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"We stand there [in front of the Untempered Schism], eight years old, staring at the raw power of Time and Space, just a child. Some would be inspired. Some would run away. And some would go mad."
"What about you?"
"Oh, the ones who ran away! I never stopped."
— The Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones, "The Sound of Drums"

The Doctor is an alien being known as a "Time Lord", which was encountered by the crew of the Federation starship, USS Daedalus, in 2378.

Not much information was discovered about the Doctor's origin, but he was known to have arrived in this dimension using a mysterious machine known as a "TARDIS" which allowed him to travel in time and space. (Star Trek: Daedalus)


Earlier incarnations

The First Doctor, aged 197.

Prior to his arrival from an alternate reality, the Doctor was aged well into his 1000s and had traveled in the TARDIS in excess of nine hundred years, after escaping from Gallifrey alongside his granddaughter, Susan Foreman. Over his millennia long life span the Doctor had regenerated at least nine times, often resulting in a radical change of appearance and personality. (An Unearthly Child; "The Empty Child")

His first incarnation (The First Doctor) was the longest lived of all of his incarnations, living to the grand old age of 450 before regenerating into his second incarnation. It was the First Doctor who had stolen the TARDIS and escaped from Gallifrey along with Susan, and who established his first meetings with several of the Doctor's deadliest enemies, including the Daleks and the Cybermen. (The Daleks; The Tenth Planet)

It was during his first incarnation, that the Doctor first encountered a fellow rogue Time Lord, known only as "the Monk". "The Monk" had traveled to England in the year 1066 and had plotted to prevent the Viking invasion and the Battle of Stamford Bridge from taking place, so that King Harold Godwinson and his troops were fresh enough to repel the Normans invasion of England and the defeat of Harold at the Battle of Hastings. Thankfully, the Doctor and his companions were able to stop "the Monk" from carrying out his plan. As a final punishment, the Doctor sabotaged "the Monk's" TARDIS, so that he couldn't navigate it properly. (The Time Meddler)

Towards the end of his first "life", the Doctor and his companions encountered a powerful and mischievous entity known as "the Toymaker". The Doctor had once met the Toymaker once before and had barely escaped with his life after outwitting him. This time the Toymaker was keen on a rematch and made the Doctor and his two friends play a series of games in order to get back the TARDIS and escape from his realm, which he referred to as the "Toyroom". Eventually, the Doctor tricked the Toymaker into defeating himself and destroying his "Toyroom" allowing the TARDIS to leave. (The Celestial Toymaker)

Months later, the TARDIS landed in London, England in July 1966, around the time of the opening of the Post Office Tower and the installation of the WOTAN computer system, the first global Internet. After some investigation, the Doctor and his companions discovered that WOTAN had developed his own intelligence and had constructed a number of war machines that would allow him to dominate and control the Earth. Thankfully, the Doctor was unable to prevent WOTAN's plans from succeeding and destroyed the computer. (The War Machines)

A short time later, the First Doctor regenerated into his second incarnation (the Second Doctor) after a series of events which had drained his life energy plus the first confrontation with the Cybermen in 1986 had finally taxed his ageing body. (The Savages; The Tenth Planet)

The Tenth Doctor

The Eleventh Doctor

The Tenth Doctor regenerates into the Eleventh Doctor due to cellular damage caused by exposure to the time vortex following the destruction of Mortimus' TARDIS. Thankfully, he emerges from the vortex on mid-20th century Earth we he receives medical attention at the local hospital. Over the next several days in hospital, the Doctor remains in a delirious and comatose state, on several occasions he did wake, he kept demanding to be given his shoes so that he could retrieve the key to his TARDIS. However, when he finally appeared to recover from his regenerative trauma several days later, he remembered that he was without his TARDIS and that he would have to remain trapped on Earth until it arrived in 2009 with former companion, Abbey, aboard. ("Remembrance")



Following his regeneration, the Doctor seemed disappointed that he wasn't "just a little bit foxy" any more when compared to his tenth incarnation, he was also bemoaned the fact that he didn't have ginger hair. While his predecessor would often style his hair, the new Doctor preferred to keep the rather unkempt style throughout all of his "exile" on 20th century Earth.

The Eleventh Doctor preference is to wear either a brown, gray or black suit, with a matching shirt and tie. Unlike his predecessor who preferred stylish suit and a rather kept appearance, the Eleventh Doctor's suits were slightly worn and his tie was tied rather loosely around his neck, presenting a rather student-y appearance. He also wore a long grey overcoat, which was quite thick in contrast to the long brown coat worn by the Tenth Doctor. During the 1960s and 1970s, the Doctor also wore a bowler hat and carried an umbrella with a red question mark handle. By the 1980s and 1990s, the Doctor had stopped wearing the hat, but would often carry the umbrella.


It is hinted at in "Fracture" that Trelane was responsible for saving The Doctor (in his eighth incarnation) from the destruction of Gallifrey and aiding in his regeneration into the Ninth Doctor, after he became interested in a being that would destroy his own kind in order to defeat a sworn enemy.

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