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The Last Resort
Series: Doctor Who -
BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures
Release Number: 64
Doctor: Eighth Doctor
Companions: Fitz Kreiner, Anji Kapoor
Enemy: --
Setting: Alternate-Earth
Author: Paul Leonard
Publisher: BBC Books
Publication: June, 2003
Format: Paperback Book, --- Pages
ISBN: ISBN 0-563-48605-8
Previous Story: Reckless Engineering
Following Story: Timeless


Publisher’s Summary

‘I think time and space just fell apart.’

Anji isn’t sure, but then it’s hard to be sure of anything now. Good Times Inc. promised a new tourist experience, with hotels in every major period of human history -- but that kind of arrogance comes with a price, and it’s a price the Doctor doesn’t want to pay.

As aliens conquer an alternative Earth, Anji and Fitz race to find out how to stop Good Times without stopping time itself. But they find that events are out of control -- they can’t even save each other. And when the Doctor tries to help, it gets far worse. At the Last Resort, only Sabbath can save the day. And then the price gets even higher...



  • Anji sees a Dalek in one of the alternate / temporal realities (not that she recognises it as such).
  • The Time Police follow up and stop errant time travellers.


  • Much of this novel’s story structure shares similarities with 'Groundhog Day'.
  • All the main characters / their alternate counterparts (The Doctor, Fitz, Anji and Sabbath) all die several times in alternative time lines.


  • First appearance of Trix since Time Zero. We learn that she stowed away on the TARDIS but only revealed this to Iyeeye.

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BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures
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This article is about a ship in the Old Republic era. You may be looking for one of Talon Karrde's ships, Lastri's Ort.
The Last Resort

578-R space transport

Engine unit(s)


Hyperdrive rating





1 powerful cannon


2 (normal)


Up to 10

Cargo handling systems

40 tons


4 months

Communication systems



Junk Hauler


Old Republic era

Earliest sighting

3,964 BBY

Latest sighting

3,963 BBY

Present for battles/events

Battle of Vanquo

Known owner(s)

Gorman Vandrayk


The Last Resort was a junk-hauler owned by Camper kept in Junk Junction on Taris. It was disguised among the junkyard in the event that Camper and Jarael ever needed to leave Taris—their "last resort." Zayne Carrick and Marn Hierogryph met up with Camper and Jarael following the Padawan Massacre of Taris and attempted to escape aboard The Last Resort.



First Flight

Following the Padawan Massacre, Marn Hierogryph brought fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick to their "last resort". After a small skirmish with Jarael and arguing with Camper, they were surrounded by the Taris Civil Authority and four of the Jedi Masters. With little time, they activated the Last Resort and made orbit. But due to Camper's constant tinkering with the systems and the fact that the Last Resort hadn't flown in years, it shut down without warning, confusing patrol vessels. Camper is able to jumpstart the systems, bringing them to the asteroid belt. In Zayne's search for answers on the Rogue Moon, the Last Resort disabled a Taris Civil Authority police cruiser carrying Lucien Draay and a small company of troops. However, it was captured by the Oroko. After some negotiating, Hierogryph convinces Valius Ying to release the crew, with the exception of Zayne. But when Zayne decides to willingly turn himself in, Gryph bribes the first mate into releasing the Resort into orbit to go back for Zayne.

Bridge of The Last Resort.

Mandalorian Wars

When the crew of The Last Resort unwittingly ended up in the middle of the Battle of Vanquo, the ship was hijacked by Mandalorian Commander Rohlan Dyre. The crew wrestled control back from him and took the ship to Flashpoint Station to rescue Jarael. However, Rohlan, after parting ways with them on the station, managed to stow aboard the Last Resort again.


The ship later went to Telerath and was placed on a wanted list by a sinister force. The assassin droid HK-24, sent after Camper, was secretly loaded on The Last Resort in a supply crate and revealed his presence after Zayne and Marn Hierogryph left their companions on Ralltiir and buying new hyperdrive parts. When HK-24 was destroyed, and Camper had fallen further ill, Jarael had no choice but to go to Arkania for help.

Soon The Last Resort was captured by Adascorp, but Camper retook control of it, tricking exogorths into destroying the Arkanian Legacy and then lured them off to Wild Space, where they belonged.


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  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: Flashpoint
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: Reunion
  • Labor Pains (Mentioned only)
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: Days of Fear
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: Nights of Anger
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: Daze of Hate
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 34: Vindication, Part 3 (Mentioned only)
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 37: Prophet Motive, Part 2 (Mentioned only)
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 40: Dueling Ambitions, Part 2 (Vision to Jarael)
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 47: Demon, Part 1 (Mentioned only)


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