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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from The Deserter. Caution is advised.

"The Deserter"

Star Wars: The Clone Wars[1]






Carl Ellsworth, Drew Z. Greenberg, Brian Larsen[1]


Robert Dalva[1]

Production No.



January 1, 2010

Episode chronology
Previous episode

"Grievous Intrigue"[1]

Next episode

"Lightsaber Lost"[1]

"It is the quest for honor that makes one honorable."

"The Deserter" is the tenth episode of Season Two of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. It aired on January 1, 2010 and concluded a two-part storyline started with the previous episode, "Grievous Intrigue."


Official description

While searching for General Grievous on a distant planet, Rex encounters a deserter.

Plot summary

Episode 10
Fugitive! Though the Republic has 
won many decisive battles against 
the Separatist army in the Outer Rim, 
the Jedi have failed to capture the 
elusive General Grievous. After 
specifically targeting members of the
Jedi Council, a trap was set. But 
following a fierce confrontation, the 
droid general managed to escape to the 
surface of the planet Saleucami. Now, 
the chase is on as General Kenobi leads 
a squadron of clone troopers and closes 
in on his desperate target....

Hot on the trail of General Grievous, Obi-Wan Kenobi lands with his troops, Commander Cody and Captain Rex on Saleucami. Since Grievous had to abandon his landing ship because of damage sustained during his escape, he and his droid cohorts had to use the on-board escape pods to land on the planet's surface. However, the radio transmitter on Grievous's pod was damaged upon landing, and as a result Grievous is forced to locate one of the other pods in order to send a message to the Separatist forces.

Upon finding the crashed landing ship empty, Kenobi divides a squad of his men into search parties on speeder bikes. Rex is to lead troopers Jesse, Hardcase and Kix into the local wetlands to the coordinates of a crashed pod, but on their way they are ambushed by droid commando snipers, and Rex becomes severely injured. Upon finding out that they are standing on farmland, the troopers ferry Rex to a farm inhabited by a single female Twi'lek named Suu and her two children Shaeeah and Jekk. Suu's husband is momentarily absent, but she provides them with a shelter in their barn and some food. Too badly injured to continue the search for Grievous, Rex reluctantly remains behind while his team continues the search. Strangely, the children comment that the clones just look like their father.

In the meantime, Kenobi and Cody finally find a nearly intact droid and scan its memory banks for a clue as where to find Grievous, while their quarry becomes more and more frustrated as one by one his battle droid escorts lose the last of their power and keep dropping where they stand.

In the middle of the night, Rex is visited by the owner of the farm—a clone trooper who introduces himself as Cut Lawquane. Disgusted with his pre-purposed profession, namely to kill for a living, Lawquane had deserted the Grand Army of the Republic and now leads a happy life with his wife and children. While they have dinner together, Lawquane and Rex engage in an argument, in which Rex attempts to remind Lawquane that, as clone soldiers, their duty lies with the Republic, while Lawquane stresses that even as clones, they are individuals and thus have the freedom of choice. Slowly and reluctantly, Rex begins to sympathize with him and his family.

Grievous manages to reach the remaining intact capsule and prepares to send a distress call. When Kenobi and his men catch up, a battle ensues. When a Separatist shuttle arrives, the last AT-TE is unable to take it down, and Kenobi engages Grievous in personal combat to prevent him from leaving. However, by hooking himself to the shuttle by means of a grappling cable, Grievous manages to escape yet again.

In the meantime, while playing outside, Shaeeah and Jekk stumble upon a crashed Separatist escape pod in one of their fields and accidentally activate a platoon of damaged, but functioning droid commandos inside. The droids promptly attack the farm, and Lawquane prepares to defend his family. Rex offers his help, and although the droids manage to invade the farmhouse, the two clones put up a brave fight and destroy them all.

The next morning, Rex prepares to leave on an eopie. Although it would be his duty to report Lawquane as a deserter, he respects his clone brother's wish for a peaceful life greatly enough to decide not to report him after all, but refuses Lawquane's invitation to stay, parting with the words: "This is your home, Cut. My family is elsewhere."



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