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Eclipso: The Darkness Within

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Official Name
Eclipso: The Darkness Within

The Moon; Various

Bruce Gordon; Various


Eclipso: The Darkness Within

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Last appearance

Eclipso: The Darkness Within #1
(July, 1992)
Eclipso: The Darkness Within #2
(October, 1992)



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  • Eclipso: The Darkness Within at the Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe
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The Darkness Within was the first story written for the Star Trek: Swiftfire universe and serves to introduce the main character of Jonathan Masters.



The USS Swiftfire is part of the task force to reinforce Deep Space 9 following the Klingon Empire's invasion of Cardassia and their attack on DS9. Commander Jonathan Masters is soon combating the threat of the Klingons unaware that an even greater threat exists from within Starfleet.

Memorable quotes

"I can see why you would say it is his destiny to command. If he is half the captain his father was he will do the Federation proud."
"I don’t doubt it, Admiral. I don’t doubt it at all."
Admiral Hastur and Captain Allston discussing Commander Masters' future.
"He’ll probably be telling his grandkids about when he met the “Hero of Hyralan”!"
— Captain Allston teases Master over the hero worship he receives from another officer.
"You have fought well, like a true warrior and a warrior does not deserve to bleed to death like a mangy targ. Look up and I’ll grant you a warrior’s death."
— A Klingon warrior offering Masters a swift and honourable death by decapitation.
" I know who you are supposed to be. You’re a figment of my imagination, be it one that seemed able to kick my arse, but a figment none-the-less."
— Masters questioning the reality of death.
"I doubt you’ll want to stay once the pointy end of this and your arse meet."
— Masters threatening death with a bat'leth

Background information

  • This was the first story written in the series but it is more of a prequel then a pilot as it shows how Jonathan Masters comes to be captain of the USS Swiftfire-A and took the better part of 8 months to complete.
  • The story starts at the end of Deep Space 9's "Way of the Warrior", with the dispatch and arrival of Starfleet reinforcements to Deep Space 9 as seen towards the end of the episode.
  • In late 2007 to early 2008 the story underwent a rewrite. Originally planned as a minor adjustment to the portrayal of Section 214C and Ivan Domique, it evolved into a significant rewrite of the entire story. While the general plot remains the same most of the events were rewritten, which eventually increased the story’s length by over 80% from its original length. Version 2 is now considered the "canon" version of the story in terms of the series' continuity.


Advanced Tactical Training; Albyn IV; Albyn Starbase; Albyn system; Allston, Jeri; Comet Chaser; Dax, Jadzia; Deep Space 9; USS Delaware; Desara-class; Domique, Ivan; Elliot, David; Enigma implant; First Battle of Deep Space 9; Hastur; Hyralan Incident; Hyralan system; Kefu, Matthew; IKS Ma'toph; Masters, Claire; Masters, Dalton; Masters, Jonathan; Molloy, Peter; Mortlock, Pamela; Operation Ultra; Owen, Gill; Rennie, Willa; Section 214C; Section 214C Enforcer; Sela, Kristin; Sicilona, Visa; USS Sherman; USS Southern Cross; Starbase 212; Starbase 512; USS Stingray; USS Swiftfire; USS Swiftsure; Swiftsure-class; th'Hist, Azihagiser; USS Venture; Void Runner; IKS Wo'tang; Yeltes

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