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Grady's Package

location: Marigold Station
end location: Girdershade
given by: Grady's corpse
other npcs: Ronald Laren
reward: Naughty Nightwear or
100-300 caps

Marigold Station

Grady's Package is an unmarked quest in Fallout 3 which can be done alongside the Those! quest.


Objectives and walkthrough


Beginning the quest

The quest may begin on the corpse of Grady, located on the first mezzanine inside Marigold Station, though you can complete the quest without finding Grady's corpse, so long as you find Grady's Safe Key inside the fire hose case in the maintenance room or pick the lock on the safe.


When you enter the Marigold Station, follow the passage until you get to a big hall. There is a small manager's booth. Inside is Grady's skeleton next to a holotape, Grady's Last Recording, which explains how to find the package.

Downstairs from here there should be two tunnels next to each other. Follow the right one and open the first door on your right. If you have not yet completed the Those! quest, then you should encounter several fire ants on your way. In the first room, there is a door to a maintenance closet, which contains a firehose. Grady's Safe Key is inside the firehose case. (B on the map to the right)

Continue through the passageway until you once again reach the main tunnels and take a left, then a right. In this next tunnel, turn left and head down the right hand side of the train. You will come to a rotating light and an Easy locked door. You can lockpick the door or use the terminal. Inside the room is the safe (alongside other items such as a Ripper). The safe contains the Naughty Nightwear. (C on the map to the right)

Once you grab the Naughty Nightwear, an NPC called Lug-Nut will approach you and demand that you give it to him. He leaves with the nightwear if you give it to him, but it is possible to kill him to get it back. If you choose to give the nightwear to Lug-Nut and then loot it off his corpse after you've killed him, it will have been fully repaired. Alternately, you can Mezz him before he takes it and get 200 caps when you return to Paradise Falls.


The reward for this quest is the Naughty Nightwear or, if you return it to Ronald Laren in Girdershade, he will reward you with 200 caps, or 300 if you pass a speech check.


  • Exploit: Before Lug-Nut asks you for the Naughty Nightwear, drop it on the ground, then give him the suit when he demands it. Kill him as he walks away (no negative karma), then retrieve a fully repaired suit off his corpse, and the original suit off the ground where you dropped it.
  • If your speech is high enough, you can convince Lug-Nut that great damage will be inflicted upon him if he persists. The chance of success for this speech check is greatly improved by wearing the Naughty Nightwear you just picked up as it gives +10 Speech. He will then leave without confrontation.
  • In the quest The Nuka-Cola Challenge you meet Sierra Petrovita and in the dialogue with her she mentions that Ronald Laren protects her. In one of the instances he told off two raiders and punched one in the face whose name is "Lug-Nut." If you have already found Grady's Last Recording you can ask Sierra if she knows Grady (she doesn't).
  • If you used the Black Widow dialogue option to have Ronald Laren pick up the Nuka-Cola Quantums, You would not be able to deliver the package to him since he will immediately run off to the Nuka-Cola Plant and refuse to speak with you if you try to talk to him. (unconfirmed)
  • Exploit: It is possible to pickpocket the Naughty Nightwear off of Ronald Laren and sell it back to him numerous times, enabling you to get an infinite amount of caps. Although, sometimes it disappears from his inventory even if you pickpocket him or kill him, putting an end to the exploit.
  • Just drop a mine or two in the doorway, and you wont even have to bother talking to Lug-Nut. You will not lose karma.


  • It is possible that, after selling the Naughty Nightwear to Ronald Laren in Girdershade, it will not be on his person. This may occur if wearing the Naughty Nightwear when the exchange is made, or possibly because the Naughty Nightwear was fully repaired before handing it to him. ( Confirmed, Xbox360, PS3)



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The Package

Shinji Aramaki


Dai Sato


Casio Entertainment


Warner Bros.


Part I: December 5, 2009
Part II: December 12, 2009 (Limited)
Making of The Package: December 19, 2009[1]
February 16, 2010 (Full release)


English and Japanese


Between 2535 and 2552[2]

The Package is one of the seven short films comprising the anime adaptation of the Halo universe, Halo Legends [3][4]. A CGI film, The Package follows the Master Chief and an elite squad of SPARTAN-II super soldiers as they execute a top-secret mission to retrieve a highly valuable UNSC asset on a Covenant Assault Carrier.



Aboard an ONI stealth ship, the Spartans, consisting of John-117, Frederic-104, Kelly-087, Solomon-069 and Arthur-079, are briefed by an intelligence officer. A Covenant fleet is momentarily trapped in the system. It is carrying an important "package" which the Spartans must retrieve. The stealth craft de-cloaks and deploys the Spartans in Booster Frames.

The team make their way past an array of plasma weaponry and attach a scanning device to one of the Covenant ships to search for the "package's" frequency. Solomon detects the package on one of the ships. As soon as he leaves the vessel's hangar, he discovers an Antimatter Charge, which destroys the ship and kills him. Soon, the Spartans detect the same beacon frequency coming from all the ships around them. This confirms that the Covenant knows what the commandos are after. John deduces that the target is actually in the Assault Carrier flagship. Arthur is killed while trying to cover Kelly from pursuing Seraphs. The remaining Spartans board the Assault Carrier and take cover inside a Bubble Shield.

