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The Only Thing Necessary is the third episode of the third season of Star Trek: Swiftfire.

The USS Swiftfire-A makes first contact with the Echlans after it comes to the rescue of the pilot of the Echlan's first warp vessel. The mission progresses quickly and positively but it soon becomes apparent that there are unknown forces at work with their own agenda.


Memorable quotes

" “It's so vast. It's almost terrifying! It seems to drain you and reinforces the loneliness that dwells deep, deep inside. Yet these tiny points of light fight against the black, pushing it back. They almost seem to be irradiating hope that you aren't alone."
Groa Ilata on the galaxy beyond the Veil.
"Do you know what happened to Lanzling?"
"I've never had the courage to find out for certain. As they say, 'ignorance is bliss!'. That was one of the saving graces I’ve held onto in the odd moments I think about Lanzling. I can still tell myself they might have made it through. That they are the better for it and I didn't doom an entire people. However, this time I can't hide behind a self made blind spot. The consequences of my actions were laid out bare before me, silhouetted in a nuclear firestorm."
— Captain Masters to Commander Susan Core on his inability to face the consequences of his past actions.

Background information


83rd Marine Company; Acolytes of Zadic; Baker, Rebecca; Bath; Battle of Gavris Prime; Battle of the Helaspont Nebula; Brumby; Campese; Celcho, Grace; Celcho, Stanislav; Celcho's Shuttle Maintenance and Repairs; Coalition of Zadic; Daley, Rachel; DarkStar; Darling, USS; Dawn, Bianca; Dodgson; Dreamtime; Echla; Echla system; Echlan; Echlan space station; Echlan Totality; Echlan warp ship; Elmhurst, Hannah; Felliux VII; Felliux VII shipyards; Fenris, Keith; Gavris Prime; George Smith; Greer, Wendell; Harles; Helaspont Nebula; Hely'tar; Ilata, Groa; Ish'va pie; Jabrad; Kigral; Krojen; Lamentis; Lanzling; Learoyd; Lucky; Misi; Muir, John; multiphasic tachyon scanner; Pulsar AS-04R8; Qual, Eli; Re-aul; Rosetta; rugby union; Section 31; Section 214C; Sloan, Luther; Special Assault Service; Special Operations Command; Starbase 621; Starfleet Task Force 59; subspace tremor; suicide bombing; Swiftfire; Swiftfire, USS; Tait, Deborah; terrorism; terrorist; Tzenkethi war cruiser; Vallus; Whitechapel, Dylan; Whitechapel, Jane; Wood, Bernard; Xall-ic; Xice; Yinchiaz; Zadic; Zambezi, USS

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