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This article is about the resistance group. You may be looking for the Eleven Elders of Emberlene.
The Eleven
General information
Notable members

Ussa, Bellassa

Historical information

19 BBY


18 BBY

Other information

Rise of the Empire era

The Eleven was a resistance group against the Galactic Empire formed by Ferus Olin and Roan Lands on the planet Bellassa. They were formed shortly after the Empire overthrew the benevolent Bellassan government and instituted martial law. Along with other supporters, The Eleven led an uprising against this new Imperial rule, but the Imperials proved to be too powerful. This led to the imprisonment of Roan and the deaths of many others.

Obi-Wan Kenobi met the remaining members of The Eleven who managed to escape the Empire's wrath while looking for Ferus, who was once a Jedi.

Following Ferus's escape from Bellassa with Kenobi, sympathy for The Eleven rose on Bellassa and within months of this it had grown by thousands in size.


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