After making their way through thick Brute and Grunt defenses, the Spartans are ambushed by a team of Elites. Fred parries a swipe from an energy sword with his Spartan Laser, and kills his attacker with a combat knife, distracting John's own attacker and holding the Elites off long enough for John and Kelly to proceed. The Shipmaster gives the order to detach part of the hull, hoping to leave the Spartans stranded in space - Kelly manages to propel John back into the ship, but is left in the vacuum. John manages to recover the "package" - revealed to be Doctor Catherine Elizabeth Halsey, founder of the SPARTAN-II program, in cryo-hibernation.

John releases the doctor and tries to effect an escape. However, their path is blocked by a Major Elite, who challenges John to a sword duel, giving the Spartan his other Energy Sword. Despite being disarmed in the duel, the human is saved when the Shipmaster decides to detach the entire lower hull section and jump to slipspace after clearing the magnetic interference, leaving the Spartans and many Covenant survivors stranded. The Elite can cause no harm as John and Halsey are sealed off from him. As he is lifted away from the soon-to-be-scuttled hull, the Major curses the Shipmaster with the words, "A thousand hells await you!"

Now free of immediate Covenant danger, the two board a Covenant escape pod and are promptly pursued by Seraph fighters. They are saved by Fred and Kelly, who have captured another Seraph. The survivors are recovered by the stealth ship, which soon leaves the system. Once they are aboard, John swears that he'll never let another comrade die again.[5]









  • The art gallery seen on Halo Waypoint shows an Elite wearing an Assault Harness. However, it is incorrectly referred to as the Flight Harness, another armor permutation of the Elites.
  • The equipment used in The Package seems more advanced than the UNSC was previously thought to use. Rather than relying on photo-reactive panels for optical camouflage, the stealth ship uses a Covenant-style active camouflage system. Likewise, the Booster Frames seem to be at least partially protected by energy shields. Both of these technologies may have been reverse-engineered from Covenant technology.
  • Solomon's HUD states that he is holding a Spartan Laser and SMG, even though he is holding an assault rifle.
  • All Covenant species in the film are depicted to have green blood, a trait none of them actually possess.
  • The Package reveals that some of Cortana's lines were references to quotes from Halsey. However, the line "No thanks to their driving, yes," is mentioned by John-117, who is also referencing Halsey.
  • Despite the fact that Frederic-104 remains behind to fight two Elites, the Shipmaster's console continues to display three hostiles moving down the corridor, though it only should have shown two, John-117 and Kelly-087. This error can be seen on two occasions.
  • The assault rifles that the Spartans are equipped with do not seem to eject spent cartridges. This may just be an overlook, but the Spartans might have been using caseless ammunition, which would be practical for such a mission.
  • John's assault rifle incorrectly sounds like an M247 GPMG. The SMG also incorrectly sounds like an MA5C Assault Rifle.
  • The SMGs may have a larger-than-normal clip since the Chief is able to fire continuously. However, it is possible that he reloads every time he is off screen. He also has no problem with the recoil of the SMGs while shooting.
  • The MJOLNIR Mark IV armor worn by John-117 and his fellow SPARTAN-IIs appears very similar appearance to the Mark VI and the distinct coloring of each Spartan's armor, and their HUD resembles the Mark VI in Halo 3, and it even includes the shield meter, even though the Mark IV does not have shields. This is considered a stylistic interpretation/representation, but may be a different variant of the Mark IV not seen before.



  1. [1]
  2. The ONI commander adresses John as "Master Chief." John achieved this rank at some time between the Battle of Jericho VII and the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV.
  3. Halo.Bungie.Org - Halo Legends: Polite Questions Answered Here
  4. - SDCC 09: Halo Legends In-Depth
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  6. Official Xbox Magazine, Holiday 2009, page 94
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The Package

Ryan Kaufman


Fillbach Brothers


Michael David Thomas


Pamela Rambo


Jeremy Barlow, Dave Marshall (Asst.)

Publication information

Dark Horse Comics



General information

Rise of the Empire era


21.5 BBY (6 months ABG)

Part of

Clone Wars Adventures

Published in

Clone Wars Adventures: Volume 3

"The Package" was a short story from Clone Wars Adventures: Volume 3, written by Ryan Kaufman.


The Package.

Two clone commando squads are assigned the dangerous task of retrieving a mysterious package intended for Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Dispatched to Ord Mantell, White Squad (led by RC-1013 "Sarge") and Blue Squad attempt to intercept a gang of mercenary Trandoshans.

The Trandoshans kill Blue Squad and are pursued by White Squad to a meeting with Separatist battle droid forces. The ill-fated White Squad is whittled down to just Sarge, who tackles and executes the lead Trandoshan with his combat knife.

Upon receipt of the package, Palpatine privately reveals it is a worthless trinket and has it stored with his other gifts.


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