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map marker: The Den
sections: West Side
East Side
leaders: Metzger
Rebecca Dyer
doctors: N/A
merchants: Tubby
factions: Slavers' Guild
quests: Collect money from Fred
Get book from Derek
Lara wants to know what is being guarded in the church
Get permission from Metzger for gang war
Find weakness in Tyler's gang guarding the church
Help Lara attack Tyler's gang
Deliver a meal to Smitty for Mom
Free Vic from his debt by getting his radio from his house in Klamath and paying Metzger
Sabotage Becky's still
Get car part for Smitty
Return Anna's locket

The dangerous Den is a safe haven for drug and slave trading. You'll be able to bust a slaver ring and a small gang here. In some ways, the Den might be considered a "mini-New Reno." They are both semi-stable anarchies with no central authority: while the Den is more focused on slaving, and New Reno is more focused on prostitution, they both share an economy dependent on gambling, prostitution, drugs, and slavery.


Notable residents

Gambling is under the control of Rebecca Dyer, who also sells the cheapest alcohol in the Den, as she has her own still, rather than importing it from New Reno. Uncharacteristically given both her location and her business, she is a scrupulous and decent woman, and a passionate opponent of the slave trade that underpins the Den's economy. Her craps tables are unique in the game in that they are truly (pseudo)-random like an honest game of craps (although, unlike a real game of craps, there are ways of playing it that allow the player to beat the house on average). Her tables do not check the player's gambling skill.

For those residents of the Den who tire of the booze, whores, theft, slavery, and drugs that are so widespread in most of the Den, Mom's restaurant provides a welcome respite. Mom ensures that the atmosphere is respectful and bans fighting, cursing, and unlike most Den businesses (but like the Slaver's Guild), no orphan children stand outside her doors stealing from those who enter or leave. Mom specializes in rat dishes, offering rat-loaf, rat-pie, and spaghetti with rat sauce.

Smitty, also one of the more respectable people in the Den, is a local mechanic. He has a Chrysalis Highwayman in near-perfect condition, but it lacks a Fuel Cell Controller. He also occasionally sells other things, such as microfusion cells and super tool kits.

There are two shops in the Den: Tubby and Flick. Tubby's is mostly focused on selling drugs, whereas Flick's sells a wider variety of goods. Both merchants' shops are supplied, at least in part, by orphaned children who stand beside the doorways of shops and steal from passersby, but Flick's in particular depends on this.

Prostitution is primarily under the control of Frankie, proprietor of the Hole. He also sells drinks imported from New Reno, and is amazed and angry that Becky can sell her drinks so cheaply.

Another businessman of the Den styles himself "The Great Ananias". He claims to have found a great "jan-u-wine" (genuine) mummy and to have a haunted house next door. In fact, the "mummy" is a sleeping, comatose ghoul named Woody. The haunted house has more basis in fact: Anna Winslow's ghost recently has become restless because her locket was stolen from the haunted house by Joey, a local thug and jet dealer.

Finally, the richest and most powerful business in the Den is the Slaver's Guild. Headed by Metzger, this heavily-fortified guild prevents casual infiltration and ensures member loyalty by tattooing its symbol on the foreheads of all members. It sells slaves to New Reno and Vault City. Although Metzger's primary investments are in the slave trade, he also is looking for a way into the drug business as well. In the current arrangement, raw chemicals from Vault City are exported to New Reno, where the families, especially the Mordinos, synthesize them into drugs. Metzger seeks to short-cut this chain by synthesizing the chemicals in the Den, but his teams have made little headway in deciphering the manufacturing process. The children around the town may also try to pickpocket you.


Den is divided into two districts, with an additional unimplemented location accessible through an exploit or the main menu Recording feature.

West Side

East Side

The East Side is where the Slaver's Guild has its headquarters. There is also an old church, a graveyard, Mom's Diner, and the Hole Bar.

The graves in the graveyard, starting with the one in the upper right, can be dug up for:

2 Rocks
1 RadAway
24 10mm AP
2 Rocks
2 Rocks
1 Combat Knife
3 Rocks
2 Rocks
1 Flower
1 Rock
1 Jet
3 Rocks
2 Rocks
1 Rubber Boots
2 Rocks
2 Throwing Knives
1 Knife
5 Rocks
12 Beer 1 Buffout
3 Rocks
Empty Anna Winslow's grave Empty

Digging up any grave besides Anna's will cause you to lose a bunch of Karma.


Appearances in games

The Den appears only in Fallout 2.


The Den was one of the few areas (along with Vault City) that ended up being close to the original vision of the creators of the first Fallout, before they left Interplay.

Fallout 2 Restoration Project changes

  • New Area: Den Residential
  • New Character: Petey - A druggie who lives in the alley
  • New Quest: Orphanage - get the children of The Den off the streets
  • New Item: Anna's diary
  • Learn more about the whereabouts of Sulik's sister
  • An extended gang war quest. Now involves going to the party Tyler is at.
Locations in Fallout 2

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