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"Come and drink a toast to the happy couple..."
―Clifford Jones
The Green Death
Series: Doctor Who -
TV Stories
Season Number: Season 10
Story Number: 69
Doctor: Third Doctor
Companions: Jo Grant (departure)
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
Captain Mike Yates
Enemy: BOSS
Writer: Robert Sloman
Director: Michael Briant
Broadcast: 19th May - 23rd June 1973
Format: 6 25-minute Episodes
Previous Story: Planet of the Daleks
Following Story: The Time Warrior

The Green Death was the fifth and final story of the anniversary Season 10. The story is notable in that it marked the departure of companion Jo Grant, played by Katy Manning.



A death at an abandoned coal pit brings UNIT and the Doctor to the South Wales town of Llanfairfach when the body is found glowing bright green. Are pollutants from Global Chemicals responsible? Where are the Giant Maggots coming from? And who is the mysterious BOSS?


Episode 1

The Welsh mining village of Llanfairfach has little initial interest for the Doctor, who prefers a challenging visit to the blue planet of Metebelis 3 to a trip to South Wales. However, Jo Grant is keen to go to the village to meet the acclaimed environmentalist and Nobel Prize winner Professor Clifford Jones; while Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is intrigued enough by the death of a bright green miner to drive her down. The miner was found in a disused mine, and the main source of employment in the village is now the Global Chemicals petroleum factory. Its boss, Stevens, promises prosperity for all, but Professor Jones and the other environmentalists at his “Nuthutch” are unconvinced. In light of the protests, Stevens accepts the Brigadier’s offer of additional security at his factory.

Jo is not impressed with the Brigadier’s siding with the corporate giant, and decides to venture down to the mine herself, accompanied by a friendly miner called Bert. One of the Global Chemicals employees cuts the lift cable and they plummet towards the bottom of the mineshaft...

Episode 2

A ghastly discovery
The Doctor reaches Llanfairfach, with a blue crystal to show for his visit to Metebelis 3, and jams the lift in the nick of time. Jo and Bert are not harmed, but they are stranded in the mine. There, they find Dai Evans, one of the other miners, glowing bright green and terribly ill. It seems there is some serious pollution at work in the mine and they head off to find a way out. For anybody to get down to the mine to help them, cutting equipment is needed to cut the cables jamming the lift. Global Chemicals say they don't have any such equipment, but a staff member, Elgin, knows this is not true. When Jones hears about Jo's predicament, he comes to the mine to help. The Doctor sneaks into Global Chemicals to steal the equipment but he is caught. Fortunately, Stevens chooses to overlook the incident. By chance, the Brigadier finds somebody with cutting equipment in a garage, allowing the Doctor and a few mine workers to go down into the mine shaft. Things get worse when Bert finds a slick of green slime and touches it. He too seems to contract “the green death”. By the time the Doctor finds Dai, the miner is dead, and the Time Lord becomes very worried for Jo’s safety. Increasingly ill, Bert waits behind while Jo looks for a way out alone. The Doctor catches up with Bert, and finds Jo near a vast lake of green slime filled with giant maggots.

Episode 3

Ralph Fell is conditioned by BOSS
The Doctor and Jo are trapped between a cave-in and the pool of maggots. They escape by wheeling a mine cart through the maggots, but they are still trapped in the mine. Back at Global Chemicals, Stevens is behaving very curiously. He is using strange headphones to listen to calming messages and when one of his employees, Ralph Fell, looks helpful to the environmentalists, he is somehow reconditioned with the same headphones and shortly afterward kills himself. Elgin saves the Doctor and Jo from drowning in the green slime when he helps them out of a shaft that links the mine and the factory complex — proving the link between the two. The Brigadier's plan to investigate Global Chemicals further is cut short when he is ordered by the Prime Minister himself to let Stevens get on with it. Stevens evidently enjoys Cabinet support for his factory and its new plastic production process.

The Doctor, Jo and the Brigadier end the day with a nourishing meal of fungus at the Nuthutch, but the frivolity is cut short when they hear Bert too has died. As the Doctor leaves, a maggot egg he brought back from the mine hatches, and the maggot inside creeps up on Jo, the girl none the wiser.

Episode 4

The Doctor employs a disguise to infiltrate Global Chemicals
The maggot kills a Global Chemicals employee, who had come to destroy the egg, and escapes before any analysis can be made of it, leaving the Doctor and Jones to analyse the trail of green slime it left behind. The Brigadier receives orders to seal the mine with explosives and clear the area using UNIT troops. The Doctor realises that this will only make the situation worse, but his plea to Stevens to allow an investigation is ignored. As the Doctor expected, the maggots simply burrow through and are now a threat above ground. Not to be intimidated by Stevens, the Brigadier sends Captain Yates into Global Chemicals, undercover as a Ministry official. The Doctor dons some improbable disguises to get through the gates and move freely. Jo has meanwhile alienated Cliff, with whom she is falling in love, by ruining one of his slides. Determined to make amends, she heads to the sealed mine in search of a maggot to run some tests on. Having liaised with Yates, the Doctor learns that Stevens takes his instructions from the top floor of the complex, and heads there to find out who is in charge. The BOSS, or Biomorphic Organisational Systems Supervisor, turns out to be a supercomputer with its own megalomaniac personality.

