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Series: The Original Series, No. 74
Author(s): Denny Martin Flinn
Publication information
Published: Paperback - June 1995
Pages: 273
ISBN: ISBN 0671890077
Date: 2293


Introduction (blurb)

Captain Sulu of the U.S.S. Excelsior and his crew are kidnapped. When Federation-conducted negotiations come to a standstill, Captain James T. Kirk and the former officers of the U.S.S. Enterprise reunite to rescue their old comrade.

The officers learn carrying out their mission could prove difficult when the encounter the kidnappers - a greedy, little-known race called the Thraxians, who believe their way is the only way. Now the Thraxians are demanding super-powerful weapons in exchange for the hostages.

With no other alternatives, Kirk is forced to consider giving in to the Thraxians to save the Excelsior crew - a decision that could save a few, but endanger the lives of an entire star system...





A'ronB'hutoBarbara O'MarlaBarushBelzieBernard HansCaius FesidasCavanaughDavidDraminEugene MarascoGarithGarth FlanaganHandlerHenreyHikaru SuluJames T. KirkJanice RandJulius FesidasKannishKornishLeonard McCoyLicusMaldariMelgoodMikaliMontgomery ScottNora SchmidtNorquist SvensonNyota UhuraPavel ChekovPeter GarvinPuss-in-BootsReissRockefeller ThaylorRussel RooseSandra PasturSarekSencusSilky WaySpiros FocusSpockTaras TarquinVeguneViolet Bays
Referenced only 
Masoud ValtaneSamuel MorsePresident of the United Federation of PlanetsRobert AprilChristopher PikeWilliam ShakespeareHamletPoloniousMother EarthGaiaGuardian of ForeverZieglarAkara • Kolchinsky • SinghHarrisonJacques Cousteau • Zone Governor • President of North America • CapuletsMontaguesChangKerlaValeris


IKS KrogshatPlush PrincessU.S.S. ExcelsiorSundewUSS Enterprise -AKobayashi MaruShanghai ExpresscraftHMS EnterprizeCalypsoYonada



Starbases, Space Stations and Orbital Facilities

Starbase 499

Planets and Planetoids

EarthMirageAlpha MemoryMarsVenusOrgonLunaRura PentheJupiterVulcanBeta Prometheus 1Gamon VIRangorenMemory AlphaMercuryTalosQo'noSCytrops 469Beta Prometheus 3 • Beta Prometheus 2 • Pollux IVBeta Prometheus 3a

Plantary locations

San FranciscoStarfleet Headquarters • Mandelport, South AfricaAfricaChinatownArchnosTroySan Francisco BayTelegraph HillStarship's WharfPacific OceanEnglandShikar, T'KhasiGlobe TheatreEurosphereLondon IntergalacticHighlandsSutro Selestial Baths • Mercury Room • New YorkHealth Science CenterSiberian continent • Central Reference Library • China BeachNorth AmericaLeningrad
Bars and Restaurants
No Where cantinaFlag and GrogPluto's InnNebulaeStar ClubAsian ParadoxPoseidonHeaven's Hearth

Star Systems and Sellar Locations

Beta Promethean systemSol systemDelta Triciatu systemNeutral Zone • Vornok system • Orion Nebula • Deuteronimous system • Beta Quadrant


LegaranHumanKlingonBeta PrometheanVulcanCetacean • Kitarian • CaltarianRomulanOctoanSaurianDeltan • Kartoan • TellariteAndorianCentaurianBetazoid • Chemizoid • PhylosianTholianMelkotianCaitianKaferian • Aurelian • ChameloidBeingDolpheel

Governments and organizations

United Federation of PlanetsFederation CouncilIntergalactic News NetworkOffice of the President of the Federation CouncilVulcan Science AcademyRuling Family • Inner Council • Trans-Universal ShippingInter-Galactic SystemsMaritime MuseumConclaveStarship Historical Preservation SocietyIntergalactic Geographic MuseumDilithium Mining Corps


Starfleet CommandStarfleet AcademyDepartment of Humanoid ResourcesHumanoid Resource RecordsCommunications Satellite TrackingAlien Language TranslationGalaxy Vegetation ResearchNavigational Research DivisionStarfleet Navigation Group


Book of MuharbardilithiumShrewdest OneswaterPrime DirectiveOnly WaydolphineelEuropeanElephantPicadespianoivoryMorse code19th centuryMongolianTrojan HorseGreekpopsicleUniversal translatorPeople of Lighttitanium • Rakatan volcano • kern • Kitarian Cloud Rock • B'rel-classExcelsior-classBasic OrdersNorwegianMediterraneanBerengaria dragonByzantineSaurian brandyG-stringpearldwarfThe TrendoidsreptilianLatin • Press Liaison • Deltan Duo • Asian • tricorderfal-tor-panMelpomene PlayersHamletducatChristmasWinter Solstice • sheep • Alien Parks • Enviropod • Fantasy Stimulator • GaianScottishDebellium brain rot diseaseAphasiaanabolic protoplasergolf • spray applicator • Infoport • datapadd • Ukrainian • Cobanian cigar • antigravity plasticine • Mongolian TeaPan GowsilvergoldkingknightKolchinsky gambitchessRussianAntmacrobiotic foodSpiritual LeadersHigher CallingfirestormdatabankStar YachtsInterior ArchitectureLuxury WorldsholodocCalypso20th centuryTholian WebMurasaki 312Thaylor ExpeditionRomulan aleMercury bourbonRomeo and JulietConclave HalltoadstoolGrog optoman, nokt ingorobotcacoaalcoholsquirt gunKwaheriSwahiliSlán agatGaelicDos VidaniyaOudachyBon VoyagePhylosian cognacSemper Fidelisvacation



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