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This information was revealed through the semi-canonical Lost video game
Lost: Via Domus

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The Incident Room
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In Lost: Via Domus

In the video game Lost: Via Domus, the Incident Room is revealed to be on the other side of the concrete wall in the Swan. The room contains a large reactor and other severely-damaged equipment. The reactor is tilted to one side, discharging electricity, and also a water-like fluid -likely used to keep the reactor coils cool. This section of the Swan appeared on the blast door map, but hasn't seen in the show itself.

The concrete wall. ("Forty-Two")
The Incident Room computer. ("Hotel Persephone")

The Incident Room was accessed by a tunnel and a large locked door near the Swan. The reactor has the appearance of two large electromagnetic coils suspended over an excavation into the Island. ("Hotel Persephone") Unlike the Swan, the Incident Room's machinery is falling apart and in need of repair, likely due to the Incident.

In Lost

Dr. Pierre Chang explains in the Swan Orientation film that the station was originally built as a laboratory (The Incident room) to study the electromagnetic energy, but not long after the experiments began there was an Incident in which the the 108 minute protocol was created. ("Orientation")

When Sayid first visited the Swan he tried to find a way past the concrete wall, but it was too thick to get through. Sayid told Jack that "The last time I heard of concrete being poured over everything in this way was Chernobyl." ("Everybody Hates Hugo")

There is a location displayed on blast door map, connected to the Swan. ("Lockdown")

In 1977, the Swan was being constructed. It is unknown if the laboratory was functioning or not at this time. ("Namaste") ("Some Like It Hoth") ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2") It is possible that after the Incident in 1977 that the laboratory was built with the reactor to help stabilize the electromagnetism, but then another "incident" occurred; forcing them to seal off the laboratory.

The computer

The Incident Room has its own computer, much like the Swan's. The Others sent a message to Elliott through it that read, "Elliott Maslow. We know what you did. And we will find you." ("Hotel Persephone")

Look and Design

The look and design for the "Incident Room" came from never before seen blueprints given to the developers by the Lost crew for the game. Although the game has been stated to be non-canon, the designs are the creators' intended layout for the blocked sections of the Swan station.


Picture Name First visit Last visit Reason for Visit
Elliott Maslow "Hotel Persephone" "Hotel Persephone" Went to the Incident Room because his compass led him there. He received a message from the Others via the Incident Room computer.

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