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The Others have access to significant resources


  • The abundance of supplies and their comfortable lifestyle on the Island
  • The availability of high tech medical equipment (used by Jack to operate on Ben and by Juliet to investigate fertility issues on island), computers, high tech weaponry, video monitoring, and access to information (e.g. the thoroughness of their data on persons of interest) and resources from the outside world.
  • Ben also possesses multiple fake passports, foreign currencies, and according to Miles, has access to 3.2 million dollars.
  • The Others have an excellent intelligence collection network, as represented by Ben's direction to Mikhail to acquire files on all the passengers of Oceanic 815 and, afterward, the amount of information Ben has about Charlotte and Keamy.

Counter evidence

  • Most of the things that have been comandeered or appropiated by them, usually after having gotten rid of its former owners. The supplies, medicine, technology and comfortable living were taken from the Dharma initiative along with the submarine which was supposedly the only way off the Island. Proof of this is that the others attacked the survivors in 1954 with fire arrows, instead as with guns. They would first get guns from the U.S. militia tracking the Nuke head.
    • However, this does not negate the fact "The Others have access to significant resources."

The Others are highly organized


  • Their strict adherence to plans. In There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3 Ben and the Others follow a plan that allows them to work separately, yet with a seemingly perfect understanding of who is doing what at all times. For example, when Ben is captured by Keamy, he is almost immediately rescued by his group, with whom it appears he has had no contact for several days. Further, he is able to give Locke very specific instructions before leaving as to where the Others are and what will happen when Locke arrives there.
  • The high degree of adherence to the authority structure and the specification of roles and domains of command within the group (i.e. Isabel, "the sheriff"; Tom, the negotiator; Richard, the recruiter, Juliet the operative/double agent).

The Others are highly committed to their mission


  • Several Others have not only willingly, but enthusiastically sacrificed their own happiness and/or lives, as well as taken on significant personal risks for the objectives of the group, some on multiple occasions, for example: Bea, Mikhail, Ethan, Goodwin, Tom.

The Others are highly trained


  • Even relative newcomer to the Island Juliet appears to have substantial self-defense training (e.g. we have already seen her outfight Kate and knock Jack unconscious).
  • Although the practical purpose is not clear, the Others are all presumably taught to speak Latin (a practice originating with the Hostiles), as revealed by Juliet in "Jughead".

The Others are, across the board, unable to procreate on the Island


  • The recruitment of Juliet to solve this problem and her subsequent failures.
  • The prevalence of couples and lack of children among the Others, besides those they have "adopted".
  • Juliet's diagnosis of the CT pictures presented by Richard of a young woman's uterus degenerated consistent with that of a much older woman.
  • Note: Non-others have given birth on island after becoming pregnant off-island (Claire, Danielle), as well as become pregnant and successfully given birth off island (Sun). This indicates that the problem of infant/maternal death during pregnancy is related to either characteristics of the Others, or the effects of the Island/exposure during the duration of the pregnancy.

Who are they, and why are they on the Island?

The Others partly consist of flight 316 survivors

The Others (at least in part) consist of survivors of flight 316 that were brought down (during the Incident?) from the sky and through time to the early 1970's where they joined Alpert's Hostiles (Black Rock Crew?) out of a common interest against their enemy Dharma. Evidence: Ben says, "most of my people were brought here," the initial hostility of Jin when he approaches them from the Dharma van, the fact that 815 survivors already are living in the past and it is known that Dharma was at war with the other people living there (e.g. including the leftbehinders and O5/6 & Ben).

At the very least the Others are either undead - so immortal and do NOT reproduce (at least frequently) or are a recent arrival and have only resided there for a few generations.

