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Series: Deep Space Nine
Author(s): Una McCormack
Publication information
Published: Paperback - September 2009
Date: 2370-2378


Publisher's description

From the back cover
A boy looks up. He sees a Cardassian's hand on his shoulder and knows that this is usually a prelude to a beating or, if he is fortunate enough, arrest. The boy knows how many disappeared during the Occupation of Bajor. So he does the one thing he can think of: he bites the Cardassian. Then the nightmare begins.
He is ripped from the family that took him in as an orphan, clothed him, fed him, always loved him unconditionally. And no matter how earnest, how caring the commander of Deep Space 9 is, the boy knows this is all a horrible mistake. How can someone from Starfleet judge him by what he looks like, not by what he is? He prays to the Prophets; he is Bajoran. They all keep telling him that the test proves the large Cardassian man is his father, that the other Cardassian -- that oily gul -- took him away from his father. But the boy keeps telling them that he is Bajoran, he only wants to go home with his father. So they send Rugal home -- to Cardassia.
On the homeworld of the Cardassian Union where sacrifice and devotion to the state are surpassed only by the government's need to keep its people in check, one very lonely boy discovers that if he doesn't resist, his life -- like those of so many others -- will be added to the tally of the never-ending sacrifice.


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Maria Alvarez • Arani • Ithas Bamarek • Darrah Bajin • Skrain Dukat • Envek • Ferek • Elim Garak • Teretis Geyl • Alon GhemorTekeny Ghemor • Gheta • Kelat • Colat Khevet • Elinas Khevet • Mikor Khevet • Penelya KhevetTret Khevet • Hulja Kiliç • Leirt • Martis Lok • Maleta • Arric Maret • Serna Maret • Tela Maret • Metelek • Metrek • Keiko O'BrienMiles O'BrienMolly O'Brien • Geleth Pa'Dar • Kotan Pa'DarRugal Pa'DarProka Etra • Proka Migdal • Gerat Rejal • Meya RejalRantokErek RhemetSelikBenjamin Sisko • Ellen Smith • Tekis • Tora Ziyal • Verisel
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Akleen Memorial • AshallaBajor • Barvonok Sector • CardassiaCardassia City • Civilian Assembly Hall • Coranum SectorCoranum tunnelDeep Space 9Demilitarized ZoneEarth • Ithic II • Lorikal • Meritok Square • Munda'ar Sector • Ogyas III • Ostek • Paldar SectorParis • Perok • Quark'sState Museum of Natural History • Tarlak Sector • Torr Central Market • Torr Central Station • Torr SectorVeterans' Bridge • Weibak IV
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Races and cultures

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States and organizations

Cardassian Central CommandCardassian Intelligence Bureau • Cardassian Justice Ministry • Cardassian Liberation FrontCardassian Science MinistryCardassian UnionCivilian AssemblyDetapa CouncilDominionInstitute for State Policy • Khevet Agricultural Holdings • Klingon EmpireObsidian Order • Office of Public Order • Romulan Star EmpireSecond OrderStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
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Bajoran ResistanceCircle • Council of Ministers • Founder • Eleventh Order • Vedek Assembly


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  • Robert Lyons of described The Never-Ending Sacrifice as "unlike any Star Trek book I have ever read before". [1]
  • Jens Deffner of Unreality SF gave The Never-Ending Sacrifice a review score of 90%. He commented "The Never-Ending Sacrifice is not only a very strong Star Trek novel, but simply an outstanding coming-of-age novel, since even if you stripped it of everything Star Trek-related, it would work just as well". [2]

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