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The Myreque is a paramilitary resistance movement trying to liberate Morytania, the Vampyre infested lands across the Holy River Salve, from the evil grasp of the evil Vampyre Lord Drakan and his underlings. The covert movement is split into two groups for ease, the Mort Myre Order (later called Burgh De Rott Order), and the Sanguinesti Order (sometimes known as the Meiyerditch Order). Both groups are trying to work towards defeating the evil and winning the territory back for Saradomin. The symbol of the Myreque is a Silver sickle, one of the few weapons that can harm vampyres..



Burgh De Rott Order

Also known as Mort Myre Order. Burgh De Rott Order's tasks is to provide Sanguinesti Order with necessary supplies and look for vampyre activity outside the Sanguinesti Region. They are situated in and around the Mort Myre Swamp, and their headquarters was located originally in the Hollows, but during In Aid of The Myreque, they moved it to the town of Burgh De Rott with the help of the player.

Veliaf, Ivan, Polmafi and Radigad.

Sanguinesti Order

The Sanguine Order's task is to spy for vampyres inside the Sanguinesti region and help the populace of Meiyerditch to work against the Vampyres. Their headquarters is located below Meiyerditch, in a large underground barracks, filled with a supply of all that the Myreque need for their missions, including sickles.


Other Members & Associates

†=killed in action.

*=Calsidiu is thought to be the leader of the entire Myreque, as stated by both Sani Piliu and Harold Evans, whereas Veliaf and Safalaan are the leaders of the Myre Order and the Sanguine Order, respectively. This is unknown as of yet.


The Myreque (which means 'hidden in myre') has been trying to put an end to the evil Lord Drakan's reign of terror over Morytania for some time.

In recent times the Mort Myre Order has been shaken badly, first with the discovery of their base in Canifis (during the events of In Search of the Myreque, and then with the murders of Sani Piliu and Harold Evans by Vanstrom Klause, the group's main antagonist).

After the attack, they realised their base was no longer safe and had to go through the trouble of finding a new one. They have since relocated to Burgh de Rott, but during the toils of moving Ivan Strom left to go to Paterdomus, devastated that Sani had been killed (during the events of In Aid of the Myreque) the Mort Myre  Order lost focus. After relocating both orders have gotten back in touch.

The Myreque soon discovered that werewolves had crossed the river Salve into Misthalin where they were kidnapping men and women and bringing them back to Morytania to be blood tithed by Drakan. Once the Myreque contacted King Roald of Misthalin he reacted by enabling a "Mercenary Protocol" but has been tied up with the Edicts of Guthix to actually launch a full scale invasion, so the only help the Myreque ended up getting was a few Mercenary soldiers trickling slowly into Burgh De Rott, being escorted by local heroes. With the two nations now coming closer to war the Myreque find themselves in a troubling situation.

After enacting the Mercenary Protocol (and reuiniting Ivan Strom with the Myreque once more), a hearty adventurer assisted the Myreque with the development of a new weapon, the Flail of Ivandis, which renders the previously invulnerable Vyrewatch mortal. The tide of battle has suddenly turned in the Myreque's favour, as Drakan's winged warriors no longer present the threat that they once did. However, the Myreque is still vastly outnumbered, outgunned, and without the help of the forces of Misthalin, their efforts may yet be in vain.


  • The Myreque (and especially the Sanguinesti Order) might be a reference to the Freemasons.
  • It is interesting to note that there may be more of the Myreque, as Sani gave reference to a Leader, labelling Veliaf and the Sanguinesti Leader (now we know to be Safalaan) as lieutenants, both of them answering to another man.
  • The name Myreque may be a reference to the Maquis, a rebel group that was part of the French Resistance during World War II.

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