  • Interesting theory, but why would any of the 316 survivors in 1977 (if there are any besides the 815ers) have a problem with Dharma? From what we've seen, I don't think Richard Alpert and whatever hostiles he had with him at the time of the 316 crash would be very welcoming of strangers into their group.
  • This would also explain the diverse racial differences between members of the Others; for such a small group it is unlikely that a gene pool that small could remain so phenotypically (physically) diverse in appearance unless they had only lived there for a few generations. The Others have members of several races and a seemingly small popultion of <100 people. This suggests implicitly that they could have been a group of people flying from or to a modern melting pot nation (the United States, Australia).
  • This racial diversity can most likely be explained by the fact that is an American show and needs to have a few minorities to make it appealing. And besides, only one or two of the others are black, there are no east or south asians, and no south americans. Not a very racially diverse group IMO.
    • explains the casting, not the logic within the show; besides the point made above is NOT that it is as multi-cultural as possible, merely that the mix/diversity that DOES exist on island is unlikely for a population reproducing over several centuries or millenia.

The Others are an Ancient Civilization


  • The four-toed statue we see in the season two finale and some structures such as the Temple and the wheel in the Orchid resemble the arcitechture of the ancient world.
  • Bakunin claimed they have been on the Island for "a very long time,".
  • Richard is very old. He could be the orginal leader of this group.
  • Because of the islands infertility most of the people were brought to the island, not born there. This is why the others are not as large as a civilization.

Mix of established inhabitants and modern day recruits.


  • Many of the Others appear to have contemporary skills (i.e. medical training: Ethan, Goodwin, Juliet) and relatively few have expressed a desire to rejoin the outside world, though Ben says they are allowed to leave, indicating that they are there by choice or some other circumstance that ties them to the Island (e.g. health enhancing properties of the Island).
  • Richard Alpert is the only significant "Other" for whom we don't have a backstory. Like Jacob, he has not aged since the earliest moment in time, 1954, that we saw the Others. Like Jacob's weaving, the statue, and the hieroglyphics in the Temple, Richard's "eyeliner" suggests Egyptian origin. Speaking Latin also indicates the origin of the Others is in ancient times.
  • Ben talks about the Hostiles as the Island's original inhabitants ("DHARMA couldn't even coexist with the Island's original inhabitants")
  • Ben tell Locke that "[he] was one of the people that was smart enough to make sure that I didn't end up in [the mass grave, where the DHARMA people were put]", indicating that there were more people than Ben who went to the "right side". Ethan was also part of the Dharma Initiative (or at least born there) before he became part of the Others.

The Others are Opus Dei


  • There are heavy Catholic references throughout the series
  • They speak Latin; as in "Jughead"
  • Picture of Brother Campbell with Eloise Hawking in the monestary in "Catch-22"
  • Being members of this cult would explain the exteremly secretive nature of the Others' operations; ie they refuse to explain themselves because they feel their mission is God's will and thus would not need to be explained to those deemed unworthy
  • Many of the people the Others deem unworthy have proven to be sinners off-island
  • Egyptian iconography works against this theory.

A colony of people with supernatural abilities

  • The Others are a group that using the powers of the Island, are able to use supernatural abilities, awaking a dormant side of their human side through either electromagnetic or through the use of exotic matter, or through perhaps through chemical conditioning at the tempest, the Island's DHARMA stations were used to benefit mankind but what they did not know is that its not about changing humanity, but about 1 person's change being able to make a difference. I further prove my theory by stating people and their powers and perhaps the way they acquired them:
  • Richard Alpert: has the uncanny ability to not seem to age, what causes this is unknown at this time.
  • Harper Stanhope: had the ability to appear and disappear at will(The Other Woman), what caused this is unknown, but if her ability is to appear or disappear,she easily could have met Ben down in the basement
  • Mikhail Bakunin: Ability different to pinpoint, regeneration? or illusionist? it is possible that the flame station had some sort of way to change people? radio waves perhaps? or perhaps it was mikhail's eye they found in the arrow and his ability actually comes from the arrow.
  • Benjamin Linus:Partial Clairvoyance or other unknown ability, seems to be a step ahead of almost every situation, or have a way to know what is going on.
  • John Locke:Regeneration, was paralyzed from the waist down but was healed after flight 815,recovered after gunshot wound, having hatch door on leg(Lockedown).(The Man Behind The Curtain) Probable cause was electromagnetic radiation from Swan station during flight 815, also was affected by radiation after swan explosion
  • Ethan Rom: Super Strength, He is not a large guy, but was able to pick up charlie with one arm against the tree and fought many people with great power.
  • Miles can hear dead people.

