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Mort Myre swamp The Hollows Castle Drakan

The Hollows is an area in the middle of Mort Myre Swamp that gets its name because of the caverns and tunnels that lie underneath that section of the swamp.


The Hollows

The Hollows are a somewhat remote area of the Mort Myre Swamp. Players who have complete the Priest in Peril quest can walk to the directly. Players who have started or completed the quest In Aid of the Myreque can reach them via a cave from Canifis or by using the boat of Cyreg Paddlehorn in Mort'ton, for a fee of 10 coins. (The boat journey from the Hollows back to Mort'ton is free.) Fairy ring DLS also provides quick access to the Hollows, as described below.

The Hollows is one source of the rare Hollow trees, which can be chopped using the Woodcutting skill for bark. The bark is used in making of Splitbark armour, an armour for Mages.

Caves under the Hollows

The complex of caves under the Hollows

The caves under the Hollows feature in some of the quests in the Myreque quest series. The caves are also used by other players, since they represent a faster way to reach Mort'ton and Burgh de Rott than the way through the Mort Myre Swamp. Some players also use them to access the Meiyerditch Dungeon, the Blood altar, and Meiyerditch itself.



The entrance to the cellar is behind the Hair of the Dog tavern in Canifis. The cellar can be entered during and after the quest In Search of the Myreque. A secret door in the south wall allows access to the main cave.

Beside the ladder to Canifis, the cellar contains a broken ladder that cannot be used. While this ladder ascends to the ceiling, there is no door or structure visible on the surface where it would come out.

The cellar contains eleven level 1 Rats, making it an excellent place for rat catching by Cats.

Main cave

The main cave runs from the cellar to a set of doors that open in the Hollows. Four level 2 Giant rats prowl this cave. Multiple tunnels branch off this cave to the other nearby caves. While most of these tunnels can be entered by clicking on them, the tunnel to the Myreque Hideout itself can be entered only by choosing to squeeze past the stalagmite in front of it.

From the Hollows, the main cave can only be entered during and after the quest In Search of the Myreque.

Myreque Hideout

The Myreque Hideout is used during the quest In Search of the Myreque. At the end of the quest, the Vampyres find the hideout, so afterward the Myreque abandon it for new hideout.

North-west cave

This cave is important for players who use Fairy rings, as it connects the fairy ring cave with the main cave. Three level 6 Giant rats and one level 34 Deadly red spider inhabit the cave. (Note that the giant rats are higher level than the ones in the main cave.)

West cave

This cave and the south cave apparently serve as distractions to players who are unsure of which tunnel leads to the fairy ring cave, as neither the tunnels themselves nor the fairy ring cave can be seen on the in-game minimap from the other caves. One level 34 Deadly red spider and two Dogs are in this cave. The dogs are interesting in that they do not have levels and cannot be attacked.

South-west cave

The south-west cave is the most dangerous cave of the group, as it contains three Goblins (one each at levels 2, 5, and 13), two Hobgoblins (one each at levels 28 and 42), and two level 64 Poison spiders, which are indeed poisonous.

Fairy ring cave

Fairy ring DLS is located in this cave. The fairy ring network can be used during and after the quest Fairytale II - Cure a Queen. However, the DLS ring is not available for use until the player has also completed the quest In Search of the Myreque.

Tomb of Ivandis

The tomb of Ivandis Seergaze can be accessed during and after the quest In Aid of the Myreque. The tomb contains Ivandis' crypt, at which the player can make a Rod clay mould. This mould allows the player to make the Rod of Ivandis.

The exact position of the tomb is not known. It cannot be seen from the other caves. Since it is too large to fit in the area between the main cave and the Myreque hideout, it presumably is deeper in the earth than the other caves.

Meiyerditch Dungeon

During and after the Legacy of Seergaze quest, the Meiyerditch Dungeon can be accessed via the entrance to the tomb of Ivandis. Only the nort-western tunnel of the dungeon is shown on the map, which connects to the main part of the dungeon further south. Level 65 Agility is required to cross an obstacle in this tunnel.

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City of Heroes

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The Hollows

Hero Hazard Zone (5-15)

Trainers: Foreshadow
TF Contacts: Talshak the Mystic
Events: none
Exploration Badges: Backwoodsman, Gangland Fury, Geologist, Parapsychologist, Seeker of Monsters
Plaques: Digger IIIIIIVV
Enemies: Circle of Thorns, Igneous, Outcasts, Trolls, Hellions, The Lost, Skulls, Coralax
Connecting Zones: Atlas Park, Skyway City, Tunnels
Transits: none
The Hollows at



The Hollows is a Hazard Zone in City of Heroes. A hero needs to be at least level 5 to enter. The Hollows was added as a zone in Issue 2.

This hazard zone is an outlet of Eastgate Bay in Paragon City. After the Rikti War, this section of the city was sealed off to normal traffic, which made it a haven for criminals such as the Trolls , Hellions , Skulls , The Lost and the Outcasts. In recent months, the city has granted limited access to the zone for heroes of the appropriate security level (5 and up) in an effort to retake it from the villain groups that now inhabit it. The deeper into the Hollows you go, the tougher the gangs can be, and the extensive cave networks in the area are rumored to lead to an underground city controlled by the Circle of Thorns. Recent reports indicate an increasing number of Coralax now inhabit the Red River area.


Task Force Contacts

Regular Contacts


  • Cherry Hills
  • Eastgate Hights
  • Eastgate Park
  • Four Seasons
  • Grendel's Gulch
  • Red River

Exploration Badges

Image:Badge_tourist_01.png Parapsychologist

These hills are home to some of the Circle's most secret rites. Very few are allowed to leave after venturing here.

Image:Badge_tourist_01.png Seeker of Monsters

Grendel's Gulch was named after the Trolls former leader, Grendel, who was defeated by Atta in a contest of strength on this spot.

Image:Badge_tourist_01.png Geologist

This spot marks the first sighting of the strange, rock-like creatures known as Pumicites.

Image:Badge_tourist_01.png Backwoodsman

These woods have cropped up at an alarming rate since the Hollowing. Many believe the dramatic growth rate of the trees is due to the area being saturated with mystical residue from the Circle's spells.

Image:Badge_tourist_01.png Gangland Fury

Since the Hollowing, these streets have turned into a war zone between the Trolls and the Outcasts. Only the constant vigilance of heroes keeps this conflict from turning into a bloodbath.

Historical Plaques

Achievement Badge

Image:Badge time.png Troll Task Force Member

You have logged enough time in the Hollows to be named an honorary member of Lt. Wincott's Trolls Task Force.

Transfer Points

Villain Groups

This article uses material from the "The Hollows" article on the City of Heroes wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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