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The Local Flavor
(Point Lookout add-on)

location: Riverboat Landing
Calvert Mansion
given by: Notification
reward: Superior Defender perk
leads to: Walking with Spirits
related: Hearing Voices
Thought Control
A Meeting of the Minds
base id: xx005846
The Local Flavor

requirements: Complete The Local Flavor
gamerscore: 20
trophy type: Silver

The Local Flavor is a Fallout 3 quest and achievement that is added to the game with the Point Lookout add-on. It is the first quest of the DLC's main quest line[1].




Finding Point Lookout

To begin this quest simply wait (real-time) until a message appears informing you about the Duchess Gambit, then make the quest your active quest and follow the quest maker to Riverboat Landing in southern downtown DC. When you arrive at the dock, a woman (Catherine) will walk up to you and start talking to you about her daughter Nadine. After talking with her, walk up to the man leaning against the door of the boat (Tobar) and he will begin talking to you. After he finishes talking to you, buy a ticket from him. After you have acquired a ticket, walk to the back of the boat and look for a Passenger Cot. Activate the cot.

Clearing Calvert Mansion

Once you arrive at Point Lookout, follow your quest marker to Calvert Mansion and go inside. When you enter, you should notice a ghoul in a white business suit and two dogs fighting several Tribals. Kill the Tribals then speak to Desmond. Follow Desmond to the bathrooms and kill the Tribals in the area.

After all the Tribals are dead, follow Desmond to another part of the Mansion. Go through the doors he opens, and kill the Tribal that falls from the ceiling. Proceed through the area, killing all Tribals you encounter. Once you get to the source of the invasion look for a inoperable door with a red pipe in the room on the other side of it. Shoot at the pipe to trigger an explosion that seals off the area. Follow Desmond to the next area.

In the next area, you will only go several steps before falling two stories to the basement floor. Amazingly, you suffer no damage. Continue moving your way through the mansion, killing Tribals. As with the other side, look for a red pipe on the opposite side of an inoperable door to seal off the entrance. After closing up the final breach, follow Desmond back to the main room.

The Final Assault

Once you return to the main entrance, Desmond will inform you of an impending attack. Follow his advice and lay down any mines you have. You can find some mines in a lock box behind Desmond's upstairs barricade. When placing your mines, keep in mind that the Tribals will enter from a multitude of directions, not just the front door. The Tribals enter in waves of 3-5 from, in order, the upper right, lower right, lower left, and center doorways. Since they must enter through the narrow doorways, area of effect weapons will be very helpful here. Weapons with large bullet spreads, such as shotguns or miniguns will also be helpful. After fending off the last of the Tribals, you must speak to Desmond, who gives you the Superior Defender perk. The conversation leads into the next quest, Walking with Spirits.


  • Your followers get fired when you start your travel (activate the cot).
  • While sailing to Point Lookout you can see a Tracker walking towards the bay
  • There is a mini-nuke under the buoy that is closest to the dock along with other goods.


  • When helping Desmond clear the mansion, he may stop in the bathroom and only say "Help me kill these bastards while I think up a plan" despite all the tribals in the area being dead, making it impossible to continue the quest.(360 & PC) If this happens in the PS3 version, incapacitate Desmond. After he regains consciousness, he will continue with the quest.
  • Sometimes when you enter the room to block off the west wing breach, there will be a tribal woman just standing in front of the hole and she is listed as friendly. you can try talking to her but she won't talk back.
  • When fighting off the first 3 tribals in the east wing with Desmond, the player may accidentally hit the marker that spawns a tribal that runs past the furniture barricade blocking a corridor. If the tribal is spawned, Desmond will sometimes start searching for him infinitely, instead of giving the player instructions to clear the east wing. Please refer to the talk page for technical details.
  • The first time when you go upstairs the tribal who breaks open the chunk of wall will stand up and stand still if he hasn't spotted you.
  • After you enter the room next to the room with the bathrooms, there can sometimes be one tribal falling from the ceiling and just starts running around not bothering to attack you even if he sees you.
  • During The Final Assault, friendlies will keep firing at the last dead Tribal body even if it's chunks of flesh. Only way to fix is to reload save.
  • Even though Desmond tells you to set mines, be VERY CAREFUL. After the Final Assault is over, Desmond will trigger any mines he walks over, causing him to turn hostile (360 & PS3). To fix this Shoot Desmond until he falls to the ground, he will get up and continue talking as if nothing happened.
  • When sealing off areas with grenades/bullets be sure to stand back as standing too near the door can result in being jammed inside the door unable to move (PS3) causing a reload.
  • Sometimes after The Final Assault, Desmond will walk upstairs to the west wing and start looking around for something, making it impossible to talk to him. To fix this all you need to do is exit the mansion and re-enter



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Point Lookout (add-on)
Quests in Fallout 3

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