Anybody who Jacob brings to the island

  • Anybody who is brought to the island by Jacob's will, such as the Black Rock crew, the 815 survivors (or at least the ones that Jacob cares about and/or touched), Ilana's group, and other groups we may not know of yet, are there to fulfill some sort of mission of Jacob's, and are all technically part of the same group, even if some may not know it. Perhaps the Black Rock crew was treated the same way as the 815 survivors upon their arrival? Perhaps the 815 survivors are technically "inhabitants" of the island now? Perhaps the seemingly unified group we know as "others" may be a mish-mash of different peoples and cultures that at one point for whatever reason and by whatever cause were drawn to the island, which is why they would have no name for their collective culture.


Utopian experiment

  • The Others are the social Utopian experiment referred to in the Swan Orientation Film. In order to reach optimal interdependence and trust in their community, they need pure, innocent and formidable people such as children, who have yet to be corrupted by society. The "good people" are considered fortunate to be part of their community. The "bad people" who have been left alone are the ones lost and the ones taken are the ones found.
  • The Others make it very clear that they see themselves as idealists. For example, Ethan tells Claire the Others are a "family" and Ben assures Michael the Others are the "good guys". Goodwin, the most talkative Other, hints that when the Others dragged people away from the camp they might not actually have been "attacking".
  • The Others are connected to the (as yet unseen) DHARMA Initiative station studying "Utopian social _____" (listed in the Swan Orientation Film as one of the six foci of the Initiative). The experiment in this secluded space isn't subject to any law and the scientists are not subject to arrest.

Miscellaneous experimentation

  • The Others are part of a Milgram experiment. A Milgram Experiment measures the willingness of its participants to obey an authority figure who instructs them to do something that is against the participant's personal conscience. Milgram Experiments are mostly considered unethical today. Perhaps it is being conducted on the Island to be out of the view or rules of the scientific community.
  • They are still part of an experiment, though they don't know it. The DHARMA initiative is watching them to study the evolution of society with regards to their experiments in social utopian (blank).
    • The Others as a group were on the island well before DHARMA was around. The Social Utopian (blank) was DHARMA's first experiment which occured off island. The true experiment is being carried out by Jacob and Nemesis over hundreds maybe thousands of years.

"Welcoming committee"

  • The Others aren't expecting the plane crash ("A Tale of Two Cities"), at least at that particular time, but they don't seem very surprised either, and Ben immediately knows which orders to give. This indicates that something similar has happened before, maybe many times; the Others are on the Island mainly to deal with those who crash there, and have been doing this for generations.
    • Or Locke/Sawyer-Faraday group time traveled back to some point and told the others the events that would set into motion their time-travelling; crash of 815 being the biggest part of that sequence.
    • Or Ben seems to know so much because he has been caught in the time loop and has either lived through some version of this before, or has access to "historical" documents, similar to Eloise having Daniel Faraday's journal with details of his life.


Living on the Island

  • Some of The Others have terminal diseases and moved to the Island because of its apparent healing capabilities (seeLocke).
    • Locke was on Oceanic 815. He didn't move to the island voluntarily and only joined the Outsiders late in the game.
  • Since the Others have access/communications with the outside world, they must be on the Island by choice.
    • Possibly only the higher levels. Juliet especially seems not allowed to leave.

Dealing with death

  • The Others have a death ritual, as seen in the funeral for Colleen.

