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The Dark were a group of entities who were allied with Pwccm in the fight against the Light and Abaddon.

Powers and Abilities

The Dark were halogen lifeforms, though they seemed to be made of the opposite of light. Though not native to it, they could live in temporal rifts. They were capable of taking over people's minds, allowing them to control their bodies. When possessed, they would gain black eyes, though only when the Dark was uncovered. (TWN: The Twilight Streets)


The Dark and Pwccm were enemies of the Light and Abaddon. They had fought throughout time and space until the reached the Cardiff Rift. They were trapped within until 1876, when the Rift opened in Tretarri, allowing the Demons to fight. Abaddon pretended to be defeated, allowing Pwccm to take control of the Rift.

In 2008, Jack Harkness killed Abaddon. This meant that the Light was forced to fight the Dark and Pwccm alone. The Dark began to gain power and Bilis Manger had to ask Torchwood Three for help. When he kidnapped Owen and Toshiko and placed the Light in them, the Dark possessed them. The Dark continued to grow in power, taking over more and more people. Manger was able to removed the Dark from Toshiko and Owen and place it in Idris Hopper. With the Dark thus distracted, Torchwood was able to use the Rift and trapped the Dark in a special box.

In an alternate future where Bilis Manger never asked for help, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato and later Gwen Cooper were possessed by the Dark. The Dark made them capture Jack Harkness and use his immortality to control the Cardiff Rift, allowing Torchwood to become the most powerful empire on the planet. (TWN: The Twilight Streets)

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Final Fantasy

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"The Dark is formless and invisible. It invades the body like a plague, an unseen visitor. Yet those it taints become... undying."
Romeo Guildenstern describes the Dark.

The Dark is main source of power and magic in Vagrant Story. Leá Monde, the abandoned city of evil, is said to permeate with its power, as a result of the city's numerous incantations carved throughout its walls. Whoever can control Leá Monde's power will gain immense strength, at least enough to conquer all of Valendia. People who enter Leá Monde slowly begin to gain new powers over the Dark, such as Ashley Riot's acquiring of magical powers and Callo Merlose's awakening into a Heart-Seer. Romeo Guildenstern and his Crimson Blades all undergo training outside of Leá Monde to obtain power over the Dark. Even without the Blood-Sin required to take Leá Monde, Guildenstern is shown to be equally as powerful as Sydney Losstarot who holds it. Jan Rosencrantz is immune to the Dark's power, though it never explained how.

Having control over the Dark allows its users to perform many feats. The most common trick is to summon monsters to attack enemies. Those without much Darkness power will be killed or almost die in the attempt. Other tricks include the ability to cloak oneself in the guise of another person, some powers of levitation, and immunity to injuries. Though those who use the Dark die unique deaths: instead of leaving corpses, they explode into particles of light. Others who die in places where the Dark is heavy, die "incomplete deaths". They return to the world as "undying" (zombies), driven to kill all those around them due to voices they hear coming from the power of Darkness.


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