Episode 5

The Doctor bamboozles BOSS
The Doctor speaks with BOSS, and finds out that It runs the company, controls Stevens and other key staff members, and is responsible for the polluting chemical process. The Doctor employs the liar paradox, a conundrum which will keep BOSS busy trying to find a solution, while he escapes. Unfortunately, he runs into Stevens and some guards before he can do so. He rejects the brain-washing technique that Stevens subjects him to – but Mike Yates is more susceptible and is converted into one of the computer’s slaves. After the Doctor escapes, Mike is sent to the Nutchutch to kill the Doctor. His conditioning is deep and only broken by the Doctor’s use of the blue crystal he brought from Metebelis 3. Meanwhile, Jones has worked out that the fungus Jo spilt on the slides is actually a curative and then sets off to stop her, but they are both caught in an RAF bombing raid intended to kill the maggots. Cliff is also infected with a maggot and begins to turn green — and all before he was able to share his knowledge of the cure. The Doctor and Sergeant Benton drive around the slag heaps and the mine, liberally scattering the fungus which proves deadly to the maggots, and disposing of a deadly giant fly which attacks them. Luckily, they get to Jo and Cliff in time and Professor Jones is given the antidote. In a delirious state, he utters the word 'serendipity'. Fortunately the Doctor is able to replicate the tests and arrives at the same conclusion. Yates re-enters Global Chemicals, pretending to still be under BOSS's control, but he is caught by Stevens.

Episode 6

After taking out the last of the remaining maggots with the fungus, The Doctor returns to Global Chemicals to confront BOSS. The computer plans to link up with others and effect a corporate takeover of the human race. However, Stevens, whose conditioning is partially broken by the Doctor using the crystal, tells him to get out while he triggers an explosion which destroys himself, the computer, and the company headquarters.

The menace defeated, UNIT troops and environmentalists gather at the Nuthutch for a celebration made all the more special when Jo and Cliff announce they are getting engaged and then plan to travel the Amazon looking for a rare fungus. The Doctor offers his blessing and gives Jo the blue crystal as a present, but is evidently very upset by the situation and quietly slips away while the party is in full swing.




Story Notes

  • This is the last story to use the 'Pertwee Logo', it would be used again in the Doctor Who, and from then as the default logo for Doctor Who until 2005.
  • This is Katy Manning's final story.
  • Stewart Bevan (who plays Cliff Jones, Jo Grant's 'love interest') was Katy Manning's boyfriend at the time of shooting.
  • The end title sequence for the last episode features a very different version of the end credits of any other episodes.
  • The Brigadier takes a phone call from the Prime Minister, who is named as 'Jeremy' - a joke by the production team intended to suggest that the Liberal Party, then led by Jeremy Thorpe, could win the next General Election.
  • Some of the giant maggots were created from inflated condoms.
  • For Episodes Two, Five and Six, the title sequence film over which the closing credits were superimposed was played backwards and upside-down (a result of the film being played backwards through the projector in order to save time during recording).


  • Episode 1 - 9.2 million viewers
  • Episode 2 - 7.2 million viewers
  • Episode 3 - 7.8 million viewers
  • Episode 4 - 6.8 million viewers
  • Episode 5 - 8.3 million viewers
  • Episode 6 - 7.0 million viewers


Filming Locations

  • Ogilvie Colliery, Deri, near Bargoed, Glamorgan
  • Troed-y-Rhiw Jestyn, Deri, near Bargoed, Glamorgan
  • Colliery Quarry, Deri, near Bargoed, Glamorgan
  • RCA International factory, Brynmawr, Powys
  • BBC Television Centre (Studio 3), Shepherd's Bush, London

Discontinuity, Plot Holes, Errors

  • In episode one, when Dai Evans is on the telephone in the mine, an arm appears to the bottom right, giving him his cue to speak.
  • In episode five, the Doctor escapes from Global during the day. When Yates is caught it's dark, but the next scene, on the slag heap, is in daylight again
  • The dodgy CSO in episode three results in the cart bottom vanishing.
  • Why is the mine still being checked if it's been closed down as an uneconomic pit (cf. the sealing of mines in 1992)? Ecological reasons.
  • Why is there a camera in a pipeline? To check for an obstructions.
  • The function (and lines) of Elgin are taken up by James half way through the story. Explained as the actor who plays Elgin was taken to hospital during filming.
  • When Jo is helping Bert around a corner, she knocks a support strut out of position.
  • When Jo sits up in the cable car, her helmet doesn't have a lamp. Switch to the medium shot and it suddenly does.
  • When the Doctor picks up the green egg, it squeaks, revealing it to be a painted balloon. '
  • When Jones is looking through his microscope, the objective is rotated so that none of the lenses actually point at the slide.
  • When Yates breaks James' conditioning, the latter falls against the wall, which shakes.
  • When Benton rescues Cliff and Jo, the ground shakes and flexes.
  • The Doctor resists BOSS's programming by calculating Pi. He recites the first five numbers and continues silently. But he gets it wrong, giving the first five digits as 3.1416. This is only correct if Pi is rounded off after five digits. The correct sequence would be 3.14159265… The rounded number is good enough for his equation, then he silently continues calculating the equation, not reciting Pi.
  • In the climax, not one but two heavy consoles move as Stevens frantically operates the controls.
  • A shot of the brown fungus rolling between two maggots is repeated.


DVD, Video and Other Releases

DVD Releases

Released as Doctor Who: The Green Death.


NTSC - Warner Video E2156


  • Stewart Bevan - An interview with the actor about the story.
  • Robert Sloman - An interview with the writer about the writing of the story.
  • Global Conspiracy - A short sketch about what went on in 1973.
  • Visual Effects - Colin Mapson talks about the effect in the story and how to build a Giant Maggot.
  • Photo Gallery
  • Production Subtitles
  • Easter Egg
  • Commentary: Katy Manning, Barry Letts, and Terrance Dicks


Video Releases

Released as Doctor Who: The Green Death, the two cassette video release was rushed out in memory of the death of Jon Pertwee earlier in the year.


PAL - BBC Video BBCV5816
NTSC - Warner Video E1349


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