Dealing with outsiders

  • The Others chose to use infiltration as a procedure with the losties, because they were in large groups that didn't know each other.
  • With Desmond, the Others decided to send out Kelvin to persuade him to push the button. This way he stays out of their hair and does the work they were meant to be doing themselves.
    • Kelvin may have been recruited by Dharma; we know he was off-island through at least the gulf war, which still means he could have been on island before the Purge (1993-Purge vs 1991-gulf war).
  • With Danielle, the Others stole Alex and infected the rest of her crew.
    • Ben took Alex on his own accord, against the wishes of Charles, so that would not have been an act of the Others.
  • The Others perceive the survivors as belonging to a different group--either based upon moral status (hence all the "good people" comments), eugenics (good/valuable genes or traits), or some other factor.

Off the Island

  • Members of the Others routinely leave the Island to perform duties in the exterior world. This happens often enough that Others on the Island do not have reason to question a person's absence, although the person may not have gone to the declared destination. This somewhat contradicts Eloise's assertion that the Island is always moving and hard to find. The Others seem to have no problem getting back to it.
  • Bonnie and Greta ("Through the Looking Glass") were "on an assignment in Canada." They were really guarding the allegedly flooded Looking Glass station.
  • Ethan Rom, Tom and Richard Alpert went "outside" on missions. Ethan was in Miami and Oregon as a part of Juliet's recruitment in "Not in Portland" Richard had several assignments, including monitoring John Locke ("Cabin Fever"), recruiting Juliet ("Not in Portland"), and verifying to Juliet that her sister was still alive ("One of Us").
  • Tom was in New York while Michael was trying to commit suicide ("Meet Kevin Johnson") and stated that some Others could travel as required. Arturo, who appeared to be Tom's lover, may have been an Other, but his status was never made clear.
  • Mittelos Bioscience, almost certainly had senior management who were Others; the lower-level staff members probably were not.


The October 3rd, 2006 podcast confirms that there are more than one faction of the Others. What are the factions?

Factions based in Ben's leadership


  • In "Through the Looking Glass" Mikhail reports in front of Richard that Ben had told the Others that the Looking glass had been flooded and was "inoperable."
  • In "Through the Looking Glass" it was revealed that Greta and Bonnie had been working there for Ben secretly in the Looking Glass station (without the rest of the Others knowing) where they had activated the communication jamming equipment.
  • In "Through the Looking Glass", when talking to Ben, Mikhail asks: "The Island told you it was necessary to jam your own people['s messages]?" This means that Ben has been blocking the intended communications of Others off the Island (unbeknownst to them) AND that Mikhail has reason to believe that even if Ben was concealing this from the rest of the Others, Ben should have told him - implying that Ben and Mikhail already share secrets the rest of the Others don't know. Maybe this is why Mikhail was appointed to the Flame all by himself - he was working there for Ben, in control of the real access to off island information.
  • In "Through the Looking Glass", Ben says that he can't risk the other Others finding out what he's done (jamming the transmissions off the Island) so Greta and Bonnie have to die, and the jamming equipment needs to keep working at all costs.
    • In "Through the Looking Glass", as soon as Charlie unjammed the Looking Glass station, a call came in from Penelope. The fact that the station is able to receive calls from the Widmores is trong evidence that they are/are related to the DHARMA mission.
  • Alex, and Karl assisted the Losties and ultimately defected because of Ben's intervention into their relationship.
  • In "Through the Looking Glass", Ben learns Juliet has told the Losties of the Others ambush attempt and about the Looking Glass station.
  • At several points, Tom showed kindness and even sympathy to the Losties (i.e. befriending Jack, warning that the rec room is bugged ("The Man from Tallahassee"), showing kindess toward Kate during her capture and sympathy toward Michael after his return to the mainland).
    • Juliet may also be a member of this category as she has apparently on some occasions defied Ben to help the Losties (though to some extent this may be to ingratiate herself to them).
    • Richard also circumvented Ben's intentions by helping Locke kill Anthony Cooper, though Ben clearly did not want this to happen.
    • The cases mentioned above may not necessarily be evidence of different factions within the Others as much as they are evidence of Ben's limitless manipulation and deception. If other factions are said to exist it most likely refers to Charles Widmore's faction who feels that he is still the leader of the others, and the people from 316, like Ilana, who are most definitely Others as they identify with Jacob and Richard, but are not known to Ben.

