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The Duel

Mamoru Oshii (creative director)


Production I.G.


Warner Bros.


November 21, 2009 (Limited)[1]
February 16, 2010 (Full release)


English and Japanese


After 2142

The Duel is one of the seven short films comprising the anime adaptation of the Halo universe, Halo Legends [2][3]. Duel takes place sometime after 2142 as evidenced by the appearance of Unggoy as members of the Covenant.

It was made available to watch on Saturday November 21, 2009 on Halo Waypoint similar to the previous segment The Babysitter.



A Sangheili Arbiter named Fal 'Chavamee, who refuses to accept the Covenant Religion, is charged with Heresy by a High Prophet. By order of the Prophet, a Sangheili, named Haka, plans to find a way to bring Fal down. After dreaming about his meeting with the Prophet, Han, Fal's wife, asks him what it was that was troubling him. Fal then tells her that she should leave for a while, but she refuses as she wanted to stay by his side as his wife.

While training Sangheili warriors, Fal is approached by a close friend, Roh. Roh tries to convince him that The Covenant has only done good, and that by rejecting The Great Journey, he will surely be stripped of his rank as the Arbiter. However, Fal does not take heed to his friend's warning, and tells him that the Covenant will try to take him down by any means necessary.

Haka and Roh, under the orders of a High Prophet, invade Fal's home and murder Han while he was away. Fal returns home to discover the bodies of his friend and Han. He is then provoked to face Haka in a fight, which was planned by the Prophet.

A boatman, who led Fal down a river to Haka's dueling place, warns the Arbiter that it is a trap. Fal ignores this, and stumbles upon a few of Haka's personal guards, who are subsequently killed. Later on his quest, an army of Sangheili, Kig-Yar, Unggoy, and Mgalekgolo (accompanied by Wraiths and Ghosts as well) charge towards Fal. The Arbiter's single Energy Sword, after slicing through waves of Covenant forces, is rendered useless when its battery is depleted, so he recovers two Swords from a pair of recently deceased Sangheili. Three massive Hunters, two Ghosts, and a Wraith then begin to bombard Fal at once. However, Fal annihilates the whole army, leaving only one cowardly Unggoy (who is soon killed).

Atop a Forerunner structure, Fal and Haka finally duel. It is a short lived fight, as Haka slashes Fal across his chest, mortally wounding him. To his surprise, however, Fal has impaled him on his own sword. Both fall, each having killed the other. Fal's last thoughts are of his wife, whom he had avenged.

As a result of Fal's actions, the rank of Arbiter is stripped of its former prestige, and is given only to Sangheili who have been shamed.










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This article is about the Living Force article. You may be looking for various duels fought in the galaxy.

The Duel is an article written by August Hahn and Cynthia Hahn as a tie in to the Living Force campaign. It was published on the Wizards of the Coast website on June 10, 2004 and in vignette form, told of a visit by Jedi Master Darrus Jeht to the Almas Academy. Jeht wanted to test the lightsaber skills of Masters Lanius Qel-Bertuk and Devan For'deschel. Initially, he dueled with Qel-Bertuk, and the two appeared evenly matched; that is, until Qel-Bertuk accused Jeht of holding back. In their second duel, Jeht disarmed Qel'Bertuk within moments. He then engaged both Qel-Bertuk and For'deschel at the same time, supplementing his lightsaber with a Songsteel sword.

In the context of the Living Force campaign, it marked the availability of the Jedi Weapon Master prestige class from the Power of the Jedi Sourcebook, and the creation of songsteel blades by master technicians.





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  • Songsteel

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