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  • ca. 10,000,700 - The Ark arrives at Refusis. (DW: The Ark)

In the billions of years after this and before the Earth's final destruction, the National Trust preserves the uninhabited Earth, using Gravity satellites to hold back the sun, and restore it back to a "classic Earth".

  • 5,000,000,000 - Earth is finally destroyed when the sun expands. This event is witnessed by some of the richest figures in the Galaxy who are present on Platform One. By this point Cassandra O'Brien.Δ17 is the only living "pure human", though there are several people who are mostly human spread throughout the stars. (DW: The End of the World)
Facsimile editions of Agatha Christie's novels including Death in the Clouds are still being published in this year. (DW: The Unicorn and the Wasp) At some point the Doctor obtains a copy of Death in the Clouds suggesting he either did so around the time of one of his visits described below, or in an unchronicled visit.
  • 5,000,000,029 - A new "mood" called Bliss is released on New Earth. The product goes wrong when a virus mutates in it, killing most of the population of New Earth (the survivors being those in New New York's Undercity, which is blocked off) and everything else within seven minutes, when the virus even resulted in the death of itself. To protect the citizens of the Undercity, the Motorway was created, trapping - and thus, saving - them. (DW: Gridlock)
  • 5,000,000,053 - New New York's Undercity citizens are finally free from the undercity. The Face of Boe dies after sacrificing himself to save the inhabitants of New Earth, and reveals his secret to the Doctor - "you are not alone". At this point in the far future, humans continue to thrive, and some have interbred with other human-like species. (DW: Gridlock)
  • ca. 10,000,000,000: Sol explodes, rendering non-viable the star system in which Earth once existed. (DW: Colony in Space)
  • 100,000,000,000,000 - Humans, Futurekind, and some other aliens still survive in the elderly Universe, and end of all ages, where most stars and galaxies are extinguished. Those surviving humans prepare to journey to Utopia. They make it, but they find the planet uninhabitable, and to survive they make themselves into cyborgs known as the Toclafane. (DW: Utopia, Last of the Time Lords)

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