Factions of the Others based on origins

  • Group from DHARMA like Ben
  • Hostiles - presumably original island inhabitants
  • Recruits such as Juliet who are brought there for some instrumental purpose
  • Allied outsiders who arrive at the Island independently and are absorbed into the group, including Losties such as Locke, Zack, Emma and Cindy, as well as Alex.

Future factions of the Others based on the power vacuum

  • When Ben leaves the Island (There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3) some Others may be more willing to follow Locke, while others may hold him responsible for the negative impact of the Losties on the Island.


There is a recurring issue of who has been, is, and will be the leader of the Others. "Others," as used here, refers to the main body, the group being led by Ben Linus from long before September 2004 (possibly December 19, 1992 when the Purge takes place) and continuing until late December 2004. There are two factions within the Others, but it is unclear who belongs to which factions.

The Characteristics of a Leader

  • Leaders must be recruited -from a young age if possible- from outside the Others community. It is not clear whether Widmore was recruited or not but both Ben and Locke were approached at young ages and groomed for leadership (directly or indirectly). We may learn that Widmore was "recruited" or joined the community in a similar way.
    • additionally, the leaders must "die" or approach death so that the island saves them (i.e. Ben in Temple, Locke upon resurrection/return). The Others' community is essentially some form of "undead" and require this as a prerequisite for joining them.
  • They are "non-killable," (Widmore("The Shape of Things to Come"), Locke, and the shock over Ben's tumor) which is different than being immortal; this characteristic is not shared by other People of the Island.
  • They can communicate with the elusive Jacob and also exercise some control over his movement; it is not an amicable relationship ("The Man Behind the Curtain").
  • They have dreams (some of which may be nightmares (Widmore("The Shape of Things to Come"))) about events on the Island (Ben and Locke ("Cabin Fever")).

The Test of the Leader

  • Unlike the test of the Dalai Lama, the items Richard shows Locke are not from the past (which might imply reincarnation), but from his future on the Island. Like his drawing of the Monster on the wall, these items indicate that young Locke has glimpsed the future.

The Leader

We can clearly identify three Leaders of the People:

  • Charles Widmore, based on his comment to Linus, "That island's mine, Benjamin. It always was. It will be again."
  • Ben Linus, based on his activities on the Island.
  • John Locke, based on Christian Shephard's willingness to speak with him in Jacob's place, on Ben's parting words to him, and on Richard's welcome.

The Leaders (We may never know the identity of the real first leader):

