems. While the existence of its Heaven-analogue counterpart, the Matrix, is a proven fact, the Pit dwells firmly in the realm of the unproven myth. The myth could possibly be based on the location inside Unicron, though Transformers are often ignorant of the Unicron connection. The Inferno (associated myth, see comments) is said to be extremely dark. Dark Voyage
  • "By the Pit!" / "By the Inferno!" — A Predacon exclamatory invective. First metioned by Tarantulas and used by Terrorsaur, it refers to the Pit myth above.[1] See below for connection.


While outlining the Beast Wars cartoon, Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio created the made-up curse "By the Inferno" so the bad guys could swear. This was changed to "By the Pit" to avoid confusion when a Predacon named Inferno was added to the cast. Having made the Matrix dimension an analogue to Heaven, they made the Inferno/Pit their Hell.

The BW series bible included two facilities that created protoforms, the Matrix and the Pit (names reflecting the heaven/hell dynamic.) These were never mentioned in the series (possibly it was a stand-in concept in case they ever 'needed to answer' to where protoforms came from.) However, 10 years later (2007) the protoform facilities were made canon by a club-exclusive story — despite the canon now having several other sources of protoforms.

The 2004 Universe introduced the Pit within Unicron. It also introduced the idea that there is only one Unicron across all continuities, so the Pit myth would retroactively be about this version of the Pit (probably,) which even includes its own fiery inferno! A connection to/inspiration by the early version Galvatron's reformatting has never been confirmed, and is pure speculation.


  1. The exclamation could also refer to the Pit facility, viewed strictly from a canon standpoint, but it was originally written as the Hell-analog.

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