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The Crystal Star

Vonda N. McIntyre

Cover artist

Drew Struzan

Publication information

Bantam Spectra

Release date

December 8, 1994

Media type





New Republic era


14 ABY


None (standalone novel)

Preceded by

Planet of Twilight

Followed by

Before the Storm

The Crystal Star is a 1994 bestselling novel written by Vonda McIntyre and published by Bantam Spectra. The novel is set ten years after the Battle of Endor in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.



Publisher's summary

Princess Leia's children have been kidnapped. Along with Chewbacca and Artoo-Detoo, she follows the kidnappers' trail to a disabled refugee ship, from which children are also missing. Here she learns of a powerful Imperial officer with a twisted plan to restore the Empire. Meanwhile, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker are cut off from Leia by the death of a nearby star, which has caused a disruption in the Force. They have gone to the planet Crseih to investigate a report of a lost group of Jedi. Instead they find a charismatic alien named Waru whose miraculous healing powers have attracted a fanatic following. As Leia follows the path of her children across space, Luke and Han draw closer to the truth behind Waru's sinister cult. Together they will face an explosive showdown that will decide the survival of the New Republic…and the universe itself!

Plot summary



Jacen Solo and Jaina Solo are now five years old, and their brother, Anakin Solo, is three. Therefore, they are at the age where they are easily manipulated and unable to make responsible decisions. Furthermore, space anomalies are common in the Star Wars universe, so it is not uncommon to see a mass influence in the Force. Finally, cults in Star Wars are often associated with the Force or some other mysterious power.


On Munto Codru, Jacen, Jaina and Anakin are kidnapped by a man named Hethrir. Their mother, Leia Organa Solo, immediately dispatches a rescue operation. Meanwhile, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker go to Crseih Station and learn of a secret cult (formed around Waru, a being from another dimension) that influences the Crystal Star, which could possibly destroy the very existence of the universe.

Hethrir continues to manipulate the children for several days. He leads the Empire Reborn, an organization looking to resurrect the Galactic Empire. Eventually, Leia and Chewbacca manage to rescue the children, but Hethrir is still connected to the events that transpire around the Crystal Star. After an intense series of events, Hethrir is killed, and the threat to the Galaxy is halted.


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Behind the scenes

The Crystal Star was a New York Times bestseller, and the sixth consecutive Star Wars novel to reach the bestseller list.

Cover gallery

This is a gallery of the different cover variations of The Crystal Star.

Notes and references

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