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The Mafia is the longest running stable in WCSF History, although it's strength has gone up and down throughout the years, it's always been a fixture of the WCSF.


The Early Years

The Mafia debuted in the summer of 2006 on High Voltage, with the three members being "The Don" Lou Cuttino, "The Gambler" Johnny Devine, and Blair "The Player" Trotter. They feuded on the pre-show with Flux and The Union Jacks until their call up to Mayhem with their consigliere Tuck Stevens.


So after their call up to Mayhem, Devine and Trotter began teaming together regularly with great success, making their first PPV appearance at Annihilation 2006 in a 4 Way Tables match for the Tag Team Championships against Re-Juvenated, The Gamers, and The Union Jacks. Soon after this, the Mafia were drafted to Unleashed.


The Mafia continued their feud with Flux from their High Voltage days, but shortly after Flux left the company. The Mafia made their biggest impact to date at Wednesday Night Warzone, assisting Alex Morgan in cashing in his Gold Rush contract to win the WCSF Rampage Championship (formerly the Unleashed Title) against The Executioner. After this, Devine and Trotter challenged The Untouchables at Hacked for the Tag Titles, and managed to win their first Tag Team Championship with help from Morgan. Soon after their title win, The Mafia turned face and soon entered a feud with The Gamers, resulting in The Mafia retaining their titles at Nothing to Lose. The Mafia's first title reign came to an end at Revolution 3 when they lost them to the Natural Born Killers in a four way tag team match. However, The Mafia regained the tag titles at the following pay per view (Destruction) when they defeated the Natural Born Killers in their tag team rematch.

The New Mafia

Devine's second tag title reign ended quickly when The Mafia lost the titles to the unlikely combination of Muntari Mebah and Anthony Blake. Following the loss, Devine began to put the blame on Blair Trotter for the loss of the belts and a feud soon erupted between the two Mafia members. This culvinated in a tag team match at Total Carnage 2008, in which both Devine and Trotter chose partners of their choice for the match. Devine brought in the services of Mark Thomas for the match while Trotter acquired Nick Foster as his tag team partner. However, that acquisition turned out to be the downfall of Blair Trotter's career when Nick Foster turned on him and aligned himself with Devine, Thomas and Stevens, creating the "new" Mafia in the process.

As Devine moved on to a successful singles career as the unquestioned leader of The Mafia. Thomas and Foster went on to win the Tag Team Titles themselves from Thunderstorm. They held them for over 200 days before losing to the team of hated enemies forced to team together of Mike Maverick & Tristagi. After the match, Thomas attacked Foster, splitting from the Mafia and going out on his own. With that the Mafia was down a man and significantly weakened. The following months, Foster competed, with average success in singles competition, feuding with Craig Bell and trying to get into the Gold Rush match. Devine meanwhile tried to get the WCSF Rampage Championship, but he was unsuccessful. Even the return of the Women's Champion Charisma as manager wasn't enough to make the Mafia a frightening force.

With a number of superstars failing the wellness policy and the face of the WCSF changing forever due to Anthony Blake being suspended and thus resulting in the WCSF Championship becoming vacated, a new opportunity opened up for The Mafia leader.

Adding to the Family

On the three hour edition of WCSF Mayhem, Devine faced off against Tomohiro Matsuda. Just as it seemed Matsuda was about to make Devine tap out, Shane Evans unexpectedly enetered the ring and attacked Matsuda, resulting in a disqualification. Following a Mafia beatdown on Matsuda by Devine, Evans, Foster and Charisma, The Mafia leader announced that Shane Evans had become a member of the family. He also stated that his recruitment began his quest to headline Revolution, bring the WCSF Championship to the family and then take over the WCSF forever.

Devine's quest to do this began the following week, in which he defeated his fellow family member Nick Foster in a match which lasted a mere ten seconds. In the following weeks show, Devine would square off against Mishima in the semi final of the WCSF Championship tournament, With The Mafia banned from ringside and Mishima looking in full control, it seemed as if Devine was about to be stopped when, out of nowhere, Amen entered the ring and cost Mishima the match. Amen proceeded to follow Devine's commands, much to the shock of the fans. Through his victory, Devine managed to book himself in the Revolution main event to compete for the WCSF Championship against his fellow family member Shane Evans. This has led to alot of speculation as to whether Evans would basically just hand Devine the match in a similar fashion to what Foster did weeks earlier. Evans did indeed plan on doing that, but when he announced it, CEO Ralph Pierce came out and announced that Anthony Blake would be facing Devine in the Revolution IV main event after his drug test failure was found out to be falsified.

The Takeover

At Revolution IV, The Mafia tied to gain hold of all the WCSF Titles. They were almost successful, Shane Evans & Nick Foster won the WCSF Tag Team Championship from the Gangsta Nation. Charisma retained her WCSF Womens Championship against Kurisutaru, and Amen won his match with Daz, unifying the WCSF International Championship with the WCSF Middleweight Championship. The only man who failed to win was leader Johnny Devine, who came up short against Anthony Blake.

But after the main event, the camera cut backstage, where the remaining members of the Mafia were standing over CEO Ralph Pierce, who was bloodied and unconscious. Amen then claimed that the Mafia were going run the WCSF from now on. The Mafia immediately went to work, with Devine somehow convincing the Board of Directors to name him the new GM of the WCSF and their newly named TV show, now called Carnage. Devine from the get-go did everything he could to allow the Mafia to take over, and put obstacles in the path of the challengers to them. He named himself number one contender for Meltdown, and used his power to force champion Anthony Blake to face his friend Rage Mishima and then Sinistra in back to back weeks, and then attacked him with the rest of the Mafia after he had barred the Yakuzas from the building. At Meltdown, Devine won his first WCSF World Championship, defeating Anthony Blake after Amen interfered.

After Meltdown, Devine defended his title sparingly, defeating Blake in a rematch after more interference from Amen. He then defended the title against lower carder Nathan Hero on the last Carnage before Hacked. He's now set to face either Rage Mishima, Tomohiro Matsuda, or Muntari Mebah at Hacked, with the two losers of the vote face Evans and Foster for the WCSF Tag Team Championship. Amen meanwhile has been locked into a feud with Mafia rival Anthony Blake.


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The Mafia
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ATK/DEF: 0/0
Card Lore: This card cannot be destroyed by battle. this card cannot be targeted by spells, traps or effects of effect monsters. Increase the ATK of this card by 8000 points for each ritual monster in your graveyard.
Sets with this Card: Gangster City


Card Limit: Unlimited
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