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The Founder Ploy is the tenth and final episode of the first season of Star Trek: Swiftfire.



While on an exercise a squadron from the USS Swiftfire-A is recruited into a mission with Special Operations Command (SOC). They are to provide fighter escort for a Federation strike team as they infiltrate a Jem'Hadar battle cruiser deep in Cardassian space. Starfleet has intelligence that the battle cruiser is transporting the Female Changeling, the Founder in charge of the war, her capture would bring the brutal conflict to a swift and favourable conclusion.

Memorable quotes

"We’re fighting for our very survival, Wing Commander. I don’t think that any measures would be inappropriate to save the trillions of beings in this Quadrant."
Colonel Lazenie displaying an "ends justify the means" mentality that would grow within the Federation.
"I was being careful! I was carefully raking a Dominion battle cruiser with my phasers when some Jem’Hadar carelessly hit me with phased polaron beams and pierced my shields. Very inconsiderate if you ask me."
— Wing Commander Maxine Benton to Doctor Murphy while receiving treatment in sickbay.

Background information


Carter, Jasmine; Douglas, Jennifer; USS Intrigue; Lazenie; Overcome Squadron; Pratt; Pride of Lyon; Rua; Special Operations Command; Starfleet Starfighter Corps; Valkyrie-class; USS Venture; Wessling, Aimee

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  • "The Founder Ploy" in PDF format at Star Trek Swiftfire

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