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Series: Star Trek: The Role Playing Game, No. 2218A
Author(s): John A. Thiesen
Editor(s): Todd Huettel
Illustrator(s): Dana Knutson
Publication information
Publisher: FASA Corporation
Published: paperback - 1986
Pages: 43
ISBN: ISBN 0931787807
Date: 2280s

A Concise Compilation of Library Information. Compiled, edited and annotated by Academician Sir Kenneth A.F. Brighton, Professor of Psycho History, Star Fleet Museum, Memory Alpha.



A FASA RPG sourcebook styled as a compilation of articles regarding the origin and events of the Four Years War. It was published as a paired set with the scenario book Return to Axanar.

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Earth and Federation

William E. Abramson • Anchar Ahab • Loom Aleek-OmRobert AprilSarah April • Brakux • Kenneth A.F. BrightonZephram CochraneRichard Daystrom • Devon • Ted Erickson • Priscilla Feddric • Mitchell Ferris • J.M. Ford • Colin B. Fortine • Garth of Izar • Wendell Herzog • Franz Josef IV • John Gill • Greeunt • Mikil Hartewicce • Hathari • Yale Hathaway • Hadrian H. Huckleby • Marcus Aurelius Johnson • Bernhard Kovack • Michael Lindstrom • Matthew L. Lloyd • MacGregor • Wilhelm Mann'dela • Lawrence Marvick • Jarv Maxwil • Christopher PikeSarek • Shegai • Samuel Shepherd • Shruth • Sogon • Emanuel Tagore • Sharrir Th'saal • Leo Francis Walsh • Sebastian Westervliet • Carter Winston • Brigham Wu


Kagga • Karhammur • epetai-Kazu • Kkorhetza zantai-Riskal • Komex • zantai-Kone • Kugor • Marqx • Muthar


Landru • Llorlexa Lloyd

Starships and vehicles

Earth and Federation

Aakenn-classAchernar-classAnton-classApache-classBaton Rouge-classBode-classBrenton-classCanopus-classChandley-classChariot-classCochrane-classConstitution-classCygnus-classDerf-classDollond-classEagle-classExcelsior-classFenlon-classHale-classHermes-classHeston-classKepler-classLarson-classLiberty-classLoknar-classMann-classMarklin-classMonoceros-classNelson-classPortsmith-classPtolemy-classRickenbacker-classS3A-class • Sawyer-classSiva-classTikopai-classTritium-class
USS Aquila • USS AramisUSS ArchonAtlas • USS BohrUNSS BonaventureUSS Bonhomme RichardUSS DefiantUSS Flying Fortress • USS GulliverUSS Irwin • USS LandoverUSS RutherfordUSS Sentry • USS Tritium • USS UtheUSS Vega (Tikopai-class) • USS Xenophon • USS Yardley


D'ama-classD'aka-classDeath Rite-classKalath-class • Kl'sarza-class • K'nel-classKoreba-class • K't'agga-classPlen Zha-class • Riskadh-class • Talat Kh'exesta-class • T'h'lar-class • Z'gal-class • Zha Mortas-class • Z'Mortama-class
IKV Devisor • IKS Klarmath • IKS Klugh'tal


Graceful Flyer-class


assault shipcargo freightercargo transportcolonial transport • commnd ship • couriercruisercutter • defense outpost • destroyerescortfreighterfrigate • gunboat • monitor • research cruiser • scout • starliner • tender • transportwarpshuttle


Cities and planetary locations

Benecia • Rralrark • San Francisco

Outposts and stations

Archanis IV Research Outpost • Kinza D'elmaMemory Alpha • Rigel XII Mining Complex • San Francisco Naval Shipyard • Starbase 12Starbase 14Starbase 15Starbase 19Starbase 21Starbase 22Starbase 23Starbase 27

Planets and planetoids

AndorArchanis IV • Argelius • AxanarBabelBehemothBeta IIICeresDaran V • Delta Orcus III • Deuteronomy III • Ganymede • Grank • Janni IV • Joia V • Jupiter • Karag • Kolm-an • LunaMarsNew Paris • Nostveg I • Nozseca VIII • Organiaplanet OrionRigel XIIRigel VIII • Rudgur III • Ruwan • Sinbad IV • Suit II • Talos IVTerra • Th'allt • TitanVenus • Vola V • planet Vulcan • Xamdab II

Stars and star systems

Adhara • Alpha Centauri • Alphosa • Andromeda • Arcanis • Argelius • Beta Cersus • Betelgeuse • Bywyw IV • Chaidik • Delgon-R • DenebDelta Orcus • D'rakar • Elek • Falgor • Gamma Demetrius • Genmark • Giso • Gnuu Re • H'rez • Iosia • Jenol • Jevol • Kargenth • Kesse • Kinza D'elma • Klaf • Kran • Lasur Funop • Laxala • Lea • Lycly Dun • Mastocal • Matai • Mera Zine • Oco • Ogolo • Pen's • Rex Dacut • Rigel • Ruwan • Sol • Taamar • Thranstor • Tirehe • Topax • T'vam • Veska • Videtu • Webirty • Zal Vhros

Stellar regions

Arcturus Test Range • Centauri Test Range • Organian Treaty Zone • sector 12-5 • sector 12-J • sector 23-D • sector 23-H • Starfleet Intelligence Klingon sector • Starfleet Intelligence Romulan sector • The Hook • Zone of Transport Escort