  • For us, Charles Widmore (b: unknown) is first. Widmore became Leader at some undetermined date. His leadership was found wanting, perhaps from a fiscal perspective, by the Island. Ben said Widmore wants to exploit the Island ("The Other Woman"); Ben also claimed not to know how Widmore knows about the Island, but he eventually admitted to that being another lie. Widmore left the Island, perhaps involuntarily. He suffers from nightmares, details unknown. He established Widmore Industries and expanded it. Unknowns include the amount of seed money he had to start his company and how he acquired the knowledge to expand it. He said he started keeping a bottle of scotch by his bed when the nightmares started, but did not say when that was. Widmore has never been content with being ousted (he still sees an opportunity for exploitation), telling Linus that the Island is his, always was, and will be again ("The Other Woman").
  • Next is Ben Linus (b: Early 1960s (before Alpert tests Locke)). Linus became Leader on the day of the purge, having been tested and qualified in a scene yet to broadcast which occurred prior to December 1987. To date we have seen only one conversation between Linus and Alpert that occurred before the purge, but they must have had others for there to have been such a transition from Alpert telling Ben it was not time to Alpert asking Ben what he (Linus) wanted done with his father's body. A crisis developed involving the inability of any Island woman to survive the second trimester of her pregnancy. (But this seems to apply only to the Others. Women of eh Dharma Initiative were able to have children, and both Ethan and Miles were born at the Dharma Initiative.) Ben "imported" a fertility doctor to try to overcome the problem, but success eluded him. No Island-born children have been seen among the People. The youngest known pre-crash residents of the Island whose faces we have seen were Karl, whose origin we do not know, and Alexandra Rousseau, born on the Island to Danielle Rousseau, who was pregnant before arriving on the Island. Both are now dead. While attempting to solve the pregnancy crisis, Linus contracted cancer in the form of a tumor on his spine in early 2004. Linus was relieved of the cancer after "a spinal surgeon (Jack) fell out of the sky." Within the next ninety days, John Locke demanded to be taken to see Jacob and Linus complied. There was virtually no way Locke could force Linus to take him to meet Jacob. One can only surmise that Linus learned in his last dream that this was the thing he must do.
  • Next is John Locke (b: May 30, 1956). As a child, he fails the leadership test by selecting the knife instead of the book, but is brought to the Island anyway. He may have since passed an equivalent test on the Island. After encountering the Monster, he said,"I looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw... was beautiful." He meets Jacob at Jacob's cabin. Enroute to the cabin he stops and runs his fingers through a granular material he recognizes as resembling the substance in the small container during his test as a child. He becomes the leader-in-waiting when he visits Jacob's Cabin and speaks with Christian, who is speaking for Jacob. He says he is in the cabin because he has been chosen and asks the most important question, how to save the Island. He also does not yet understand that the task is not his, but that of the departing leader, Ben. After two confrontations with the mercenaries, Ben convinces Locke to seek the people and to do a better job than he (Ben) has done. Ben moves the Island and Locke goes to be "welcomed home" by Richard Alpert.

The Elder Statesman (Panchen Lama)

  • Richard Alpert (b: unknown). Alpert is an man who does not appear to age; he does not appear very different on the Island than he did when he looked at the infant Locke's incubator fifty years before. Alpert has never been the leader of the people and does not appear to desire to be the leader. He seems to works both as a senior assistant and as a counselor to the leader. He greets the new Leader, John Locke, just as the Island begins to move.
    • It may be that Richard is selecting Locke to be his replacement, not the leader. Locke seems to have decided early on (in White_Rabbit) that Jack was the leader. It could be that Locke is the Panchen Lama to Jack's Dali Lama.
      • Jack is the leader of the crash survivors not the Others. John tells Jack that he's the leader of the survivors because he knows that the island has other intentions for him(John).


  • Widmore, unknown.
  • Linus, yes.
  • Locke, yes by proxy.
  • Walt, not yet, and Michael is presumed dead in the explosion of the Kahana.
  • Aaron, not yet, and may never learn who his father is.

Good or evil?

The Others refer to themselves as "good people", but are they really?

