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Scott "The Mechanist" Wollinski
race: Human, African American
affiliation: Himself
role: 'Super-Weirdo'
location: Canterbury Commons
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: The Superhuman Gambit
SPECIAL: 5ST, 5PE, 4EN, 7CH, 5IN, 5AG, 5LK
base id: 00036C1B
ref id: 00037224

Scott Wollinski AKA The Mechanist is a 40-year old[1] man that controls several various robots. He is fighting his nemesis, the AntAgonizer in the town of Canterbury Commons and is dressed in the Mechanist's Costume a robot styled suit.



In the town of Canterbury Commons where the Mechanist will most likely be first seen, he is considered a joke by those who live there. He used to be a mechanic for the town named Scott Wollinski, but according to a young boy in the town, after the AntAgonizer showed up and killed his favorite robot, he took it very personally and built a mechanical costume. He soon became known as "The Mechanist" and he continued to feud with the AntAgonizer.

Finding the Mechanist

After being seen in Canterbury Commons, the Mechanist immediately heads to the Robot Repair Center and hides away to plan his next attack on the AntAgonizer. If you wander through his factory and find his forge (be careful since there are strong sentry bots that can kill you on the way) you will most likely end up in a room with only a few filing cabinets, computers, and a coffee maker. Do not be mistaken, the Mechanist is within the room. His coffee maker is actually a secret switch that reveals his true hideout when activated. After telling him that you'll try and convince the AntAgonizer to stop the feud he'll then disappear after killing the AntAgonizer, not allowing you to get the rare energy weapon.

Alternatively, if you have a Lockpick skill of 75 or higher, you can pick the lock of the elevator located just near the entrance of the Robot Repair Center to gain easy access to the Mechanist's hideout.

If you help him kill the AntAgonizer and then hand him her suit, you will get the Protectron's Gaze and lose some Karma. He then turns to leave and can be killed with no further Karma penalty, netting both the AntAgonizer's Costume and The Mechanist's Costume. Alternatively, with the Child at Heart or Black Widow perk, the player can convince The Mechanist that his actions are hurting the townspeople, specifically mentioning Derek Pacion (for Child at Heart). The Mechanist will rethink his actions and will not only allow the player to keep the AntAgonizer's Costume, but will also give them The Mechanist's Costume, resulting in positive karma.

Note: If you enter his forge while wearing AntAgonizer's Costume, the Mechanist will attack you outright.

If you kill the Mechanist or convince him to give up and then go talk to the AntAgonizer, you can give the AntAgonizer The Mechanist's Costume and receive the Ant's Sting.

Alternately, if you kill the AntAgonizer or convince her to give up the act before visiting The Mechanist, you can give The Mechanist the AntAgonizer's Costume in exchange for Protectron's Gaze as well (you will receive negative karma). Then he will leave the town and you'll never see him again (you can follow him but he will probably be killed)

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Finding the Mechanist. [1]


  • The Mechanist's Forge can be used as Fallout 3 player housing, and has a "Free Bed", a Workbench and storage.
  • You can keep both sets of Armor and Protectron's Gaze by Reverse-Pickpocketing. First go to and convince the AntAgonizer to give up using Lady Killer, then go to the Mechanist but drop the AntAgonizer's Costume and Helmet outside the room before talking. He will say his spybots tell him the AntAgonizer is defeated but he needs the armor. Go back outside the room and pickup only the AntAgonizer's Costume; he doesn't require the helmet so he will dupe one! Using a Stealth Boy Sneak and give him both a Combat Helmet and Combat Armor, leave the building and go back in so he can change. While still stealthed tell the Mechanist he can have the costume but to "move on and leave Canterbury alone". As he walks away sneak up to him and take both sets of armor from his inventory, don't forget to pickup the extra helmet! Note you will take a karma hit both times as normal when pickpocketing. Also, when giving AntAgonizer's Costume you can tell him to move on and leave Canterbury alone and he will start walking, just do the same as above fast and you will get 2 AntAgonizer Helmets.
  • Due most likely to a level-building oversight, the Mechanist is surprisingly not allied with the robots in his Robot Repair Center, and will fight them (and most likely be killed by them) if he ever crosses path with one.
  • After you deal with the Mechanist, either by giving him the AntAgonizer's costume or convincing him to retire, he'll leave the Robot Repair Center and walk out into the Wastes. He'll simply disappear from the map if he gets too far away from you. If you follow him closely, you'll find he travels to Friendship Heights Metro Station, which he takes to Farragut West Metro Station. He finally stops at the bottom of the stairs at the Farragut West Metro Station surface entrance (North of the Anchorage Memorial), where he will remain until you leave the area, at which point he disappears.
    • In this editors game he just went to the secret entrance of the AntAgonizer's Lair and stopped there.
  • Female characters with the Black Widow perk can choose an additional dialogue option to acquire the Mechanist's Costume peacefully. Male characters can use the Child at Heart perk instead.
  • It is possible to take both 'super-hero' costumes and the protectrons gaze (not tested with Ant's sting). First, convince AntAgonizer to leave and give up her costume. Second, go to the Mechanist and give him the costume. He will then give you the protectrons gaze. Finally, kill the Mechanist as he is walking away - he is very easy to kill, even one shot to each leg with a dart gun kills him. Loot his corpse for the costumes. He may also have a ranodm weapon in his possession. The was no karma loss for killing him.
  • Word of Caution, Do not wear AntAgonizer's Costume even after convincing Mechanist to give up, then talking to him, he will attack you.

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The Mechanist appears only in Fallout 3.


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