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Series: The Original Series
The Enterprise Logs
Illustrator(s): Alberto Giolitti & Alden McWilliams
Publication information
Publisher: Golden Press
Published: Trade Paperback - Winter 1977
ISBN: ISBN 0-307-11189-X
Date: 2260s

Introduction (blurb)

Star Fleet Command
Star Fleet Headquarters
United Federation of Planets
TO: James T. Kirk, Captain Stardate 6273.52
USS Enterprise

FROM: Star Fleet Command
Mission Review Staff Hdqtrs.

Dear Jim:

I thought I'd take a moment to let you know we have received nearly all the information regarding review of your mission. Let me say at the outset, although informally, that HQ is very pleased with the Enterprise under your command and that the mission is deemed an unqualified success. Jim, you've certainly earned my respect and the respect of the staff here. Formal evaluation is still processing and will be forwarded to you ASAP.

Just some questions re the latest batch of data received:

1. Can you speculate on the nature of the being you called Isis? The explanation in the logs seems to have some gaps. For example, are there others of her "race" or was (is) she a unique phenomenon. You may wish to discuss this with Spock before you reply. It must have been some shock to come across this "being" even for such an experienced explorer as you.

2. Professor Andres has been responding to rehabilitation and neurological treatment. We believe his future is promising. However, we are concerned that another incident should not occur, especially in light of the experimental time travel experiments we are conducting. What we need is a detailed report of the physical surrounding you encountered in Hollywood 1975 A.D. to check for temporal displacement. I suggest hypnopharmacological assists to your memory. I must stress that any and all details are urgently needed.

3. Finally we have received encouraging results from Hercula. The two species seem to be integrating but a long distance must still be traveled before there is true equality. Can you make any contribution in the way of documentation on genetics and intelligence indices? Perhaps Dr. McCoy has data that was not included in your initial report.

I look forward to greeting you at HQ.

J. Briton

James Briton
Colonel, Mission Review
United Space Services

Date of Transmission 9/19


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