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The Destroyer
Also known as:
  • Lord of Darkness
  • Eater of Worlds
Race: Demon
Home Planet:
Home Era: Morgaine's universe
Appearances: DW: Battlefield
Actor: Marek Anton
"Then free me and let me claim this world."
―The Destroyer.

The Destroyer, the Lord of Darkness and Eater of Worlds, was a horned demon summoned by Morgaine to aid in her conquest of the world. He was a highly dangerous entity, and even Morgaine was hesitant to release him. He was bound in silver, to which he had a vulnerability. He was able to destroy matter with a green energy and could also teleport.

The Destroyer's origin is unknown, though Morgaine talks about summoning him from fire and implies that he came from Hell.

During the final battle for Excalibur, Morgaine attempted to threaten Ace and Shou Yuing with the Destroyer, claiming they would become his handmaidens. Though he wanted to break through the chalk barrier, Morgaine didn't want to release him, allowing him access to his full powers. Despite this weakness, he was still able to destroy the hotel, allowing Morgaine to escape with the sword and then teleporting away. The Destroyer let the Doctor and the Brigadier follow them, since Morgaine would need to release him. When the Doctor gained the upper hand, Morgaine was forced to unchain the Destroyer and escaped.

The Destroyer planned to devour Earth, though the Brigadier did apparently kill him by shooting him with silver bullets. The Destroyer exploded with a green fire, destroying Morgaine's castle and knocking out the Brigadier. (DW: Battlefield)

The Destroyer may well be related to the Beast or Abaddon. Abbadon also bore the title of the Destroyer.
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Final Fantasy

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The Destroyer is the main antagonist in Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon. He is really Raffaello when he is possessed by his darkness, a Magic Beast of the Black which was originally the scared beast to the Oracle of Darkness. However, driven by his lust for suffering, the Destroyer went berserk with intent to destroy the world. However, the three other Oracles sealed him away by creating a barrier to keep Lostime hidden from the outside world and the Bell Of Oblivion placing its denizens in a state of forgetfulness to ensure the Destroyer would never regain his power. However, the Destroyer placed a monkey wrench into this plan by leaving his Crystal of Dark Destruction, later known in history as Timeless Power, behind in the outside world to attract an ideal pawn unaffected by Lostime to serve him without full knowledge of his actions. Finding such a pawn in Chocobo, the Destroyer assumed the guise of an infant whom the residents regarded as a savior. However, as he has no memories of being the destroyer, Rafaello developed into his own personality. Each time Rafaello matured upon each guardian defeated, Rafaello feels more of the Destroyer awakening inside him and having mixed feelings about it. By the time Alexander is defeated, the Destroyer takes full control over the fully grown Raffaello, restoring everyone's memories before assuming his Priest of Darkness form and absorbing Croma's essence. However, after Raffaelo attempts to stop himself, the Destroyer meets his end against Chocobo, with Rafaello and Croma freed in the process.

Note: In the first boss battle against him, it is impossible to win.

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

The Destroyer was a professional wrestler for CWF. He has since been released.

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Marvel Database

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