See also: Crimes of the Islanders

Are the "Others" Good or Evil?
Action Negative Rationales Positive Rationales
Shot at Sun To kill her Self defense. Tom also didn't shoot her, he just shot at her, possibly to get her off the boat while still keeping her alive.
Stole sailboat Deprive the survivors of a means to escape the Island They needed another sailboat - perhaps to take Jack home, as they promised.
Kidnapped Alex Wanted to experiment on her; populate their colony (perhaps they can't have children). Save Alex from her mother, who had had just killed off rest of her team; protect child from illness for which there was limited medication.
Kidnapped Walt Same as above Save Walt from sure death at sea or explore his special powers to help other humans.
Kidnapped Claire. Same as above; brainwash Claire before sending her back; a "Rosemary's Baby" scenario. Inoculate Aaron from the sickness. Provide a better/safer environment for the baby to live, rather than the beach.
Shot Sawyer, blew up the raft. Didn't want the castaways to leave the Island; disregard for human life. Figured the DHARMA shark would get them; or maybe this was a test of their shark's ability. Protecting themselves (Sawyer was reaching for his gun); knew castaways would survive in the ocean and be brought back to the Island. Knew that shooting Sawyer in the shoulder wouldn't kill him.
Hanged Charlie and left him for dead. Killed a witness to the kidnapping of Claire. Perhaps the Others did not do this; someone else did. Charlie either has lost his memory, is pretending not to remember or is unconscious during the event. They may have known he wouldn't die, and just intended to send a warning. Also, Ethan may have done this without the Other's orders, or he may have been crazy while the other Others aren't.
Goodwin killed Nathan Protect self from discovery. Nathan is "not a good person". Nathan would've been tortured and possibly killed anyway.
Held Michael hostage. Possibly forced him to kill Ana Lucia. Revenge for Ana's murder of two of theirs; freeing Ben. Michael only killed Ana because he needed to seize an opportunity to liberate Ben without anyone knowing about it, meaning that he had to dispose of any witnesses. The Others did not specifically say to kill anyone.
Holding Jack, Kate, Sawyer hostage. Intend to harm or kill them; Want remaining group to be leaderless. Possibly to get Kate pregnant so they could steal her baby. Afraid these people will hurt them; want chance to convince them that they can all get along; want to explore their visions; want to integrate with them because they are "good people". The Others are helping Jack, Kate, and Sawyer sort out their problems through therapy, albeit by strange, but useful, methods. They figured that Kate would eventually get pregnant, and Juliet is a fertility doctor with access to medical facilities that are much more sanitary than the beach.
Ethan threatened to kill one of the survivors each day, carried out this threat on Scott Wanted Claire, or at least her baby, at any cost. Their plans for Claire and her baby may have been viewed as more important than the lives of the other survivors. Perhaps Ethan only planned to kill people who were not "good." Also, Ethan did not necessarily have orders from the Others to kill someone, and he may have gone crazy.
Gassed Kate, Jack and Sayid To leave them to die To give them a chance to escape
  • Given that we don't really know exactly what Ben is trying to protect or who the "bad guys" are, it would be hard to judge whether these actions are good or bad. Most would agree that some actions may be necessary to ensure the survival of you and yours.

The Others' Clothes

  • The Others, once known by DHARMA as the "Hostiles," have been observed wearing three different types of clothing:
  • Alpert, the first Other identified by name, was wearing rustic garb when he met the young Ben. This occurred prior to the purge. He and the remaining Others wore that garb during the purge.
  • Later when the DHARMA initiative on the Island had been defeated, the Others moved into the Barracks and begin wearing clothes referred to by the producers as "J Crew."
  • It is unclear what clothing the Others wore while at the unidentified place they lived while DHARMA occupied the Barracks.
  • The Others wore rustic garb in an attempt to convince first Michael, then other Survivors, that they were primitive fisherfolk at the decoy village("Three Minutes").
  • They were back in rustic garb at the end of Season Four, for concealment, for ease of movement, or for deceit (directed at the mercenaries, the science team, or both); however Richard, at a minimum, was in clothing more modern than that he had worn when he first met Ben.

Membership Testing

It is unclear if Cindy and the twelve other captured Tailies later identified as Others underwent a similar test as Locke to become part of the community or if patricide was a false requirement set before Locke because Ben was certain that Locke would fail. This test, or one similar, may only be used to establish new leadership. Locke can speak to Jacob and is recognized as possessing leadership qualities. Alternatively, initiation rites for new recruits might be highly personalized. Locke had to kill his father because of the life-destroying obsession with the man he had nursed for so many years. Perhaps Cindy and the children had different hurtful habits they had to let go of.

Resurrecting the Dead as Others

  • There is a connection between the Others and dead people, specifically those not buried.
  • Once buried, they cannot be resurrected. This is why Richard required Paul's body, after losing two of his people, as they were buried by Sawyer's group.
  • Christian Shepard and Claire are likely dead, but seem alive.
  • The term "good people" may not mean being good, but being suitable as members of the Others.
    • Only took a few "good" people from Dharma - left the rest of the dead in the open pit.

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