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The Elite

Official Name
The Elite
Team Aliases
Justice League Elite (later incarnation)


Team Identity



JLA (formerly)




In their first appearance, the Elite defeated a giant mutant gorilla in Tripoli but caused major collateral damage.[1] Superman attempted to negotiate with them and show them the error of their ways. After this proves ineffective, he agrees to fight them on Jupiter's moon Io, where the Elite have already defeated God's Seed. When it appears they have beaten Superman, he manages to exploit the weaknesses in their powers to defeat them, apparently lobotomizing Black and killing the others. However, this turns out to be just a ploy to show them the futility of their approach, as well as to demonstrate to the world (the fight was being broadcast by the Elite) that heroes who kill are not fun, but terrifying.

After a stint with the Suicide Squad, Manchester Black was betrayed by President Lex Luthor and so reformed the Elite[2]. However Menagerie I revealed to Superman that the group was not in control of their own actions and Black crippled her. After Manchester Black's apparent death by suicide, his sister Vera lead the Elite against the JLA (this time with Menagerie II) in what turns out to be an attempt to fool Gaea, the spirit of the planet[3]. The Hat, being an earth elemental, had spotted the fact that the planet was going to rise up and strike civilization down because her "children" were not united, which had given them time to devise a plan. The imminent apocalypse was confirmed by Manitou Raven's intuition and Major Disaster's channeling of the planet itself. However, it is then revealed that the Elite concocted a bogus threat to unite the world's governments and fool Gaea into believing the people of Earth were united. Not only did this save the world, but it also started the talks for a Planetary Peace treaty.

Eventually the Elite's machination helped cement the links with the Justice League, the result of which was Vera Black, Menagerie II and Coldcast joining the newly formed Justice League Elite, a superhero 'black ops' team created to hunt down and eliminate metahuman threats before they went public.


Equipment: None known.


  • The Elite are based on Wildstorm's lethal superteam The Authority


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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

The Elite
Members John Cena
Ricky Ramon
Kevin Bourne
Chad Vargas
The Punisher
Debut August 31, 2008 (current)
Promotion Extreme Measures Federation
Title(s) EMF Television Championship
Ricky Ramon

The Elite is a stable in the Extreme Measures Federation initially set up by The Punisher and late refounded in 2008 by John Cena.


Original Formation

Not much is known about The Elite's original formation, although I will attempt to find the details ASAP!

Temporary Comeback

At EMF Whiplash 2005, The Elite was reborn, when The Punisher announced that it was he who had convinced Cena to ditch his previous stable, Revolution. Cena joined The Elite along with Punisher and a masked man, who was later revealed to be Barbwire Chris. Pun attempted to push Cena and Chris for the EMF Tag Team Championships, but Cena instead opted to enter The Eliminaion Chamber at Survival of the Fittest with his ex-stable mate and good friend, Dude Nick. Cena and Nick captured the championships that night. Later on, Cena and Punisher would fire Barbwire Chris from the stable for not pulling his weight. Cena and Punisher were seen together often, but never really teamed together, and the stable disbanded when Punisher left the company, although he did tell Cena to keep it alive. Cena was unable to find memebers worth of "The Elite" name, and so he folded the stable.

Permenant Reformation

At EMF Last Stand 2008, John Cena booked a Tag Team Match between Dan Godwin and Chris Masters (Revolution) and the team of Ricky Ramon and Chad Vargas. Before the match could take place, Cena made his way onto the ramp, where he revealed that, as a result of Masters attacking Cena, he had been barred from competing. He replaced Masters in the match with Revolution's 3rd member, Kevin Bourne. During the match, Cena's Personal Assisstant, Kelly Kelly appeared and flashed Dan Godwin, enabling Bourne to turn on his partner by nailing him with a chair. Cena then came out, and revealed that himself, Ramon, Vargas and Bourne had reformed the stable known as The Elite.

By coincedence, the next week on Shockwave, The Punisher would make his return to EMF. Following Chad Vargas's DQ loss to Dan Godwin, Punisher hit the ring, attacking both competitors. He stated that Vargas, Ramon and Bourne were a disgrace to The Elite name he and Cena had built, and that whilst he had no personal problems with Cena, the other 3 were not safe from him. One week later Cena would ask Punisher to join the stable, and Punisher would accept, on the condition that he didn't have to be associated with Bourne, Ramon or Vargas.

Full Member List

Orginal Set up

  • Unknown

2005 Reformation

  • The Punisher
  • John Cena
  • Barbwire Chris

2008 Reformation

In Wrestling


  • Capital Punishement- (Punisher)
  • FU- (John Cena)
  • ???- Barbwire Chris
  • The Green Mile- (Ricky Ramon)
  • The Stroke- (Chad Vargas)
  • Checkmate- (Kevin Bourne)

Championships and Accomplishments

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

The Elite were the highest ranking members of the four main Castes of the Yuuzhan Vong. They were the leaders of the Warrior, Intendant, Shaper, and Priest castes, and made up the court of the Supreme Overlord of the Yuuzhan Vong.


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