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The Indestructible Man
Series: Doctor Who -
BBC Past Doctor Adventures
Release Number: 69
Doctor: Second Doctor
Companions: Jamie McCrimmon,
Zoe Heriot
Enemy: The Myloki
Karl Taylor Duplicate
Author: Simon Messingham
Publisher: BBC Books
Publication: November 2004
Format: Paperback Book, 256 Pages
ISBN: ISBN 0-563-48623-6
Previous Story: The Algebra of Ice
Following Story: Match of the Day


Publisher's Summary

The Myloki. Mysterious aliens from beyond Space and Time.

Their target: EARTH.

The human defenders of PRISM are enmeshed in a doomed interstellar war against an unknowable invader armed with the power to possess, duplicate and destroy from within.

Only one man stands in their way. A man destiny has made indestructible.

Against all the odds the legendary Indestructible Man saves the Earth but victory comes at the highest price. The world economy collapses, governments crumble and PRISM itself is torn apart by a best-selling exposé.

AD2096; PRISM has gone underground, becoming the clandestine SILOET headed by new commander Hal Bishop.

Bishop receives an urgent summons to his headquarters. An infiltrator has been unmasked and captured in the heart of SILOET itself. Fatally wounded, the infiltrator makes a miraculous recovery. It appears he is indestructible.

The implications are terrifying.

The Myloki may just have returned. And who is left to stop them now?






  • The novel pays homage to the works of Gerry Anderson. The primary basis is Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons: PRISM, the Myloki and the eponymous Indestructible Man are based on SPECTRUM, the Mysterons and Captain Scarlet. SILHOET is a homage to SHADO, the agency from UFO; both SPECTRUM and SHADO were global security agencies handling covert alien incidents, though they were unrelated unlike their homages.


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BBC Past Doctor Adventures
Previous Release:
The Algebra of Ice
Next Release:
Match of the Day

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