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Ultra Magnus, Cyclonus, Marissa Faireborn, and Wreck-Gar are captured by a Quintesson scientist for experiments, but are sucked into a more dangerous problem - a black hole.

Japanese title: "Four Captives"


Detailed synopsis

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A Quintesson scientist wants to do a detailed analysis on the Transformers and their allies. They choose Ultra Magnus, Cyclonus, Marissa Faireborn, and Wreck-Gar as the typical specimens of their group, abduct them one by one, and place each in a cage. The Quints place them in experiments, i.e., situations where their reactions are hypothesized and then studied. Cyclonus is pitted against a false Galvatron, who he attempts to peacefully restrain, and the same is done with Ultra Magnus and a false Rodimus Prime. Wreck-Gar is lured aboard by a friendly clown and placed in a clean, junkless room, where it was anticipated that he would go insane from the cleanliness. He proceeds to tear up the walls to make the chamber more like "home sweet home". Marissa Faireborn follows an illusion of her father onto the Quintesson ship and attacks him when the illusion's head turns into that of a monster.

The Quintesson attempts to conduct some sort of experiment on Marissa, but is interrupted when the ship flies into an electron storm. His Sharkticon assistant successfully steers the ship out, but while they're doing that, Ultra Magnus manages to short-circuit the jail cells and free the captives. Magnus starts fighting Cyclonus, while Wreck-Gar takes on the Sharkticon.

Marissa, meanwhile, discovers that the ship is heading for a black hole, and convinces the others to stop fighting long enough to try and avoid dying. The Quintesson attempts to take the ship's one remaining escape pod, but Magnus and Wreck-Gar try to put Marissa on it. In the ensuing fight, the pod ends up being launched with nobody in it.

After this, the ship falls into the black hole and emerges in a negative universe, where everybody changes colour for some reason (see picture above). The Quintesson works out a plan to return to their own universe by flying through the white hole at just the right trajectory and, after everybody on the ship helps repair the engines, they return to find themselves in the middle of a firefight. Ultra Magnus, Wreck-Gar, and Marissa are rescued by Sky Lynx and returned to Cybertron.


Original airdate: September 15, 1986

Written by: Michael Charles Hill & Joey Kurihara Piedra


Featured characters

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Autobots Decepticons Humans Others



"This Ultra Magnus is a soldier first and foremost."

"This Decepticon and the Autobot are one of a kind. But he is good and one is evil. But to me, that is no difference at all."

"As an Autobot, this Junkion should have reacted as I predicted. Remarkable."

"Violence is always the humans’ way of solving problems."

—Various observations made by the Quintesson scientist after capturing his test subjects

"Galvatron! Why would you attack me, your most loyal soldier?"

Cyclonus asks an almost rhetorical question.

"We wouldn’t be in this situation at all…"
"… if you had not captured us."
"Cyclonus, I can finish my own thoughts. I don’t need you to do it for me."
"Maybe the thought was not yours to begin with, Ultra Magnus."

Ultra Magnus and Cyclonus.

Other Notes

  • Although he was not named, Marissa’s father has the same voice actor and sounds the same as G.I. Joe’s Flint, all pointing out to the suspicion that Marissa is Flint’s daughter. Also of note is that the file name presented on the pack of Flint's G.I. Joe toy packaging is "Dashiell R. Faireborn." This connection was later confirmed by Flint Dille, a Transformers writer and story editor.

Animation and/or technical glitches

The Quints have bad intel on Broadside - and so has Cyclonus
  • The triple changer Broadside was the illusion that the Quintessons used to trick Cyclonus, which is really weird since Broadside is an Autobot.
  • Wreck-Gar fired his hand like a rocket to free Marissa, but he is incorrectly shown with both hands for two scenes before we see him picking the lost hand up and re-attaching it.
  • Cyclonus is seen mouthing the second half of a line the Quintesson scientist says although it's still in the voice of the Quintesson, "You all realize if the ship enters the whitehole at the incorrect trajectory, we will all be crushed or torn to pieces."

Continuity errors

  • Cyclonus requires an escape pod to escape from the Quintesson ship - even though he turns into a space ship.

Transformers references

  • The Quintesson scientist refers to his guard's transformed mode as his alternate mode, the first use of that term in official fiction.

Real-world references

  • References


  • The background music which plays during the "working together" montage in the final act is the first piece of new music composed for season three (besides the opening theme), and would appear to have been created specifically for the scene in question, as it is not re-used anywhere else in the series.


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