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Recommended combat levels: 60 and higher

The following article contains "spoiler" information and may interfere with your game enjoyment.
Do not read this article if you wish to figure out its subject on your own.

This Clone Relics quest gives you a cybernetic arm that has +5 Ranged Accuracy and +5 Ranged Distance. It also allows to use "Cyborg Sure Shot" that always hits for maximum damage. Along the way, you also earn two Clone Wars paintings for your efforts.

It starts in Bestine cantina (the one near the starport) with a guy called Qakkee and has five phases. You have to kill between 6 and 12 creatures for all phases apart from the last two.

Table of contents


Phase I

Kill 10 Cannibal Dewbacks (Tatooine) 4415 Quest XP

These are easily found by going out to a player city on Tatooine and looking (refreshing) for a while in a mission terminal - but only Cannibal Dewbacks will do! So go to /waypoint -3088 -5009 and they'll be there. There are enough there to complete your quest but you may have to wait for some to spawn to get them all. They're normally level 20 so there should be no problem in killing them! Cannibal Dewback

Phase II

Kill 12 snorbals (Lok) 14,255 Quest XP

You can get these from the mission terminal (were CL59) by the starport at Nym's.

Finishing this phase earns you the Clone Wars Painting of a Clone Trooper.

Phase III

Kill 6 voritor lizards (Dantooine) 78265 Quest XP

Head to Dantooine - any landing location will have a mission terminal that will grant you the task of hunting voritor lizards. Just keep your eyes peeled for a mission, any type of voritor lizard will do. This mission is timed so don't dily-daly. After killing six, head back to Qakkee.

Phase IV

Kill 1 rancor (Dathomir) 110006 Quest XP

Yep, it's the fearsome Rancor. The can be found either in missions or by wandering 500m away from the outpost and you will find one. Any rancor will work now, "a bull rancor" or "an enraged rancor" will complete the quest. After promising "no more paintings" for rewards, Qakkee gives you another painting for finishing this phase, the painting of General Grevious.

Note: There is a Rancor on Naboo for the second droid part from the RSF computer you do a quest for Borvo the Hutt. The way point is at (/way 4318 -4784). Land at Moenia. This Rancor is CL24 and there is very little travel time. Only about 500m right out side of town. Go down inside of the bunker and it's in the second large room.

Phase V

Kill Sawtooth (Kashyyyk) 133920 Quest XP

Sawtooth CL60

Now for the last part you have to kill the sawtooth. There are only ever one of these in-game at one time and you find it in the Kkowir Forest on Kashyyyk, west of Kachirho. Once you go in, head to /waypoint 412 -409. The respawn timer of the sawtooth is about 10 minutes. Beware the evil Sayormi in the Dead Forest and although they are only about level 30 they do spawn a lot (they drop some cool and disgusting loot). The Sawtooth is a CL60 Elite.

Now you are finished go back to Qakkee again and he will give you the cool cybernetic arm! The colour of the arm can differ.

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