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Series: Star Trek: The Role Playing Game, No. FASA 1200
Author(s): Bernard Edward Menke & Rick David Stuart
Editor(s): Todd Huettel
Illustrator(s): Todd F. Marsh, John C. Tylk, Bob Eggleton, Daniel E. Carroll & Jay Harris
Publication information
Publisher: FASA Corporation
Published: 1986
Pages: 126
ISBN: ISBN 0931787300
If you are looking for the United Federation of Planets, click: Federation
If you are looking for the novel by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, click: Federation (novel)

The Federation is a FASA RPG sourcebook published in 1986, and is a part of the Star Trek: The Role Playing Game range.


Introduction (blurb)

Spanning over 5,000,000 cubic parsecs in size, encompassing thousands of unique planetary systems... this is the FEDERATION... the most ambitious political and cultural experiment ever attempted. This booklet contains comprehensive information that has never before appeared in a single volume.

The Federation covers the entire history of the Federation, Articles of Federation, current Federation interstellar relations, the governmental and bureaucratic structure of the Federation, as well as providing information on individuals who have made their mark - for good or ill on Federation history and statistics on the major civilizations and over 500 planets within Federation space, and much, much more.

As a primary information source, an easy-to-use reference guide, and a compendium of facts and figures found nowhere else, this booklet synthesizes hundreds of sources, past and present, to make the Federation a complete political, military, and cultural entity.




Harmon Axelrod • Zephram CochraneElizabeth ISardaxZorafran StallamaineSurak


Planets and planetoids

Abyss (planet)Adhara (planet) • Adoss • Aesa IX • Albireo • Aldebaran (planet)Alfa 177Alpha III • Alpha Majoris II • Alpha Proxima IIAlpha Centauri (planet) • Altair (planet) • Amber (planet) • Amerind • Anchor • Andor • Antares (planet) • Antipathy IV • Antos (planet) • Apollonia • Aplithin • Arcturus (planet) • Ardana • Argelius (planet) • Ariannus • Merak (Latis Cyrtiva)

Stars and systems

Adhara • Al Nath • Albireo IIAldebaran IIIAlfa 177Alpha IIIAlpha CentauriAlpha Canaris systemAlpha Majoris systemAlpha Majoris IAlpha Proxima systemAlpha Proxima IIAl Rijil systemAlpha Tauri systemAltair IIIAltair IVAltair VIAmber • Amerind • Anchor (planet)Andor • Andromeda • AntaresAntos systemAntos IVAplithinArcadiaArcanis Majoris system • Archon • Arcturus systemArcturus IVArdanaArken IIAvalonAxanarBabel • Babylon • Baladar • Betelgeuse • Braxton • CaitCalanara • Calgary • Canaris • Chaidik • Cheron • Concordia • Coridan • Cullista • Cygnet XIV • D'Rakar • Dadax • Darius • DenebDenevaEarth • Ecora • Ecstasy • Edo • Efros • Eldritch • England • Enoch IV • Epsilon Eridani • Exo • Familiarity • Fomahault • Formality • France • Gamma 7 • Grief • Gundara • H'Rez • Hellios • Hodlahr • Holloway • Homally • IndaraxIzar • Jallamora • Jannill • Janol • Jido • Kaballa • Koromondas • Lappinar • Lustrix • Luxor • Madorra • Malla • Marcus • Maximillian • Maxtor • Memory AlphaMerakMilky Way GalaxyMinara • Moralia • Morena • Mu Leonis A system • Mursa • New ParisNew Paris colonies • Nexus • Niobe • Nodark • OmegaOrgania • Pallus IV • Pathos • PolluxPraxis • Ramillies II • Ruwan • SiriusT'VamTellarTerraTheta • Thranstor • Triangle Zone • Triton • Trixex • Tycho • VegaVulcan

Federation star systems

Abyss Alpha • Aesa • Al Rijil systemAlpha AquilaeAlpha Canaris • Alpha Honorius • Alpha MajorisAlpha Scorpii • Alpha Sigma • Alpha Tauri • Antipathy • Beta Cygni • Beta Hydra 378Beta Rigalia • Dnoces • Epsilon Beta • Epsilon CanarisEpsilon Indi • Gamma Emerata • Socratii

Small craft

Space stations, starbases and shipyards

Starbase 3Starbase 4Starbase 5Starbase 6Starbase 7Starbase 8Starbase 9Starbase 11Starbase 13Starbase 14Starbase 16Starbase 19Starbase 21Starbase 22Starbase 23Starbase 24


Alpha CentauranAndorianAntosianArcturianArgelianCaitianCygnianDeltanEdoanHumanhumanoid • Izaran • Joridian • KaferianMedusan • New Parisian • OrganianOrionSaurianTellariteTerranTiburonVulcan


USS EnterpriseUSS ExcelsiorUNSS Icarus

Starship classes


Starship classification

Klingon Bird-of-Prey

States and organizations

Alpha Centauri Concordium of Planets • Federation Assembly • Federation Council • Federation Department of Interstellar Relations • Federation Economic and Social Development Organization • Federation Security CouncilFederation Security Agency • Federation Treasury • Gorn AllianceKlingon EmpireRomulan Star EmpireS'Lek VarenStar FleetStar Fleet CommandTholian Assembly • Trusteeship Council • United EarthUnited Federation of PlanetsVegan TyrannyBank of AndorRuling Mothers of TellarClan of CombatVulcan Monetary Society


Other references

17th century18th century20th century20422059206520702075207720822085208721st centuryAndorian Pledge of Triumphant SecurityArticles of Federation • bat • cat • Centauri Concordium • Cities of RefugeClass MDirector of the Vulcan Science AcademyEugenics WarsFundamental Declarations of the Martian Colonies • Great Awakening • homeworld • ice • navigator • non-corporeal lifeform • nuclear weaponparsecPresident of the United Federation of PlanetsPrime Directivereference stardateRemsusalaRomulan WarSaurian brandysnow • Statutes of Alpha III • telepath • Terra's Golden Age • United Earth Constitutionwarp driveKelca Shev


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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

The Federation is a group coming out of the World Federation of Wrestling (WFOW). It is consists of the founder, The Icon, Ludatik Kid, Chronik Kid, MJM, & Mini*Kitty*. This team consists of three of the WFOW Champions (Ludatik Kid as Extreme Champion, Chronik Kid as Cruiserweight Champion, and Icon as Money in the Bank Holder).


In Wrestling

Signature Moves

  • Double RKO
  • Con-chair-to
  • Crack 'em in the mouth (Snapmare followed by a running kick to the face)
  • West Side Stomp (Bearhug followed by a Jumping heel kick enzuigiri)
  • Disfigurement (flapjack / rko combination)
  • X - Mark (Combination electric chair drop and flying clothesline)

Finisher Moves

Rocket Launcher

One wrestler ascends the top turnbuckle. Their partner then stands below them and reaches up, taking hold of them. The wrestler on the top rope then performs a flying body splash, with their partner throwing them, thus increasing their range and height.

Modified Poetry In Motion

This move is performed when one wrestler throws his opponent into one of the corner turnbuckles, while another wrestler follows him, and drops down to an all-fours position in front of the opponent. At this point the other wrestler will run, put his feet on the back of his partner to elevate himself off the ground and jump at the opponent to hit an attack i.e. clothesline, leg lariat, heel kick, splash, etc.

Total Elimination

This move is performed when one wrestler throws his opponent into one of the corner turnbuckles. Another wrestler charges towards the opponent and lands a monkey flip and the opponent lands on his feet and while doing this, the partner hits the opponent with a spear

This article uses material from the "The Federation" article on the eWrestling wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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