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Series: The Next Generation
Miniseries: Slings and Arrows, No. 3
Author(s): William Leisner
Publication information
Published: eBook - December 2007

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Introduction (blurb)

A new six-part epic covering the first year of service of the USS Enterprise-E, leading up to the events of the hit movie Star Trek: First Contact.

A major turning point in the lives of two of the Enterprise crew! Newly promoted Admiral Hayes gives La Forge an ultimatum: his VISOR is a security risk, and he must either have it replaced with ocular implants or be transferred to a less sensitive post.

Meanwhile, Troi has some issues of her own. Though she knows that her mother Lwaxana recently remarried to the Tavnian Jeyal, she was unaware of the subsequent pregnancy -- and now Lwaxana is about to give birth. To make matters worse, the Tavnian government has decided that, even though Lwaxana and Jeyal are now divorced, the child still belongs to them.

A new eBook from the author of Out of the Cocoon!





Reginald Barclay | Beverly Crusher | Data | Geordi La Forge | Odo | Jean-Luc Picard | William Riker | Deanna Troi | Lwaxana Troi | Worf


Eusho Byxthar | Padraig Daniels | Deycen | Inge Eiger | Emergency Medical Hologram | Sean Hawk | Jeremiah Hayes | Homn | Edward La Forge | Alyssa Ogawa | Paul Porter | Barin Troi

Referenced only

Siobhan Bryn | Campio | Wesley Crusher | Charles Dickens | Sigmund Freud | Gowron | Haftel | Christopher Hobson | Jaresh-Inyo | Jeyal | Silva La Forge | Lal | James Leyton | Lore | Bruce Maddox | Ross Mubi | Bael Nomine | Katherine Pulaski | Shakaar Edon | Ishmael Snowden | Tolian Soran | T'Latrek | Timicin | Ian Andrew Troi | Kestra Troi | Vagh | Zek | Min Zife


Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise-E | USS Farragut | USS Sutherland | USS Tripoli | USS Trosper | USS Zee-Magnees


Betazed | Starbase 19

Algenib II | Altair IV | Amargosa Observatory | Aralsee II | Boreth | Central Hospital of Altair IV | Colón | Deep Space 2 | Deep Space 9 | Efros Station | Jaros II | Starbase 86 | Starbase 375 | Starfleet Engineering Academy - Triex Annex | Tavny | Tycho City | Umani sector | Veridian system

Races and cultures

Borg | Cardassians | Changelings | Ferengi | Gnalish | Kaelon | Klingons | Kostolain | Payav | Romulans | Tavnians | Tellarites | Tzenkethi | Vulcans

States and organisations

Bajoran Provisional Government | Dominion | Ferengi Alliance | Maquis | Orion Syndicate | Starfleet Strategic Command | United Earth


allira juice | amra | Antwerp Conference | Aroeste interface | Bentman Prize | bio-neural circuitry | Carrington Award | cavat | chu'wI'Hey | Eridat | flatbrain | Four Deities | gend roe | Great Fire | hilrep | jul-wood (wood) | kaseton bread | kimden roll | Leyton Affair | mok'bara | ocular implants | par'machkai | The Phase | Tamarian Project | Tarkalean hawk | Tholian silk | uttaberries | VISOR | Yridian tea | Zanthi fever


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