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The Heretic is the second machinima series made by Edgeworks Entertainment. Like its predecessor, The Heretic is set in Bungie Studios' Halo video game universe. It is a prequel to the popular series The Codex, and is the second story in the greater Codex Series. The Heretic tells the story of how the Codex was found, and how the various characters in The Codex came to be involved with it.


Series Announcement

On August 13 2005, the 20th episode of The Codex was released, bringing the series to an end. The team that assembled the series set the limit at 20 because they wanted to end the series before leaving for college. However, the team was careful to make the ending a cliffhanger so that, if they wanted to continue the series, they would have that option. Six months later, on February 9 2006, the one-year anniversary of the release of Episode 1 of The Codex, The Codex crew announced that they would make a prequel series called The Heretic and launched a totally redesigned website to handle the multiple series. The series was originally scheduled to be released in late summer, but as of December, 2006 the series was still in production.

Trailer Announcement

On December 12 2006, the first of two trailers for The Heretic was released. The Drama Trailer [1] revealed the basic storyline for the series along with showing off the 3D animation that is new to The Heretic. At the same time, the new cast and crew for the series were announced [1] and the Bios page was updated[2].



Teaser The Announcement Teaser

Release: April 12, 2006 Length: 1m 17s Resolution: 640 x 480

Episode Summary: The first Heretic video to be released, the Teaser Trailer gave audiences their first glimpse at what the new series would be like. Although it did not feature any characters or specific plot points, the prominent use of here-to unused maps and the cryptic titles gave many hints about the nature of the new series.

Trailer The Drama Trailer

Release: December 12, 2006 Length: 3m 16s Resolution: 640 x 480

Episode Summary: The Drama Trailer was the first of two trailers released for The Heretic, and focused on the epic scale and sweeping story of the new series. The first video to be released since the Announcement Teaser, the Drama Trailer gave fans their first real look at The Heretic.

Trailer The Action Trailer

Release: January 27, 2007 Length: 2m 25s Resolution: 640 x 480

Episode Summary: The Action Trailer was the second of two trailers released for The Heretic, and focused on the epic battles and space sequences in the new series. The Action Trailer also unveiled the release date for Episode 1: February 9th, 2007.

Episode 1: Seeds of Doubt

Release: February 9, 2007 Length: 10m 28s Resolution: 640 x 480

Episode Summary: Dove Antenatee, a High Cleric of the Holy Covenant, makes the discovery of a lifetime by finding the location of the Temple of the Guardian. But when he first makes contact with the presence inside the temple, he gains knowledge that plants a seed of doubt in his mind, and starts him on a journey that will change his life and could alter the future of the entire Covenant.

Episode 2: Mission Briefing

Release: February 23, 2007 Length: 9m 48s Resolution: 640 x 480

Episode Summary: While training on Reach, the three teams of Spartans have a hard time working together. Meanwhile, responding to strange troop movements within the Covenant fleet, the Spartans are pulled away and given a new mission: make contact with a possible Covenant defector and escort him to UNSC-controlled space.

Episode 3: Predator & Prey

Release: March 9, 2007 Length: 7m 38s Resolution: 640 x 480

Episode Summary: In the aftermath of Dove Antenatee's flight, Kilrah Saburee, the Captain of the Seraphim, arrives on the island and begins preparing to hunt him down. Conflict immediately arises between the Praetor and his new commanding officer, but the Praetor is forced to help when the Seraph Captain tells him that Dove has been branded a heretic, and that he is in suspicion himself.

Episode 4: Rendezvous

Release: March 23, 2007 Length: 6m 54s Resolution: 640 x 480

Episode Summary: While en route to rendezvous with the space station Livingston, the Mercury picks up a distress call indicating that it is under attack. After boarding the station and fighting their way through the Covenant raiding parties, the Spartans make contact with Lykurgus, and then have to make a quick escape aboard a captured Covenant capital ship.

Episode 5: Consorting with the Enemy

Release: April 6, 2007 Length: 5m 47s Resolution: 640 x 480

Episode Summary: While helping the Seraph Captain search for Dove, the Praetor mysteriously disappears. The Seraphim are thrown into a panic, instantly convinced that the Praetor is helping the heretic. Meanwhile, in the Great Chamber of the Codex, the Praetor confronts his old friend, and is given knowledge that begins to change his attitude about the Covenant.

Episode 6: Follow the Fleet

Release: May 4, 2007 Length: 10m 50s Resolution: 640 x 480

Episode Summary: While pursuing the defector, the Spartans decide to stop by and make contact with the Covenant Armada to spread some disinformation and attempt to throw the enemy off the trail. But what starts off as an in-and-out job quickly takes a turn for the worse, and soon the Spartans are in a fight for their lives...

Episode 7: Children of the Ark

Release: May 18, 2007 Length: 26m 25s Resolution: 640 x 480

Episode Summary: As the Spartans fly down to the surface of a strange jungle world, the Praetor and the Seraphim teleport onto the same one. As two armies rush to make contact with the renegade Elite and the Covenant Armada hovers in orbit, The Heretic builds to a stunning climax!


  • The series is considered one of few dramatic Machinimas.



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