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While packing his parents' belongings on a planet near the Cardassian Demilitarized Zone, Commander Patrick Ingrum discovers a lost ship in orbit.


Memorable quotes

“Let's get everything and get out of here. This isn't a happy homecoming.”
-- Patrick Ingrum, aware of the danger of a home invasion.
“I'm sorry to interrupt your togetherness, but this isn't exactly the best place to have a date.”
-- Patrick Ingrum, upon beaming up Bernie Tyler and Roslyn from the surface of Aloran IV.
“I'm sorry to hear that. How many ships do we have left now.”
-- Patrick Ingrum, upon hearing that the Hastings had been lost.
“Hey, what have you been up to.”
“Not much.”
“Not much? Second officer of the Intrepid, high commendations by Captain Saavik, and a personal recommendation by a three star for a promotion, and you call that not much?”
“And I suppose that being one of the youngest captains in Starfleet isn't much for you either, sir.”
“No, Jen, I suppose not. But I didn't come up to see you to argue about the direction our careers have gone.”
“I've heard why you came to see me, and even though we haven't gotten along all the time, I would still be honored to be your first officer.”
“Then that leaves me no choice, I hear by promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Congratulations, number one.”
-- Sonya Fiehrer, Jenna Carson, and Patrick Ingrum.
"Could I interest the three of you in anything?"
"I'd like a root beer please, Quark."
"Three, and I'm buying,"
"Three root beers, coming right up, and place it on the new captain's tab."
-- Quark takes drink orders from Sonya Fiehrer, Jenna Carson, and Patrick Ingrum.
"There's more ships here than at Wolf 359."
-- Sonya Fierer on the Torros III task force, referring to the massacre by the Borg nearly seven years prior.
"Let me start this way, she is no ordinary girl."
-- Admiral Ross, dropping a hint of Roslyn's augment status.
"What is this all about?"
"Shouldn't it be obvious to you, number six?"
"I am not a number, I am my own person, and my name is Roslyn."
"Ah, so I've heard. 'Beautiful rose,' the name definitely fits you."
-- Roslyn and Dr. Murrow.
"Well, well, well. Trying to spring the girl,"
"We were planning on ransacking the place, but we would settle for taking her."
"Such a bold statement for an imperfect human. I am not afraid of you, because you are outnumbered,"
"You may have me outnumbered, Dr. Murrow, but you're not exactly sending shivers down my spine."
-- Patrick and Dr. Murrow, trading barbs.
"How about Bridget."
"That sounds like a beautiful name, for a strong girl like you,"
-- Bridget and Patrick, picking out a name.


Aloran IV; Augment; USS Baldwin; Carson, Jenna; Fierher, Sonya; USS Hood; Interphase cloaking device; Ingrum, Bridget; Ingrum, Patrick; Miranda-class; Murrow, Alan; USS Neosho; Roslyn; Ross, William; Tyler, Bernie


  • This story begins just after DS9: "In the Cards" and continues to end immediately after the events of DS9: "Call to Arms"
  • As the first story of USS Baldwin, this story introduces the main character, Patrick Ingrum, and offered an explanation behind the (canon) plot hole explaining why the Defiant was able to use the cloak, and Starfleet used cloaked mines to seal off the Bajoran wormhole.
  • The story also goes to a sort of theme of humanity, in that the genetically engineered sisters Roslyn and Bridget sought out to downplay their genetic background and integrate fully into human culture, rather than infiltrate it.
  • Dr. Murrow's designation of Roslyn as "Number Six" is an homage, of course, to The Prisoner
  • An early version of the story had the Hood so badly damaged that it was abandoned and deliberately destroyed. When the Hood made its appearance in DS9: "Tears of the Prophets", the story was rewritten so as not to contradict canon.
  • The story was initially titled "Meet the Baldwin." The title was changed to better reflect the theme of the story, and to point out that the Baldwin was not the only "find".

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The Find Full text of the story, at the USS Baldwin series home


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