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The Dragon wants you to take out Lo Pan - hand to hand
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Master Po: "Do you hear the grasshopper at your feet?"

When you arrive for the first time to the center of San Francisco, you'll se a ring at the middle of the streets crossroad, and two men fighting hand-to-hand there: A very muscled man with his torso naked, and a black dressed man.

With a mighty blow, the muscled man throws to the ground to his adversary, and he says: "Your kung-fu is not good here".

After a fade-in-black you can freely talk to the citizens, and realize that those fighting men are two masters of martial arts, confronted in philosophy and followers. The Dragon (the barechested man) cares for others and want to teach his martial arts knowledge. Lo-Pan (the black dressed man) just cares for himself and doesn't want to teach others. Both have their respective gyms, one at the right street, and the other at the left street.

Going to see The Dragon, he explains how the things are (very leveled for both) and his point of view, you must agree with him, but he can't fight directly in deathmatch with Lo-Pan. You can offer to do that, and if you are sufficient skillful at Unarmed Combat, he'll allow you to challenge Lo-Pan. If you are not so skillful, he won't permit the confrontation, and you can train with him. The training lasts one hour or so, and it enhances 5% of your Unarmed Combat skill. If you try to train again with him, and didn't pass one full day, he'll say: "Not everything is physical strength, grasshopper." You'll have to wait...

When you are confident enough, you can challenge The Dragon, choose to do just to prove your skills (not deathmatch), and you'll fight with four of his followers, one after another, healing automatically after defeating each one, and obtaining a small % in damage resistances if you win.

After that, you'll be prepared to confront with Lo-Pan. Go to his gym at the west side of the street, and challenge him. Defeat in combat his four followers, and dispatch him quickly, because if you don't do it, he'll pull out a .233 pistol to shoot you. After that, go to talk to The Dragon to finish the quest.


  • Defeat the Dragon's followers: 8000 xp
  • Defeat Lo-Pan's followers: 8000 xp


The Movie!!
David Lo Pan, the evil magician

These masters of martial arts are based in two characters, a real one and other fictional:

The Dragon: Bruce "Little Dragon" Lee, martial artist, actor, philosopher... creator of martial style Jeet Kune Do.

Lo-Pan: David Lo Pan, a business man and a 2 millennial Chinese ghostly mage who searches a green-eyed oriental girl (this is very rare, right?) to sacrifice her to a demon, to be tangible and powerful again. ...All of this he tries to do in Chinatown, San Francisco...

Film: "Big trouble in Little China" (1986)

Actor: James Hong

Director: John Carpenter

Quests in Fallout 2
San Francisco

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