States and organizations

Alpha Centauri Concordium of Planets • Andorian Clan of Combat • Federation Council • Federation Council Trusteeship Council • Federation Science Council • Federation Science Council Special Projects Office • Federation Supreme Assembly • HiBeam Energies Ltd. • Klingon EmpireKlingon High CommandKlingon Imperial Contacts Branch • Klingon Imperial Court • Klingon Imperial Guard • Klingon Imperial Marines • Klingon Imperial Navy • Loraxial Ltd. • Orion Colonies • Romulan Star Empire • Sirian Starways LIC. • Star FleetStar Fleet CommandStar Fleet Engineering CommandStar Fleet IntelligenceStar Fleet Marine Corps • Starfleet Military Operations Command • Starfleet Office of Colonization • Starfleet Office of of Public Affairs and Information • Starfleet Office of Research and Exploration • Terra-Return LeagueUnited Federation of PlanetsUnited NationsVegan Tyranny

Military units

Klingon 127th Cruiser Squadron • Klingon 81st Tranport Group • Klingon 91st Cruiser Squadron • Starfleet 2nd Marine RegimentStarfleet 4th Marine RegimentStarfleet 5th Marine RegimentStarfleet 8th Marine RegimentStarfleet 11th Strike SquadronStarfleet 12th Marine RegimentStarfleet 13th Marine RegimentStarfleet 28th Strike SquadronStarfleet 32nd Strike SquadronStarfleet 47th Assault SquadronStarfleet 84th Special Task Force

Races and cultures


Ranks and titles

admiralambassador • assistant commissioner • captainchief engineercolonelcommandercommander in chief • commissioner • commodoreemperorensign • first lieutenant • flag officerfleet captain • force leader • high commissioner • lieutenant • magister • master sergeant • science officer • starman • technician

Weapons and technology

accelerator cannon • binary transformer deflector shields • computerdeflector shieldduotronicgravitic minehyposprayimpulse drivelaserlaser cannon • navigational beacon • phaser • photon mortar • photon torpedotransportertranstatortranswarptranswarp driveuniversal translatorwarp drive


Attack of Convoy Y-16Z • Attack on Zal Vhros • Assault of Nozseca VIII • Assault of T'vam • Axanar Culture Mission • Axanar Peace Mission • Babel Conference • Battle of Biwywb • Battle of Delgon-R • Battle of Falgor • Battle of GR-1 • Battle of Joia V • Battle of Jevol • Battle of Kesse • Battle of Klaf • Battle of Lasur Funop • Battle of Oco • Battle of Ogolo • Battle of Pen's • Battle of Rex Dacut • Battle of Sector 12-J • Battle of Sector 23-D • Battle of Sector 23-H • Battle of Sinbad IV • Battle of Sire Yopot • Battle of Suit II • Battle of Thranstor • Battle of Tirehe • Battle of Webirty • Debacle at Giso • Defense of Rudgur III • Defense of Topax • Elek Engagement • Encounter at Videtu • Engagement for Argelian Approaches • First Battle of Axanar • Four Years War • Great Awakening • Kolm-an's Final Defense • Nostveg I Engagement • Operation Archimedes • Operation Argus Redoubt • Operation Blackbeard • Operation DixieRomulan WarSecond Babel Conference • Second Battle of Axanar • Unknown War

Treaty and law

Articles of FederationGeneral Order 1General Order 7Organian Peace TreatyTreaty of Axanar

Materials and substances

chlortheragen • dilithiumgasiron • kivas • nickel

Publications and literature

Axanar and Beta III: A Comparative Study in Religious SociopathyAxanar Campaign DiaryChampion of the Stars: The Constitution Class CruiserDeath of Free EnterpriseEncyclopedia of SpaceflightHistorical Insights into the Four Years WarAn Informal Guide to the Klingon EmpireAn Informal History of the Four Years WarIntelligence Analysis of the Klingon EmpireIntelligence Analysis of the Romulan Star EmpireLeatherneck in SpaceThe Liberation of Axanar: Strategy for PeaceMassed FleetsMemoirs of a Merchant: An AutobiographyOn The Brink of DisasterA Policy of Pacifism: The UFP Before the Four Years WarPreliminary Applications and Ramifications of Dilithium-Focused Matter-Antimatter Reactions in Warp Drive Propulsion SystemsPsychohistorical Study of Known SpaceReaching for the SkyRichter Scale of Comparative Planetary AnthropologyThe Sociological Impact of the Four Years War and Axanar Peace and Culture Missions on Federation-Klingon Diplomatc RelationsStarfleet Command Official Camapign History of the Four Years WarTo Be a GodUnited Federation of Planets Spaceflight ChronologyView From the Center Seat: An Autobiography

Awards and decorations

Distinguished Service Medal • Federation Medal of ValorGrankite Order of TacticsKaragite Order of Heroism

Other references

23rd centuryArchimedes • Archon • astronomical unitcaptain's logclass K planetCochrane Deceleration • Contemporary Federation Military History • diplomacy • geophysics • khesterexklanikomerex zhakuve • orange dwarf • planetpsychohistoryreference stardatestardate • science officer's log • sociology • sociopathology • starStar Fleet Academy • Star Fleet Marine Academy • Star Fleet Museum • Starfleet Spaceflight Museum • thasalla shiithar • University of Deneb • UNSSUSSvis'lkahVulcan Science Academy

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