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This article is about the exterior of the Swan station. For other uses, see hatch.
The Hatch
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Formerly by Radzinsky, Kelvin, Desmond, and Locke
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The Hatch was a large steel entrance to DHARMA Initiative station 3, the Swan. Discovered by John Locke and Boone Carlyle, ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues") Locke was unsuccessful at his attempts to gain access to it until it was blasted open by dynamite taken from the Black Rock. ("Exodus, Part 2") It was destroyed in the discharge. ("Live Together, Die Alone")



The Hatch discovered

After the hunt for Ethan Rom, Boone decided to return to camp. Locke tossed a flashlight to him, and before Boone could catch it, the flashlight fell with a clunk, revealing something made of steel embedded in the ground. ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues") Several days of excavation revealed a large round steel tunnel leading down into the earth, topped by a steel door with a small rectangular glass window.


Main article: Trebuchet
Locke and Boone ready the trebuchet

Locke and Boone built a trebuchet to break open the glass on the door of the Hatch. The trebuchet failed to damage the glass, but split apart on impact, wounding Locke's leg. ("Deus Ex Machina")

Appearance of lights

Locke sees the light turn on in the Hatch.

Locke broke down after all the work he put into excavating and trying to open the Hatch and questioned the Island's demands of him. He banged on the Hatch door, and suddenly the window illuminated with a light from inside. ("Deus Ex Machina")("The Little Prince") Though Locke did not know it at the time, Desmond Hume, the Hatch's occupant, turned on the light after hearing someone thumping on the door. ("Live Together, Die Alone")

Opening the Hatch

Jack determined to open the Hatch to use as a safe hiding place for the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 on a warning from Danielle Rousseau that the Others would come to kidnap them. The steel hatch was blown off using several sticks of dynamite recovered from the shipwreck of the Black Rock by Rousseau, Jack, Locke, Dr. Arzt, Kate and Hurley, against the last-second protestations of Hurley, who noted that the Numbers, which he considered unlucky, had been engraved into the side of the Hatch. In the final shot of Season 1, Locke and Jack gazed down into the long, dark, narrow vertical shaft revealed to be within. ("Exodus, Part 2")


Locke sees a beam of light escaping from the Hatch.

Locke lowered Kate into the Hatch. Soon after, she was pulled down as a large beam of light came out of the shaft entrance. Desmond had used the beam to blind Kate while he captured her and brought her into the Hatch. ("Man of Science, Man of Faith")

Mutual salvation

In telling Locke about his history in the Hatch, Desmond reported that he had been in a period of deep depression and was contemplating suicide when he heard Locke pounding on the Hatch. In searching for the source of the sound, Desmond turned on a powerful light. Locke's despair at his failure to open the Hatch caused him to pound on the Hatch exterior, which brought Desmond out of his despression. Desmond's switching on the light raised Locke's hope that the answers he sought were indeed inside the Hatch. ("Live Together, Die Alone")

Airlock entrance

The Swan's door

After gaining access to the Hatch (the actual name for which was learned to be the Swan station), the Oceanic Flight 815 survivors' frequent trips into and out of the station were made possible by a ground-level airlock entrance. It was first used when Kate ran off to get Sayid after the computer terminal shorted out. ("Orientation") This door was first seen in "Everybody Hates Hugo".


The imploded Hatch

The Hatch completely destroyed in the events of the discharge when Desmond turned the fail-safe key. ("Further Instructions") A huge gaping crater full of debris was all that remained of the imploded Swan station.

"Because You Left"

In "Because You Left", Juliet and the rest of the survivors hike to the hatch crater in order to use it as a constant to stop the time shifts. When they arrive, the hatch is still a crater, but after time shifts again the hatch is back to the way it was before the survivors discovered it.

"Some Like It Hoth"

In Some Like It Hoth, Hurley and Miles are taken to the The Swan by Pierre Chang as it is being built by the Dharma Initiative. While there, they witness the engraving of The Numbers onto the hatch by some DHARMA workers.


Picture Name Status First Visit Last Visit Reason for Visit
Locke Dead ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues") ("Live Together, Die Alone") Discovered this station with Boone on Day 11; tried many techniques to open it until he blasted it open on Day 44
Boone Dead ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues") ("Deus Ex Machina") Discovered this station with Locke on Day 11
Elliott Alive (Non-Canon) - Stumbled upon it after Locke had discovered it first
Sayid Alive ("Exodus, Part 1") Was taken there by Locke when Sayid demanded the truth concerning Boone's last words before his death
Jack Alive ("Exodus, Part 1") Was taken there by Locke and Sayid when they decided to get Jack's opinion on what to do next
Hurley Alive ("Exodus, Part 1") Was taken there by Locke, Sayid and Jack when they needed to get dynamite from the Black Rock
Danielle Dead ("Exodus, Part 1") ("Exodus, Part 1") Was taken there by Locke, Sayid and Jack when they needed to get dynamite from the Black Rock
Kate Alive ("Exodus, Part 2") Was taken there by Locke, Sayid and Jack when they needed to get dynamite from the Black Rock
Sawyer Alive ("Collision") Brought to the Swan by Eko, Jack and Kate while unconscious and dying as a result of having been shot by the others in Exodus, Part 2
Eko Dead ("Collision") Tried to enter the Swan when he was locked out by Locke and Desmond
Sun Alive ("Collision") ("What Kate Did") Took Michael to there to see Jack after Shannon was shot
Michael Dead ("Collision") Went there to see Jack after Shannon was shot by Ana Lucia
Jin Alive ("What Kate Did") ("What Kate Did") Went to get the broken handcuff from off his wrist
Charlie Dead In the hatch with Hurley listening to music
Ben Alive Was captured and put in the armory by Jack, Locke and Sayid
Ana Lucia Dead Bought to the hatch by Locke to interrogate Henry Gale
Libby Dead Was there with Hurley in order to the wash.
Desmond Alive ("Man of Science, Man of Faith") ("Because You Left") Grieved after his time-travelling experience dropped him back to the Island
Daniel Dead ("Because You Left") ("Because You Left") Went there to talk to Desmond when he went back in time.
Charlotte Dead ("Because You Left") ("Because You Left") Was there with Sawyer, Juliet, Daniel and Miles to find Desmond.
Miles Alive ("Because You Left") ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2") Was taken to this station with Hurley while it was being built by Pierre Chang, and was witness to the engraving of the numbers on the Hatch door.
Juliet Alive ("Because You Left") ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2") Took part in the Battle at the Swan


  • In "Some Like It Hoth", the Numbers are engraved onto the face of the hatch itself, and not onto the side, as seen by Hurley in "Exodus, Part 2". This is widely believed to be a continuity error.
  • The Hatch is featured in the video game X-Men Origins : Wolverine, and is accessible on the game's first level. Standing on the hatch unlocks the achievement/trophy called "Found". The movie the game is based upon features former Lost cast members Dominic Monaghan and Kevin Durand.

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