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Get in the sack.
A devil skeleton with his face covering shown removed.

The Devils were seen in The StoryTeller episode, The Soldier and Death. They were known to haunt a building and play cards there every night, undefeated, until the soldier challenged them to a game of cards and beat them. After the night was over and the defeated devils attempted to eat the soldier for beating them, the soldier forced them into his sack and beat them, eventually releasing them but forcing one to serve the soldier, eventually releasing him from slavery in exchange for a glass that can help him see death.

The metal skeleton that makes up the inner workings of this creature was seen in a montage from "Secrets of the Muppets." The scene was originally a part of the Jim Henson Hour pitch tape.



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The Devils
Faction Name The Devils
Status Active
Current Members Destiny
Felicia Fury
Victoria Valentine
Former Member Chrysta
Fed of Activity Ring of Beauty

The Devils are an all-heel stable currently in activity at Ring of Beauty. Recognized as the most dominant stable in this promotion, they tend to interfere directly on matches decisions, booking and even relationships among members. As a team, they have already held four of Ring of Beauty's five titles, the RoB Pure Wrestling Championship being the only exception.




Prior to the group's formation, the war between the sisters Styx and Jasmine reached one of its most dramatic moments, as they faced each other in a Ladder Inferno Match worth Styx's Hardcore Title. Styx retained the title and injured Jasmine hardly, only to lose this same title to Victoria Valentine in the following show, on where Valentine would be wrestling her second RoB match. In the following show, after Styx squashed Leia Sheridan, Jasmine invaded the ring, accompanied by Chrysta - that had just lost the Television Title to Carmen DeVega - and Valentine, and the three girls assaulted Styx. Oddly enough, after this assault, Styx has never been spotted again.

The First Devils

Two weeks after RoB PPV Violent by Choice, Naughty by Design, Jasmine and Victoria Valentine revealed to be working on the same page permanently, sucessfully defeating Crystal Hilton and Stephanie Sullivan, already being dubbed as the Devils. In the following show, Chrysta would reveal herself as another Devil, allying with Jasmine and Valentine against Candace Okimura, Linda Ragnal and Susan Rigger. Even though Valentine would lose the Hardcore Championship to Linda Ragnal in the following show, in the following PPV Blaze of Glory, Jasmine and Valentine were crowned Tag Team Champions, starting the Devils' domination over Ring of Beauty. They would rectify their power by squashing Bobbi Jackson in a 2-on-1 Match that they had then General Manager Brandee McAllister booking on their favor. Some shows later, Chrysta would surprise her sister Linda Ragnal and, in another surprising booking controversy, stealing her Hardcore Championship.


In the same show the Devils squashed Jackson, Destiny debuted on Ring of Beauty, also with a squash, defeating Divas Unleashed's Felicity. Some shows later, after Alysson Gardner and then World Champion Candace Okimura defeated Devils Jasmine and Chrysta, Victoria Valentine punked Gardner into believing she was kidnapping her then fiancée Gabrielle Crimson, allowing Destiny to reveal herself as the 4th Devil, invading the ring and assaulting Candace.

Chrysta's Farewell, Felicia's Arrival

At RoB Created Equal, the Devils would face their greatest achievement and their bittermost loss. Linda Ragnal was returned her Hardcore Championship in a Loser Leaves Town Match against Chrysta, making the Ice Queen be banished from the company. But later on, Destiny would defeat Candace Okimura in an unforgiving and controversial Hell in a Cell Match, effectively stealing the World Championship from the Joshi Dragon. In the very same PPV, Felicia would reveal herself a Devil, helping Jasmine and Victoria retain their Tag Team Titles.

Championships and Accomplishments



  • RoB World Championship x1 (Destiny - current)
  • RoB Hardcore Championship x3 (Victoria Valentine x2 current, Chrysta)
  • RoB Tag Team Championship x1 (Jasmine & Victoria Valentine)
  • RoB Television Championship x1 (Chrysta)


  • 2008 RoB Stable of the Year
  • 2008 RoB Heel of the Year - Victoria Valentine

This article uses material from the "The Devils" article on the eWrestling wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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