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The Eleventh Tiger
Series: Doctor Who -
BBC Past Doctor Adventures
Release Number: 66
Doctor: First Doctor
Companions: Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright, Vicki
Enemy: Mandragora Helix (implied)
Setting: China, 1865
Author: David A. McIntee
Publisher: BBC Books
Publication: May, 2004
Format: Paperback Book, --- Pages
ISBN: ISBN 0-563-48614-7
Previous Story: Empire of Death
Following Story: Synthespians™


Publisher’s Summary

'May you live in interesting times.'

The TARDIS crew have seen many different eras. When they arrive in China in 1865, they find banditry, rebellion, and foreign oppression rife. Trying to maintain order are the British Empire and the Ten Tigers of Canton, the most respected martial arts masters in the world.

There is more to chaos than mere human violence and ambition. Can legends of ancient vengeance be coming true? Why does everyone Ian meets already know who he is? The Doctor has his suspicions, but he is occupied by challenges of his own. Soon the travellers must learn that sometimes the greatest danger is not from the enemy, but from the heart.

In interesting times, love can be a weakness, hatred an illusion, order chaos, and ten Tigers not enough.


  • The Doctor
    • Once again indulges in a violent fight (as in the Romans), this time it's a gung fu duel. The Doctor uses his knowledge of fulcrums and levers to insult the traitor he's fighting (and enjoys taking great lengths to explain exactly what he did and how he did it), and then once suitably infuriated tricked him into smashing his foot against a poll the Doctor was standing in front of. He then has the traitor's wounds tended to. Ian and Barbara are aghast.
  • Ian Chesterton
    • Is ready to fight the duel for the Doctor despite knowing he's be easily beaten and humiliated.
    • Thinks his ancestor is actually him lost in time.
  • Barbara Wright
    • Knowingly quotes the song "kung fu fighting" saying the "kids are as fast as lightning".
  • Vicki


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